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  1. Ultrakla$$ic

    2013 Mustang GT

    The time has come to sell the car and move on. It's a 2013 Race Red Mustang GT 6-speed MT82 with a 300A package and 3.73 gears from the factory. It has 331 miles on it.:-D Mods are: 19" SVE Drift's 6-piston Brembo's color matched GT500 Big brakes on the rear Paint matched CDC...
  2. Ultrakla$$ic

    ON3 TT ground clearance

    Does anybody have a pic or pics of the underside of their car with the ON3 TT setup on it? I wanna see how low the pipes are underneath the motor for ground clearance since I'm on Sportlines. Thanks.
  3. Ultrakla$$ic

    Peterson Breather System

    Fit's 2011-2014 GT's and Boss's Powdercoated Gloss Black with 2 different can holders included. These were $25 APIECE. The one you drill two holes into your firewall ledge is powdercoated and the more popular "no-drill" holder is painted so you can sand and paint it any color. WHOLE...
  4. Ultrakla$$ic

    Newer than new MGW RACE SPEC shifter!

    Anybody got the newer than new MGW RACE SPEC shifter? How does it compare to the "older" one??:dw: :cryying::( Wonder if I can trade up???? lol
  5. Ultrakla$$ic

    WTB: Stainless Works Sideburner Exhaust

    Looking for the Stainless Works sideburner exhaust setup if someone has one for a decent price.
  6. Ultrakla$$ic

    FS: RTR Magnaflow Axlebacks

    Practically brand new RTR Axlebacks made by Magnaflow. The absolute BEST sounding muffler on the market for the 4V Coyote's IMO. Not stupid loud and not quiet and 100000% Magnaflow quality!!!!! ONLY reason for me selling is I'm going to a Quad tip setup...
  7. Ultrakla$$ic

    Zymol Glasur wax BNIB

    Just ordered and received this amazing wax and I want to go a different direction with the shine on my car. BNIB only opened to check seal and stare at it. Comes with bag and Cert of Authenticity. I've used Zymol Carbon and the sheen it creates is AMAZING and the Glasur is a step above...
  8. Ultrakla$$ic

    Peterson Catch Can & Retune??

    I have the Peterson Catch Can setup on my car Does this Catch can setup require a retune? I'm already tuned for all mods but I just put this on my car and was wondering. Thanks!
  9. Ultrakla$$ic

    BlowFish MT-82 Shifter Brace

    Brand new. I put it on, drove down the road and that's it. Absolutely no vibration or unwanted NVH with my MGW combo. I just want something else so this must go. BOXED AND READY TO GO: $180 SHIPPED TO LOWER 48 AND PP FEES INCLUDED
  10. Ultrakla$$ic

    RED Front Brake Caliper Covers FS

  11. Ultrakla$$ic

    Wtb: '11-'14 slp loudmouth axlebacks

    No Pypes stuff. Just a clean set of SLP's please!
  12. Ultrakla$$ic

    LED question?

    I put some lower CS foglights in the chariot and the OEM bulbs are H11's. What is a bulb that is comparable to the OEM H11 that would be an LED variant to match my grill fogs and headlights without catching things on fire???? Anybody have a suggestion on a place to buy that has excellent...
  13. Ultrakla$$ic

    WTB Stock Brembo wheels and tires

    Need some wheels and tires for my daughters Mustang. I'd like a clean set of Brembo wheels and tires. No beaters or bald tires please. Prefer local and will drive a distance on the I-10 corridor. LMK
  14. Ultrakla$$ic

    FS: '13-'14GT Stillen Splitter w/Rods

    Selling my Stillen Splitter from my '13 GT. I bought HIGH DOLLAR Splitter rods to replace the cheezy ones that comes with the Stillen splitter. They were not cheap and they are not flimsy. You could literally STAND on my spoiler and it will not move AT ALL. This was a MUCH cheaper...
  15. Ultrakla$$ic

    GO BIG(brakes) OR GO HOME!!!!!!!!!

    6-PISTON BREMBO'S Finished!!! LOVE EM!!!!!! No scratches, scuffs or fingerprints!!!!:rockon::beer:
  16. Ultrakla$$ic

    Brembo Brake Caliper stickers needed!

    I would appreciate any and all help. I need some BLACK Brembo caliper stickers this size please: That's mm btw. lol Colormatched the 6-Piston Calipers for my car.
  17. Ultrakla$$ic

    Brembo's and Powdercoating

    Anybody ever taken their Brembos and had them powdercoated? Did you disassemble the caliper completely?? If so, did you have to buy a new rebuild kit?? Where can I get the BREMBO sticker that goes on the caliper if I decide to do this???? Any brake bleeding kits you guys recommend that would...
  18. Ultrakla$$ic

    WTB: Brembo brakes and rotors

    Looking for a CLEAN set of Brembo brakes and rotors. I'm not interested in giving stupid money or else I'll buy brand new. Show me what you have, ask a fair price, and lets get this done.:beer:
  19. Ultrakla$$ic

    RTR Axleback Video

    Been through, ridden in, and heard a ton of axlebacks for the 5.0 and the Magnaflows are by far THE BEST for the Coyote with either a stock exhaust or full exhaust IN MY OPINION..... I'm 100% satisfied. No more looking for me! aWva6fqyhbg Smokin guns!!!!!!!!!!! TURN IT...
  20. Ultrakla$$ic

    '11-'14 SLP Loudmouths w/Powdercoated Black Tips

    Sold!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SOLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:rockon:
  21. Ultrakla$$ic

    Black Friday Deals???

    What would you guys like to see from the vendors here for Black Friday deals??? Anybody saving for that special sumpin sumpin???? 2.9 Whipple is what I want. Lol!! Anybody else?
  22. Ultrakla$$ic

    Boss Quad Pipe w/side Pipes and JEGS Cat deletes!

    All SOLD.....lock it up!!!
  23. Ultrakla$$ic

    Boss 302 Laguna Seca Lower Grill

    SOLD!!! Lol
  24. Ultrakla$$ic

    Cobra Jet Intake and Fuel Rail Covers

    Anybody with the Cobra Jet Intake tried to see what the engine bay would look like with the Fuel rail covers from the Boss setup would look like??? From this: To this: but with the CJ intake?
  25. Ultrakla$$ic

    BOSS 302 Manifold and Partial Install kit