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    Parting out 1996 Cobra. Drilled/Slotted Rotors, 01 Cobra Seats, ETC

    I am parting out a 1996 Mustang Cobra. 110k miles on the odometer, with clean title. Texas car so no rust and no body damage. Core support is very straight. Engine and transmission were not there when I purchased it. If you are interested in any parts feel free to comment on here or message me...
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    Parting 96 Cobra Engine

    Parting 96 Cobra engine. 100k miles. No knocks or issues. Pulled from a 96 Cobra. $2000 for everything, or PM/Comment for individual part prices.
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    Parting Out 2001 Cobra Coupe

    I have a few parts left over from a 2001 Cobra Coupe with 87,XXX miles that I was parting out.. *** Ford Racing 4.6L N/A Aluminator w/ BBK Dual 65mm Throttle Body, BBK Longtubes, BBK Catted X, Underdrive Pulleys, Oil Cooler, Injectors, Fuel Rails, Wiring. $5000 picked up. *** 99-04 Wiper...