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  1. traktrbeam

    I love these cars.

    Yeah, beautiful car, but the sides stripes gotta go.
  2. traktrbeam

    Ford Ranger Splash is Coming Back for 2022

    What are the engine choices?
  3. traktrbeam

    SOLD: SOLD -'19 Mustang GT PP1 Wheels and Tires

    Sorry man, sold a few days after my last post.
  4. traktrbeam

    Recommended companies to have car shipped?

    I used Intercity to ship my Cobra NJ to FL. Picked up and delivered on the days stated. Would use again.
  5. traktrbeam

    Solo Road Trip

    Take precautions to protect your car when parking overnight.
  6. traktrbeam

    Florida and Elsa

    Nothing burger on the west coast. Didn't even put my umbrellas down.
  7. traktrbeam

    Totaled my 2009 GT500 looking at S550 GT's

    Join Mustang6g...a wealth of info. I have a '19 GT Premium PP1 currently. After 14 years with an '03 Cobra, the S550 is a great ride just stock. The active exhaust in track mode is loud enough (for me anyway). Good luck.
  8. traktrbeam

    The 2021 Kia K5 GT is a Muscle Car Family Sedan | MotorWeek Road Test

    Would be a decent DD...of course you would have a beast in your garage.
  9. traktrbeam

    Mustang Enthusiast Buys Mint-Condition 2003 Ford Mustang Cobra 'Terminator' With Only 534 Miles

    Jeez, c'mon Brad. I don't know how you can resist driving it, lol.
  10. traktrbeam

    The Name Game

    Peter Valiant.
  11. traktrbeam

    RIP Cousin Itt

    RIP. Addams Family was a staple of my childhood.
  12. traktrbeam

    What Are You Guys Using to Remove Water Spots?

    I usually use white vinegar.
  13. traktrbeam

    Drivers Door Window Does Not Auto Adjust up When Door Closed

    Hey Recon, how do you perform that for the windows? Thanks.
  14. traktrbeam

    Who appreciates this music

    Turn it down there about 20% Squirrely Dan.
  15. traktrbeam

    buddy in ICU

    Thoughts and prayers to your buddy for a quick recovery!
  16. traktrbeam

    TRX vs Raptor vs Shelby SS F-150

    Would not even have to think about trading in our '19 Pacifica S for this.
  17. traktrbeam

    TRX vs Raptor vs Shelby SS F-150

    Would have to have AWD with a Hellcat in a minivan.
  18. traktrbeam

    Lost My Mom To Covid-19

    Sorry for your loss GNBRETT. My deepest sympathy, prayers, and condolences.
  19. traktrbeam

    Happy New Year!!!! 2021 Edition

    Happy New Year SVTP! May this be a better year for all of us!
  20. traktrbeam

    Traded In My 2014 For A 2020

    Paint it to your liking.