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    I found a cobra r for sale in Canada have questions?

    I found a cobra R with 1800 miles or less in Halton Hills Ontario,Canada. It is in very nice condition from the pictures. How hard would it be to import it back to the USA. It seems like a decent deal just wanted to pass it on glen
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    Here's a true Road Kill Story

    Well, here it goes on Tuesday afternoon I let my dad use my H3 Alpha to go to the doctor's office for apt. On the way there he gets smacked by some knuckle head on a stolen fourwheeler running from the Police. Not only did he total out the fourwheeler but there is 19000-21000 in damage to my...
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    Steering issues sense new on 2006 A&J conversion Thunder package any advise please!!!

    I have a 2006 A&J conversion Thunder it is my dads truck but he put it in my name so it's mine when ever there is a problem. It has 20,000 miles on it. At 4,500 miles the pitman arm broke thank god he was not going fast and ended up in the on coming lane and no cars were coming. At 8,700 the arm...
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    2003 Steeda for sale

    This isn't a track car because I only used it for car shows. Pictures are in one hour photo under glenners. There are pictures of my hummer my dad got on an accident with my hummer not my pride and joy it is in the garage safe and sound. Here are the stats 2003 Steeda mustang custom built by...
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    Thank you Lethal for your help

    Thank you Jared , I am going to get the Gt500 when I do I am ordering your 675 2.9 whipple package and fore rails. I am either going with a KR or SE package so this will work. Also in ten or so weeks I ordered a Raptor so it will need headers and hopefully a exhaust will be avaliable from the...
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    What is avaliable in the aftermarket for our Raptors?

    I think this is more of a question for our performance guys but us average joe's we would like to know what do you have in store for us? With the 5.4 can we go with 5.4 aftermarket and put that on the raptor or will there be Raptor specific parts soon to be released. For the 6.2 what are your...
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    Willing to trade my custom 2003 Steeda for 2008-2009 GT 500

    My Steeda is on E-bay, I have 22,600 miles on car and 1000 miles on qa-1, maxium motorsport and transmission, 450 miles on 4.10 gears and 298 stroker. I have pictures in 1 hour photo under my name also I have the car for sale on eBay. There are $105,000 plus in reciepts my car was never raced I...
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    Is it possible to put a class v hitch on the Raptor?

    I want to use the raptor as my tow vehicle and play truck can I put a class V hitch on it? I am selling my mustang and in the process of picking up a 2009 GT 500KR black with ghost black decals. The Raptor is black and gray and my My dad is kind enough to lend me his f250 Thunder A&J package...
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    Does anyone know how much you can tow with the Raptor the tow package and brake kit?

    I ordered the raptor Friday with everything for the 5.4 just wondering if I can pull a 3,000 pound trailer and a KR with this thanks Glen
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    Ordered the black raptor with gray decal this afternoon from local dealer

    I got the 5.4 with trailer package, moon roof, equipment package, camera and navagation.:banana: wanted the 6.2 not sure how long it will take to build. Thanks glen
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    How do you down load your pictures off I-phone to Svt Performance?

    I have no idea how to even get my pictures off the I-phone to the site. Let alone making it into a small picture any advice would be helpful. Thanks Glen
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    Thank for the work you all do.

    Yesterday a 21 year old decided to steel a 800cc artic act four-wheeler fleeing the police officers he totaled out my 2008 H-3 Alpha. My 65 year old father was driving my Hummer. The 21 year old with broken foot then tryed to leave the scene. The deputy sheriff my friend and the public safety...
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    Vortech SQ-T with Vortech race blow off valve

    I have a 2003 Vortech SQ- T trim that Vortech made in a small quality. It has an 2008 Vortech intercooler system and Vortech race blow off valve there are less than 2000 miles on it. Livernois made the custom pipe in the fender made for the bullit intake. I have CPR fuel rails and 55lb...