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    Where to source all leather Recaro skins?

    Take them to your local (trusted) upholstery shop and tell them exactly what you want and let them work their magic!!! I bought a set of charcoal gray (?) seats for my 04 mystic cobra (to save the originals) they needed some pieces redone but not all of it, my local guy worked with me and even...
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    If i tried this i would just end up with cats on my cars then we would have another problem to deal with lol.
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    SVT Calendar?

    Are you shooting for 2024? All of my junk ummm cars are pretty much stock so maybe not calendar worthy but I would be in to buy 1 and hang it in the garage.
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    New Dodge Camaro Dark horse 25k ADMs

    For ford the earliest i can remember it happening was when the shelby's came out in either 06 or 07 (early release of the 07?)- - dose this sound correct?
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    Any 80's/90's two stroke fans in here?

    Not mine listed on marketplace 1983 ( not sure what i said lol) -- showing Honda did a reverse kick - - - And by the way now you got me scrolling for older smokers, thanks lol.
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    Any 80's/90's two stroke fans in here?

    Believe it or not honda did it for 1 year on the CRs 1983 if i remember correctly, i had it for a couple years and never could crank it on the bike had to stand beside it to crank lol in my defense i was only 14-17 when i had it.
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    Random Shit Thread

    Had a guy at work get a dog from out of states and it took about 2 weeks before he was released, this was also closer to covid so it might of been a holdover for safety concerns?? Anyhow GL to your sister on a speedy transfer.
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    Chevy punishes the customer but not the dealers on Z06 markups...

    My only question is you make a car and sell it at a price point you set, why do they care what happens to it after that (not just chevy)? If the vehicle has a 3yr/36,000mile warranty (example no clue what the warranty is) what does it matter who owns it?
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    Picked Up My 5.2 Coyote Build Today

    Gotta keep the little ones in the sport! Good Job
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    The Long-Awaited Ford CP4 Solution - S&S Ford 6.7L CP4 to DCR Conversion

    SID297 Thanks for posting, i have heard (and seen) the disaster from the cp4 coming apart and never would consider a newer truck because of it guess this fixes that concern.
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    Jeep 392 Diablo Tune speed limiter removed [email protected]

    7.90s in the 1/8 is impressive !!! i don't see a lot of 1/4 so I'm basing it on this. I missed the previous thread with before so how much did it pick up in the 1/8?
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    Official 2022 College Football Thread

    Didn't they drop to 19 after the first game? So here is a question you say they were ranked #1in the preseason because they beat everybody - - ((umm preseason)) thats gold right there! Ok ok maybe your talking about last year so i looked at the final rankings and not even in the top 25...
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    Official 2022 College Football Thread

    i thought he was a senior last year lol. We will take that as a compliment coming from the guy who was all giddy because his team was #1 (((midseason))) for all of what 4 days.
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    Official 2022 College Football Thread

    If TAF didn't like the ending results of 22 then he isn't liking the start of 23 polls either this was from Rivals, 1 Alabama 28 5 21 2 4.11 3367 2 Georgia 26 3 17 6 3.88 3235 3 Texas 24 3 12 9 3.75 2926 4 Ohio State 20...
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    Ranch hand on 3rd Gen Ram?

    I did a boondocks bumper on mine -at the time they must of just been starting out because i was able to add shackle points where i wanted and add backup lights also, what i didn't like about it was the factory bumper had bolts going through the hitch that tied it into the bumper for added...
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    Garage Make Over

    Brad, Can we do a follow up on how the new (well 3 year old) garage floor is holding up to go along with ZYBORG's question?
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    Soon to be new shop!

    This may be a stupid question but here goes: Does your security/camera box record and store or Xmit info? The reason i ask is when i put mine in the guy setting mine up made it a point to hide the receiver, i asked why and he replied if someone breaks in and takes your box unless your putting...
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    Official 2022 College Football Thread

    Yea because GA didn't have any injuries right??? But your right in the fact y'all should of won that game. OSU has a great team!
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    Official 2022 College Football Thread

    For those that took the over i think Ga might cover it for ya go Dogs!
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    Feel good pictures / videos

    Got caught in a microburst storm on a pretty deep lake ( they say thats why that particular lake gets so bad) with my wife and daughter, we were in a older wake board boat that sits pretty low in the front and easy to dunk the front (not my first time doing this but either way not fun), we had...
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    Random Picture Thread

    I have thought about doing this but think it will distract me to much - i already take twice as long as a job should hunting down what i just had in my hand lol.
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    Official 2022 College Football Thread

    i think he may be closer to 35 lol.
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    Official 2022 College Football Thread

    You would think after the beating that OSU dished out there should be some respect shown I'm with ya on this 1 100%. No need for disrespect before or after the game just play.
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    Official 2022 College Football Thread

    I missed that - things got crazy as it was going up and i quit watching- no need to be an ass from the player your correct especially after they pretty much had their way with the D all night - your coach had a game plan! It seemed like we were giving the QB all day the OL did a heck of a job