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  1. db281gt

    96 cobra intake cams in 04 cobra

    Ok guys I have the motor out of my car and I have a set of 96 cobra intake cams . I was wondering if it's a must to degree them . Has anyone installed them straight up and used the 04 timing gears . If so what kind of power gain did you see . I know there is quite a few threads based on this but...
  2. db281gt

    Maximum Motorsport LCA

    79-98 maximum motorsports road race rear lower control arms . $100 they are lightly used only bolted on and driven on the street a few times . For coil overs and stand alone sway bar . Originally $200 new
  3. db281gt

    Here It Is. 5.0 Mag Feature

    Ok everyone just wanted to post up that my car got a full featured in June's issue of 5.0 Magazine . So heres a teaser lol
  4. db281gt

    Gauge for intercooler

    Hey everyone . Im putting together my termi swap gt and I was wondering if anyone is using some kind of temp guage to see what the intercooler temps are . If so where did you install the sensor at and what brand of guage did you use.
  5. db281gt

    FS 03-04 Cobra fuel tank, pumps, lines, and fuel rails

    I have a pretty much a complete fuel system . It came with the motor that i bought . I have decided to keep the car a return style and am trying to sell all of this so I can buy what i need to complete my fuel system. I would like to sell everything for $800 up for offers too