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  1. Lowflight

    NWS Pics that make you :lol: every time you see them NWS

    Wookie Approved huh?:lol1:
  2. Lowflight

    NWS Pics that make you :lol: every time you see them NWS

    liberals question
  3. Lowflight

    NWS Pics that make you :lol: every time you see them NWS

    Bullshit, it's the other way around, seb is a little bitch
  4. Lowflight

    FS: SCT Tuner

    Has the tune Dynospeed Racing of Memphis put on my 03 I just sold. Don't know anything else about it as it came with my car when I bought it. $275 plus shipping
  5. Lowflight

    Pictures of My New 03 Terminator

    I bought this car with 22k miles with CAI and Exhaust and Welded In Subframes. Had never been pullied........until now..Muhahahahaha:rockon: Anyway, took it to my friend Joe Christian in Memphis who is the best at paint correction and detailing cars..... Wanted to take some pics. I have to...
  6. Lowflight

    WTB: 10.5 Non-Chrome OEM Reps

    Prefer wheels only. They have to match the OEM non-chrome wheels.
  7. Lowflight

    FS: 18 Inch FR500 Anthracite Wheels and Tires Like New

    Just bought these last week. They have exactly 127 miles on them. Like new. 1994-04 Mustang Anthracite Deep Dish Fr500 Wheel & Nitto Tire Kit - 18X9/10 at LRS - Free Shipping! Here they are on my car.... I have decided I want to go AFS 18 inch OEM look wheels $900 PLUS ACTUAL...
  8. Lowflight

    25mm H&R Hubcentric Spacers Installed..PICS

    So, I have H&R RACE springs and 285 in the rear 18 inch FR500. Does this look ok or did they push the wheels out too much?
  9. Lowflight

    SO My Tuner Says My JLT Is No Good and Needs To Be Replaced? TRUE? Step Inside...

    I bought my 03 with a JLT intake that runs into the fender side. The car has never been pullied, so I am taking it to have pulleys installed. They are saying that with the JLT intake I am going to lose power and that I have to go with another intake. I don't want to spend the money if I don't...
  10. Lowflight

    Need A Quieter Exhaust

    So, I bought a 03 with no cats, and Bassani Exhaust and off road X pipe....needless to say it is loud as hell. Dynospeed here in Memphis is going to put a catted H pipe that they say will quiet it down "some". TO me, "some" means not enough. This will eventually be a daily driver, I want...
  11. Lowflight

    Can't Find Answer to Simple Question: 10.5 w/ 315 on rear/Stock Ride Height

    I am getting a setup from one of the vendors with nitto 555 315 on 10.5 wheels. I have a stock ride height 03 coupe. Will it rub the IRS bolt? I get conflicting reports and most cars are lowered. Need to know asap thanks
  12. Lowflight

    WTB: Like New 03-04 Cobra OEM Wheels

    Must ship. Prefer Paypal
  13. Lowflight

    How Hard and Costly Is It TO Remove a Built Solid Axle and Find a Stock IRS?

    Thinking of buying a great car, but it has a solid rear . I want to go to a stock IRS setup. Where do I find one and what kind of money are we talking about?
  14. Lowflight

    WTB: OEM, NON-CHROME, Cobra Wheels

    Must be near perfect, willing to ship, and stock OEM. Must run true with no vibration.
  15. Lowflight

    WTB: OEM, NON-CHROME, Cobra Wheels

    Must be perfect and scratch free. Paypal ready
  16. Lowflight

    WTB: LOW MILE Cobra Vert or Coupe Within Reasonable Distance of Memphis TN

    Car must be near flawless and streetable. This will be a daily driver. Minimal mods are fine (pulley, exhaust, CAI, springs are all ok). NO BLACK,YELLOW, (will consider White) Prefer DSG,Any Red,Sonic Blue Will be paying CASH, no financing or borrowing money from mommy and daddy Prefer the car...
  17. Lowflight

    WTT: C6Z06 for Terminator Looking for any color except Yellow, or Black. Prefer Coupe. Car MUST be babied and IMMACULATE Prefer Stock wheels or FR500 Minimal Mods only...
  18. Lowflight

    Want To Sell Or Trade for Terminator:2008 Z06 Corvette 2LZ W/Nav

    Location: Memphis TN area Color: Victory Red/All Black Interior Miles: 20,100 Original Owner Bought new December 2008 at Ross Downing Chevrolet in Hammond LA. Title in Hand No accidents. Never tracked or abused in any way. Babied Garage Queen. I have put about 1400 miles on the...
  19. Lowflight

    Are They Any Reputable ReSellers of Cobras?

    I have a super nice 08 335i BMW I need to trade. (it is list on this forum) Are there any sellers that have nice Cobras with low miles and close to stock in the southeast who can facilitate a trade? Thanks harold