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  1. Chris_03SVT


    Interested in these. Please text me 913/626-5441
  2. Chris_03SVT


    Interested in this. Can you shoot me a text? (913)626-5441
  3. Chris_03SVT

    Some parts for sale- Brembo rotors/ Termi seats/ LPF Heat Exchanger and more

    (913)626-5441 please text me I have a couple questions on harness and side skirts. Regards, Chris
  4. Chris_03SVT

    03/04 Cobra engine harness, oil cooler, supercharger, seats, exhaust

    I might be interested in the harness if Kennedy jay takes the tuner 913/626-5441
  5. Chris_03SVT

    2013 RS Stage 1 roush

    ***Car is in pristine condition, multiple best in show awards. 28,850 miles, the car is rarely driven but miles might go up slightly. This is a V6 model but genuine factory Roush (Roush suspension, Roush axle back exhaust, Roush body kit) along with additional tasteful mods. Additional mods...
  6. Chris_03SVT

    03/04 Cobra with Problems

    I’ve got a black 03 with light issues. Cars has a lot done to it if you can stretch your budget some let me know. 67k miles 2.2bk a1000 fuel system. Ftbr rear end, coil overs all around, 4 piston Brembos in the front and a lot more. (913)626-5441 car is in Johnson county KS
  7. Chris_03SVT

    Wtb terminator vert kcmo area

    913/626-5441 I live in Johnson county. I have a 2003 cobra vert (heavily modified) shoot me a text if interested
  8. Chris_03SVT

    03/04 Mustang Cobra DOHC BILLET Oil Filter Relocation kits

    Curious also, count me in if it is.
  9. Chris_03SVT

    Terminator Leftovers

    Interested in the shop manual. Please shoot me a text (913)626-5441 Thank you, Chris
  10. Chris_03SVT

    GT500 Brembo caliper Hawk HPS pads

    Don’t need these but if you wanna make a deal I’ll take them. Shoot me a text (913)626-5441
  11. Chris_03SVT

    WTB: cobra irs parts

    I believe I have some bnib irs bushings from Maximum Motorsports shoot me a text (913)626-5441
  12. Chris_03SVT

    N2MB WOT Box

    I’ll take it. Shoot me a text (913)626-5441
  13. Chris_03SVT

    Lakewood 18017 Drive Shaft Loop Fits 79-03 Mustang

    Shoot me a text (913)626-5441
  14. Chris_03SVT

    SN95 (03/04 Cobra parts)

    (913)626-5441 Shoot me a text I’ll take the SS irs brake lines
  15. Chris_03SVT

    Random parts for sale

    What type of widebands? Shoot me a text (913)626-5441
  16. Chris_03SVT

    03 cobra part out kb 2.2 dragon sos

    Any MM plates? If so text me (913)626-5441
  17. Chris_03SVT

    03 cobra part out kb 2.2 dragon sos

    Condition and splines on the rst? And do you have any caster camber plates?
  18. Chris_03SVT

    Boze Hi Octane 18x9-10.5

    Sorry, sold them a couple weeks ago.
  19. Chris_03SVT

    F/S 96 Cobra Long block. P/U only $500 Memphis

    What about I pay shipping and give an additional $100 for your time to ship? (Asking for a friend) would ship to 66062 Shoot me a text and let me know. (913)626-5441 Thanks, Chris
  20. Chris_03SVT

    WTB lightly used rear IRS coilovers

    Like the title says, I’m looking for some lightly used 03-04 irs cobra (very) coilovers. Bilstien or MM shoot me a text (913)626-5441 Thank you, Chris
  21. Chris_03SVT

    99-2004 cobra IRS differential cover

    Please text me (913)626-5441 I’d like it. Thank you, Chris
  22. Chris_03SVT

    Boze Hi Octane 18x9-10.5

    Wheels and tires $800 shipped. Need these gone...
  23. Chris_03SVT

    Maximum Motorsports MMIRSB-45 Urethane IRS differential bushings - BNIB

    I’ve got $50 if you wanna get rid of them. (913)626-5441