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    WTB red or teal 93 with coyote/terminator motor swap

    As title states, looking for red or teal 93. Want either a terminator swap or coyote swapped car. I currently own a 70k mile vibrant red 93.
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    FS: mint Crystal White 96 Cobra with 20,972 miles!

    96 crystal white cobra with only 20,972 miles. Car drives like new with zero issues. Car doesn't get driven and deserves to be. Minimal mods and I have all stock parts as well as svt paperwork. You'd be hard pressed to find a nicer/cleaner 96-98 in the country. Purchased from a member on this...
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    spring cant get here soon inside

    got my friends s281 supercharged inside for the rest of winter. posted pics of the other cars before, nothin new there. also rearranged the cars. i think they look kinda neat like this.
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    pics of the cobra and 911 turbo

    bored with the snow, here are some pics i took today. 04 tr cobra and 07 911 turbo and my brothers 04 black cobra. my cars with some of my friends cars back n the summer. black 03 cobra, tr 04 saleen s281, my 87 t-top w 408FI stroker, 6speed, baer brakes etc and dd truck in...
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    mothers powerball

    is it safe to apply wax/polish to car with mothers powerball?
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    kumho xs vs falken azenis rt-615

    i'm currently running the falkens on my 04 cobra now. car makes 510/500 to the tires and traction is hard to come by. i drive in the rain on a limited basis only if i get caught out in it. the falkens work great in the rain but i feel like they could be better in the dry. would like to be able...
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    posting pics?

    would like to post some pics but says i cant post attachments. do i need to have so many posts before this is possible?
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    garage pics

    i am building a garage and looking for some ideas on size
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    Couple of Pics: New vs. Old