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    spark plug emergency!!

    Well lately my car has been running like crap so I decided to change the spark plugs. When I took out the boot from the first spark plug I noticed that it was barely gripping the spark plug and that it was completely covered in oil. All the other spark plugs look exactly the same; they are...
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    steering rack issues

    Well I was getting ready to do a routine oil change when I notice a puddle of oil under my car. I look closer and one of the steering rack boots is torn. Most of the fluid managed to leak out. My question is do I simply replace the boot or does the fact that it is leaking mean I have bad seals?
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    sluggish cobra

    Ever since I pumped gas about a week ago my car feels as if though it has lost 20 hp. I thought I may have got a bad batch of gas but I refueled a couple of days ago and I still have the problem. The car does not feel as strong as it used to be and it does not pull very hard in 2nd or 3rd gear...
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    Another dyno thread

    So I got my car dyno tuned last week and the numbers were average. I pulled 284hp/291tq. Given my mods, I would say those numbers are ok. The only problem I had was with my A/F ratio. After 4500 rpms my a/f was in the 10s. and 11s which is way off. Im wondering what could cause my car to run so...
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    99 cobra

    I came across this cobra today, seems like a good deal. Im not really in the market but maybe somebody else is interested
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    daytime running lamps

    I'm thinking of purchasing black lense covers for my 99 cobra. I need to know if there is a way that I could turn off my daytime lams for good. I checked to see if there was a separate fuse but no luck.
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    Help! Reverse Gear Sticks

    My reverse gear sometimes sticks after I backup more than 20ft. It usually takes me a while of playing with the clutch to release it. My tranny only has about 23k on it, it was replaced after I could not get it out of reverse for the life of me. The culprit with that transmission was a leak that...
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    head gasket leak

    I own a 99 cobra with 54,ooo miles on the odometer. I recently noticed a oil leak above the passenger side exhaust manifold. I took it to my ford dealer where they told me I had a leak in my head gasket and it would cost 2k to fix. Im thinking of just rebuilding the engine with forged internals...
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    Anyone know who can do my head gaskets in so-cal.

    I noticed that my car was guzzling some oil not too long ago but couldn't find out what was happening. The car didn't spot the driveway at all but the oil level would slightly drop. I tried taking it easy on the car for a bit and realized that the oil level only fell when I drove the car at full...
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    broken rear suspension parts

    Hey guys I just bought a set of new tires and decided to get the car aligned as well while the car was up on the lift I noticed that I broke my rear sway bar. I guess its because of the wheel hop I get when trying to launch. Has anyone broken theirs or has anyone replaced theirs? I would...
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    full length vs. shortie headers

    Just wanted to know if anyone has had full length and shoties and what was the difference between them? Also does anyone have dyno sheets of long tubes on a cobra?
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    anyone hitting high hp/tq on a n/a setup?

    Hey guys I was wondering if anyone has a high output n/a cobra. I was thinking about a blower but want to do something not as common. Also what is the average output on full bolt on cobras? thanks for any replies.