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  1. cobra_4

    Mustang Eye Candy From Mecum Kissimmee 2023

    Totally recommend Mecum even as a spectator! Other than the actual auction block, or premium seating to watch the auction, you can wander anywhere else just as a bidder would. Get up close and personal with the cars, whatever you want to do. Its the best car show/automotive museum you'll ever...
  2. cobra_4

    2022 Maverick gains 25% more power with Livernois Motorsports tune, makes over 320hp!

    Wow! Thats big gains! Does not help my want level for a Mavrick!!
  3. cobra_4

    1070 Plymouth AAR Cuda sells for a whopping $280K at Kissimmee 2023!

    It was a gorgeous car! Guess I might should up the hagerty on my 70 T/A :oops:
  4. cobra_4

    Anotha One

    Gorgeous car!
  5. cobra_4

    Mustang Eye Candy From Mecum Kissimmee 2023

    All the Mustangs I could capture at the Mecum auction a few weeks ago!
  6. cobra_4

    Head Over to Costco to Buy Yourself a New Terminator

    No costco's close to here :(
  7. cobra_4

    615HP - 7.3L MEGAZILLA Crate Engine is Here!!! | PRI 2022

    These have so much potential. I'd love to build a hot rod with one in it.
  8. cobra_4

    Fox body time!

    Gorgeous fox! The dealership emblem just makes it that much cooler!
  9. cobra_4

    Model A Club | MotorWeek Over the Edge

    I want a model A or early Ford. Already got my period correct small block chevy sitting in the shop, slowly accumulating parts for the build...
  10. cobra_4

    Foxbody Cruise Video From Mustang Week 2022

    The 138 was all Foxbodies. Only a few regular Mustangs at the end, not included in the count.
  11. cobra_4

    The Last Trip To The Beach: Mustang Week '22 (VIDEO)

    If its truly over, alot of great memories and friendships made! Seems like a life time ago we were meeting at Waffle House for the SVTP breakfast!
  12. cobra_4

    Foxbody Cruise Video From Mustang Week 2022

    Ahhh the u-turn!! Those were the days! With no police escort it was crazy back then!
  13. cobra_4

    Hot Rod Power Tour '22 Videos

    Whew, that's a tough one. There is a good amount of modern hot rod's, but id say overall classics still dominate. Especially when you consider 80's and 90's stuff is reaching "classic classification". Its probably 60-40 or maybe even 70-30.
  14. cobra_4

    Ford Reveals New Maverick Tremor Off-Road Package for 2023

    Meh, if I wanted an off road truck I'd get a ranger. Just kinda looks silly to me.
  15. cobra_4

    Foxbody Cruise Video From Mustang Week 2022

    138 Foxbodies showed up Saturday morning for what will likely be the final Foxbody Cruise at Mustang Week. Check it out!
  16. cobra_4

    Cars from today's Lincoln Tech Car Show

    Lots of nice stuff there! That Saleen Fox though... :sneaky::sneaky:
  17. cobra_4

    Hot Rod Power Tour '22 Videos

    They made that switch in 2021 because of Covid and just stayed at five days this year. Hopefully they go back to seven but I have a feeling they will stay at five.
  18. cobra_4

    Anyone has a Racing SIM set up?

    I recently did a pretty budget I-racing build. I've got my xbox hooked too it to. I'll have to take some photos. Its at my house i'm remodeling so I dont get to use it much just yet. I think I've got about 5,000 in it.
  19. cobra_4

    My car got hit and now Im looking for a body shop near western NC. Suggestions anyone?

    Im in Franklin about 1 hour west of you. If you haven't found anyone yet I can probably recommend you a couple of really good shops this way if your willing to come that far.
  20. cobra_4

    Hot Rod Power Tour '22 Videos

    Thanks! I wanted one back when they were new but Pontiac went out before I could get a chance to order one. Picked this one up as a flip but ended up falling in love with it.
  21. cobra_4

    ex-IMSA 1995 Cobra R #66

    What a cool car! Congrats!
  22. cobra_4

    Hot Rod Power Tour '22 Videos

    Just finished up another long haul of the Hot Rod Power Tour a few weeks ago. Man was it a hot one! Been a minute since I've shared anything so I figured I'd toss up a few photos and video's from the tour. If you haven't ever done it, you 100% should. Every car guy/gal should experience it at...
  23. cobra_4

    The newest car has arrived

    Very nice! Congrats!
  24. cobra_4

    Spy Shots: '23 Ford Super Duty Lariat Shows Its All-New Face

    Id love to just go order a new dually. I've considered cashing the 6.0 out while the market is still hot, but I dont know. As for the new styling, can't see I see any big change I really like. But if it aint broke dont fix it.