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    FOR SALE: SCT BA 2600

    SCT BA 2600, has small scratches on the sticker, as seen in picture. Worked perfectly fine in my car. Only selling because I went Holley EFI. Asking $140 shipped, but will take offers. Thanks
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    Reverse lockout question with Holley EFI

    Ok, so yes I’ve searched about this topic, but just asking for clarification. Due to a previous owners shoddy wiring I have given up on the factory wiring in my car and installed a Holley Terminator X EFI system. My question is in regards to revers lockout. It is my understanding that the...
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    FS Siemens Deka 60Lb injectors

    Siemens Deka 60’s Part # 108191 Some idle time. 3 dyno pulls, 5-10 miles of street. Brand new condition. These things are brand new folks. I only removed them because of a computer issue with my car and now going a whole different setup. $250 shipped OBO
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    F/S Billetflow Throttle Body

    Bought this from a member. I couldn’t get it to idle correctly on my car, maybe you can figure it out. $200 shipped obo. Thanks Gasket included.
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    EPA shut down EGR delete tune for SCT??

    So I just recently deleted my EGR. I then asked my tuner to send me a revised tune for the EGR delete. He told me he is no longer able to disable the EGR using the SCT software due to some hefty fines SCT received. Well F me then huh? This might be old news to the community, but new news for me.
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    EGR Delete and tune requirement

    04 Cobra EGR delete. Fresh rebuild and clutch, so I have to drive it a bit before another dyno-tune. Question, am I safe to run the car as is with the EGR deleted and no tune for the EGR delete. Don’t mind the CEL, just don’t want to hurt the car. Thanks for your time.
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    99-04 Cobra Steeda IRS Diff Brace

    Part #555-8118 Brand new, never installed. Original box and packaging. Hardware is in original and unopened packaging. Asking $120 shipped. Thank you. Happy to answer any questions.
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    Cam timing off???

    So I’m new to Mod Motors. Just did a engine/head rebuild. My car is not running correctly and sounds like it’s missing at idle. I will perform all the basic diagnostic tests, but have been thinking....could we have messed up with the timing gears? Like one is a tooth off? Or something along...
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    04 Cobra Throttle Body help/question.

    Hello everyone. First time posting here. I’m new to Cobra’s as well as mod motors, but no stranger to Mustangs. I’ve had several Foxbodys over the years. From N/A cruisers to 8.5 second “street” cars. Anyways, I’m glad to venture into a new realm of Mustangs. Anyways, I have a question about...