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  1. howie8124

    WTB: SVTF150 rear badge

    bump. I still need one for the tailgate. I keep missing them on facebook marketplace.
  2. howie8124

    WANTED: WTB Built T45

    Looking to see if anyone in the north east has a built T45, or knows someone who still builds them. I tried doing some looking around but it looks like the T45 source was sold out awhile ago and they were the go to place. I may just get a 3650 but a build T45 would be nice as well.
  3. howie8124

    Lightning emblems

    Hey guys I just wanted to update this thread for the OP. I bought them a few months back.
  4. howie8124

    Spotted Thread..

    Who from RI was out on Saturday or Sunday morning with their GT350R and matching Raptor heading up 93N in Boston. I saw you guys in Quincy around 10am.
  5. howie8124

    Spotted Thread..

    About a week ago I saw a silver '20 GT500 in East Falmouth, I was in my SB Saleen.
  6. howie8124

    WTB: SVTF150 rear badge

    Does anyone have any NOS SVTF-150 badges for sale? I need one for my truck because the one on it is destroyed. Please shoot me a PM if you have one. PayPal ready. Thanks
  7. howie8124

    ISO 99-04 Lightning partout

    Looking to see if anyone is parting out a lightning in the north east I have a few misc. parts that I need as well as a good long block.
  8. howie8124

    10th Anniversary Interior Parts For Sale!

    PM sent on the shift knob.
  9. howie8124

    WTB Guage Pod for Cobra Coupe

    I have an SOS dual pillar pod for an 03 cobra. PM me if you're interested.
  10. howie8124

    2000 Ford Mustang GT Supercharged for Sale

    Pm sent. I’m in MA.
  11. howie8124

    For Sale: 2003 Ford F150 SVT Lightning- $17,000

    Bump Price drop, don't want to sit on it. Really want to fix my Saleen. $15,500 Firm
  12. howie8124

    Looking for lightning in NC or close to NC black or blue

    I have a black 03 in Mass with 76k miles. I'm asking $15,500.
  13. howie8124

    For Sale: 2003 Ford F150 SVT Lightning- $17,000
  14. howie8124

    For Sale: 2003 Ford F150 SVT Lightning- $17,000

    Hey everyone, I'm looking to sell my black 2003 Lightning. Quick details Black 76,500 miles All stock Rust Free Located on Cape Cod in Massachusetts I've only had the truck for a short while now but unfortunately my 96 saleen is taking up all of my time so I don't really need the truck...
  15. howie8124

    WTB Low Mileage Gen 2 Lightning

    I sent you an E-mail. I have an 03 with 76k for sale up in Massachusetts. Let me know if you're interested. I would post a FS ad but my truck is in storage and I can't get a pic of my name tag with the truck.
  16. howie8124

    ISO Lighting

    I have an 03 in Mass with 76,000 Miles. Asking $18
  17. howie8124

    WTB Gen 2 Lightning...

    I’m in Massachusetts so it’s a little far but I have a pretty much all stock black 2003 with just under 77,000 miles. Asking 17,500. Feel free to PM me and I can send you some pictures.
  18. howie8124

    WTB: 97/98 Export Tail lights

    Yeah I found two sets ( actually got two singles to make a set) I just sold one of them the other night. I have one set on my Saleen currently but if the car sells they will most likely stay with me.
  19. howie8124

    Spotted Thread..

    I've seen this guy running around Walpole the last few weeks. Clean 10th for sure.
  20. howie8124

    Pi Intake Swap Info

    I have a ford PI intake manifold if you need one. Its already boxed up. I swapped out my PI motor when it blew for another complete PI motor so i broke the old one down for parts.
  21. howie8124

    WTB: 97/98 Export Tail lights

    WTB: 97/98 Export Tail lights preferably with the wiring harness. Or if someone just has the passenger side let me know! Paypal ready. Thank you! John
  22. howie8124

    Wtb vortech head unit

    I'm going to sell my Vortech as i just bought a different motor for my car. It came off a 96 Saleen the car only has 70k Miles but i'm unsure of the miles on the blower. The last owner also had NOS set up on the car and it blew the motor. I have a video of the car running so you can listen to...
  23. howie8124

    WTB: Bassani Catback for a 1996 GT

    Looking to see if anyone is selling one before I go order one new off LMR. You will need to ship it to 02536 unless you're local to MA. I will pay via Paypal. Thanks!