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  1. snake187

    merry Christmas svt brothers & sisters

    May there be superchargers turbo kits and sticky tires and all the other goodies we love under everybodys trees merry Christmas svt
  2. snake187

    F/S like new UPR polished shift knob w/rubber grip rings

    I have forsale my nice upr shift knob removed to put a 97 cobra back to bone stock,,knob is in real nice shape no tears in the rubber and no ring dings,, only 1 chip/scratch at the very very bottom(pic #3) that is not seen when installed,this is a $40 knob plus $9 bucks for tax and shipping on...
  3. snake187

    f/s 94-98 diamond clear corners

    I have some might has well be brand new diamond clear corners thats where removed from a 97 cobra to put back 100% stock,fitment was nice and they where on the car for less than 100mi and the car was washed twice with them installed and no condensation or any leaks which is like rush and...
  4. snake187

    auto meter "Phantom" boost & air fuel guages in dual autowerks pod

    for sale is my Autometer Guageworks dual pod part#20850,i found that it fit more to my liking than the the auto meter recommended #12120 for my 97 cobra because i liked mine to sit a little bit lower on the pillar ,you be the judge if that would suit your taste,Auto meter Phantom boost Guage...
  5. snake187

    cheap & clean 99-00 tails/ authentic black roush mats !!!!!!!!!!!!

    i sold my L and have the tails layin around they are very clean i kept them waxed regularly the pass side has a small chip you can barly see it barly and my full set of of roush mats that i used for shows only, i had three sets of mats 1. for daily driven 2. for rain only and 3. this set for...
  6. snake187

    metco hub & diablosport mafia*** (detailed pics)!!! !!!!!

    i sold my 02 L due to a new baby coming and never got to install these parts almost new metco lower hub i bought from a friend has around (3k) all threads are perfect and comes with all six bolts and washers also a new never installed mafia i took out the box and have no idea where it is now...
  7. snake187

    2002 black svt lightning #809

    2002 black svt lightning #809 picture happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the time has come for me to sale my baby because we are having another baby :whine: and wifey wants a new tahoe so thats thats, shes a super clean 02 with 106k no paint work anywhere motor and trans is all...
  8. snake187

    fs/wtt: 2000 ford lightning (white)***clean

    forsale or for trade is my buddys 2000 lightning he's in a bit of a bind and needs to get out of the payment after being layed off from toyo:( he wishes he could keep it and me to cause if he sells there will only be two in the neighborhood mine and another friends pops:( anyway its a real solid...
  9. snake187

    fs/wtt: 2000 ford lightning (white)***clean

    oops sorry bout that
  10. snake187

    305/315 wide tire pic request

    If this is the wrong place for this and needs to be moved to the buffet i apologize fellas but i just picked up a 02 L EB #890 and i need some rear tires i've searched all through this fourm with goggle on and off and most threads have no pics at all or there so old they have been deleted so if...
  11. snake187

    super duty cab/bed filler

    can someone tell me where in the world i could find the filler panel that goes between the cab and the bed to fill the gap:??: ive got a f-550 and put a f-350 bed on it and cant take it anymore its about 2" thanks guys and any direction would be helpful
  12. snake187

    2002 lightning what to pay?

    whats up fellas i sold my 98 cobra a while ago and have ran through a few lexus's and a hummer now im dead set on a lightning so my ? is what should one pay for a black 02 w/102k no seat side bolster wear, line-x spray-in, pretty much stock other than a ported&polished blower 2.93 upper pulley...