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    2003 Lightning

    FOR SALE: 2003 Ford F150 Lightning. $21,000 or best offer. 42,000 miles. Garage kept since 2008; kept under car shed prior to that. Single owner. Comes with extra set of rims (2002 chrome set), spare bed cover, and all of the original parts that were changed out during modifications...
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    Intercooler reservoir

    Long story shortened is I need a new intercooler reservoir. I have one that came from LFP years ago that bolted to the engine by the alternator and one of the serpentine belts idler bolts. It's now broken the mounts for the second time and I want something either mounted different or better...
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    coil on plug opinions

    Well, the Lightning has ate another plug or plugs in less than 250 miles. I'm sure it could be stale gas as it's not driven often. Since I have to pull them all, I going to just get another set of Denso IT24's. It was tuned on them years ago and I swapped down to the 22's this last time. I have...
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    Oil Spill Pics

    Here's a link to just how bad the oil is getting to be on the beaches and on the wildlife. Pretty heartbreaking to see the birds. Photo gallery: Ripple effects of the BP oil spill | - Breaking News, Sports, Traffic and Weather - Portland, Oregon | KATU Photos
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    I got all eight of my tires Monday for our Camry and Corolla. Not the usual hotrod order I'm sure, but great price and even better tires. Thanks for the deals and great service. Tracy
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    Matt helped me out

    I needed some tires for the diesel and Matt helped me out on brand and the style. I had to back order them but I wanted nothing but a 285/70/17 so I'm willing to wait. We ended up on the Dunlop Rover MT Maxx Traction Tire. It seem to be the best compromise of a mud tire with wet traction ability...
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    Long story dramatically shortened, we found a house we liked and we're in negotiations to buy. We agreed to a price and a closing date pending credit approval for me and a house inspection. The house was built in 2001, wood frame vinyl siding with block and mortar foundation. the inspector's...
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    A few pics of the Lightning and F250 Try this link and go to my public gallery. I'm new at this so don't start throwing stuff if it don't work. There is a few pics of all of the vehicles we have. Nothing fancy but they suit us just fine.
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    advice? on what to get.

    I'm looking for a newer superduty f250 supercab diesel 4x4. Any advice as to what to look for and not to get. I know some about these things and I'm leaning toward the 6.4 but the new truck price is making me look at used. I was willing to pay $36k for an xlt but an extra cab with a 40/20/40...
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    Satellite Internet Service?

    The only way I can get a faster internet connection is by using a satellite system. So.... Do any of you guys have this and if so who are they? I'm on dial up and happen to literally be the last house on the line. My next door neighbor is long distance without area calling. We are getting a Dish...
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    fuel gauge backwards

    I recently got a 1990 5.0 gt 5spd. I finally got a tag and ins. and started driving it. I noticed the gas gauge kept saying full,:shrug: the guy said he filled it up before we loaded it up on a trailer. After around 120 miles I decided to fill it up, especially since the gauge kept going...
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    Wanted: 89-93 LX/GT 5.0

    I'm looking for a 5spd, v8, preferrably LX but a clean GT will work. I would like to find one original as possible with 145k or less miles. Exhaust,pulleys and minor mods don't matter. I would preferr no n2o, gears, or added on tachs. The car needs to be able to be street driven but doesn't have...
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    89-93 5.0 lx

    Why is it so hard to find a decent LX or Gt that hasn't been carburrated and gears. I've tried Ebay,, and auto trader. I wanted to spend $3500-$5000 on a 5spd with a clean interior. I don't mind driving but the better ones seem to be near Cali; a little too far for me. I've searched 500...
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    18'' Factory chrome rims

    I know some of you guys have been looking for the factory rims in chrome from Ford Racing. Well I found some or at least I think so. I ordered a set from emustangparts, an Ebay dealer. Turns out they are a Ford Racing warehouse and have some in stock. I ordered a set for my 03 for $500 shipped...
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    Finally rewarded her.

    I finally decided to reward the Lightning, since her 3 year birthday is coming up. I got with Jessie at LFP and ordered a C&L plenum, Accufab tb, and an idler pulley setup[with belt] to reduce the belt slip I get once and awhile. I thought she deserved a good B-day.:D I ended up having to call...
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    84 Mustang front cap

    I not really that bright on the mid 80's mustangs. I have an 84 SVO, that the bumper cover is torn and needs alot of repair. I'm wondering if I could get the nose or if I have to get the entire front cap off of another 84+ to fix it. I'd like to get one off of an 89 LX, but I'm not sure what...
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    LFP is the Best

    I'd been trying to get my "tuner" on the phone all day to no luck. I knew LFP had a great REP on here but I wanted my guy who won't answer the phone. I finally gave up and called LFP. I explained my problem with the truck and how it would run fine until you got to 8lbs. of boost and then fall on...
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    Will 99 tail lights fit 03

    I ordered some tail lights and the ones the guy sent have three holes vs. mine having two. I was wondering if I can make these fit since according to his auction they fit 99-03 Lightnings. I got the drivers side on but I can't get the bulb in the bottom hole on the passenger's side. I hate to...
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    Cooling the Intercooler

    A guy at work and I were talking about how to cool the intercooler more than usual by using an extra one in the bed with ice on it in a cooler of sorts. Well, he said something about spraying the factory one with co2. I've heard of doing this with nitrous but not the co2. The only downside was...
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    Anyone Raced an ML55

    A guy from work is supposed to be getting an ML 55 Mercedes or the ML500 from a co-worker. I don't expect to win, I just wondering how bad I'm going to get embarrassed. I know the ML500 is faster out of the hole but the ML55 is better on the top end. I doubt we will get past 85, so I'm hoping it...
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    Ftvb Ordered

    Tim at Chikenear's shipped it out Friday with the 4x4 pan. Merry Christmas for my truck. I had to have something to do during the holidays. Thanks Tim! :banana: :banana: :beer:
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    How to connect air fuel gage

    :shrug: I need to know how to connect the sensor wires into the o2 sensor wiring harness. I know the sensors usually have a black and a white wire but I'm clueless on which wire connects to which on the Phantom Autometer gage setup. I've had these gages for months and need to get them in before...
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    Had To Get In On All Of This

    Finally found some people that think like I do! I'm brand new to this web site. I've had my 03 SVT Lightning about 9 months. I have done the usual mods: cold air, boost by pass kit, Flow- master exhaust, working on a new boost gage and air/fuel ratio gage in the next week or two. I have read...