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  1. 04sn8k

    Don't know if it's a repost

    Sorry if it is. Does this blower sound different to you guys? Or is it just me? Anyone know if it's anyones cobra on here? YouTube - slp o/r Hpipe cobra
  2. 04sn8k

    Just a few phone pics of washed cobra.

    Washed the car yesterday. Nothing special, just a few cell phone pics.
  3. 04sn8k

    Incar vid of 2.6 kb

    Just a little vid of a wot run. Nothing special. I had just got it tuned. Sorry for the poor vid quality. YouTube - 04 Kenne Bell Cobra wot
  4. 04sn8k

    Little G2G- 56k, get a chicken sandwich lol

    Well we were planning a big get together for this past weekend but the majority of the other guys were out of town. We did manage to get some local cars together though. We took a bunch of pics. Cruised a little and hung out at the local Dairy Queen. It was actually quite fun. Had everybody in...
  5. 04sn8k

    Washed her up this weekend (pics inside)

    I know it's the middle of the week but I havn't had a chance to post them up. I washed her up and gave it a little wax job too. The other cars in the last 2 pics are a few buddies of mine. The red GT is an 03 stock and the other is an 06 GT stock also, both very nice though. Let me know what...
  6. 04sn8k

    Supercharger Oil Question

    Three weeks ago I called up my local ford dealer and asked them to order me some supercharger oil. It never came in though. I called them back and asked what the problem was, they then told me that the order was cancelled and ford told them that we could use Motorcraft 10W-30 oil. What do you...
  7. 04sn8k

    Pics of my car

    Some pics of my car. Let me know what you guys think. one with the cousin's stang...
  8. 04sn8k

    Boost Question

    I have installed my 2.8 pulley and my boost gauge. The question or questions I have are; what boost should I be pushing with just the pulley? I have not tuned it yet. Right now it's showing 10 lbs. at WOT. I thought I was supposed to be hitting at least 13 lbs. Would tuning it make the...