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  1. Rb0891

    Light Bar or Not

    Ok done with all the mods I am going to do to my vert. What are current thoughts on Light Bars - cool or not. I can't make up my mind.
  2. Rb0891

    Racing a Convertible

    I realize track rules vary, but can anyone give me the download on general roll bar/cage rules for convertibles. Been a long time since I have been to the track and used to be 11.99 and faster was a 6 point requirement. License at 9.99 and faster and some other stuff that I unfortunately never...
  3. Rb0891

    Tuner in Indianapolis

    Any good tuner/dyno shops in the Indianapolis area?
  4. Rb0891

    Stumble before warmed up

    The last couple times out I notice the car sounds different and is down on power. Idle seems smooth, but its almost like a misfire. Seems to go away once warmed up. I was having a code issue on coil #6 when I replaced the connector, but I seemed to have fixed that. Any thoughts?
  5. Rb0891

    Coil Engine Code - Need help

    So I changed out four of my coil connectors that were broken. Wasn't too difficult, but upon start up I am getting the CEL and the P0356 code which I believe is cylinder 6 (one of the ones that I swapped out). Tried clearing, but came back. Haven't taken it for a drive, but it does appear to...
  6. Rb0891

    Thoughts on Wheels

    Have an 11 GT very and I am trying to decide on wheels. Have the 19" Brembo wheels that I like but are heavy as hell. Was thinking of some Apex ec7 in 18x10 or one of the rotary forged sve options in 19". My car is black so I like the bright silver finishes. Anyone have any thoughts on...
  7. Rb0891

    Tire Help

    So I just put a Brenspeed eforce setup on at supposedly around 500whp. I now have stock Brembo wheels with the Ohtsu it came with. Was thinking of putting on 265/40 Re71rs to help it hook. Other thought is to buck up for a lighter and wider wheel and put on something like pilot sport 4s...
  8. Rb0891

    Coil Connectors

    So I did a compression test on my (new to me) car before I begin putting a supercharger on. Wasn't anything noticeable, but since I had the time I figured why not. I noticed (3) of the coil connectors are broke. Additionally there are (2) that look aftermarket as they clip different and don't...
  9. Rb0891

    New from Indiana

    Hi all. Been out of this game for like 20 years. Fairly recently I talked my wife into letting me build a Triumph Spitfire that my dad had. Rebuilt the thing and put a miata drivetrain in the thing. Then realized it didn't have enough seats for my kids and was kind of dangerous I think...
  10. Rb0891

    Gauge Help

    So I am back into cars a bit after a 20 year hiatus. Recently purchased a 2011 GT convertible as a weekend, non track car. I have done most of the easy suspension modifications and am waiting on receiving a low level (Brenspeed Stage 0) e-force supercharger system to install. I did some...