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  1. 03_SVT_Freak

    Keeping exhaust open in 6Th?

    is there something on the market that will leave the Exhaust in sport during 6Th gear, or to have it as the default when starting up?
  2. 03_SVT_Freak

    traded the '12 in for

    a '13. lol. couldn't pass up the chance. bone stock and ready to be modded. :D gets here Thursday. WOOOO
  3. 03_SVT_Freak

    03 Cobra vs GTR in Mexico.

    Me and a friend got a few runs in before he headed to TX2K. Not the best runs but had fun. Hope the link works. Posting from phone.
  4. 03_SVT_Freak

    new sig? maybe, lol

  5. 03_SVT_Freak

    Breaking Bad remix.

    guy is pretty badass, and the remix is pretty damn good too. Breaking Bad Theme Song Remix on
  6. 03_SVT_Freak

    best chili recipes.

    It's winter time fellas. Prefect time for cooking some good chili. So post them up.
  7. 03_SVT_Freak

    college ball online?

  8. 03_SVT_Freak

    SVTP Chivers?

    not sure if this has ever been asked, but any other SVTP Chivers out there?
  9. 03_SVT_Freak

    Feeler/WTS 03 Whippled Cobra

    hurts to try, but I am thinking about selling the Cobra and am currently feeling around to see what happens. I am in no hurry to sell, but could use the money for future plans that are in the works, so here goes. 2003 Redfire Cobra. 36592 on the clock, with only about 1500-2k on the motor...
  10. 03_SVT_Freak

    New tires and plastidipped billet specialties.

    Couldn't catch traction so upgraded and put the billets back on. I like it.
  11. 03_SVT_Freak

    Black GT500 with red stripes????

    been thinking about taking the flat black stripe off my GT500 and putting a red one on. can y'all post some pics of both single and double red stripes on a black gt500?
  12. 03_SVT_Freak

    Computer temp.

    ok so before you say "google it" I did and i wanted to come and ask here before i DLed some virus program. question is this, do you guys use any software or program that monitors stuff like temp, fan speed, etc and if so which one? i found a few but wanted to see what you guys recommend so...
  13. 03_SVT_Freak

    Mr Rodgers: Greatest person ever!

    loved this article. growing up watching him made me a lucky person indeed. his acceptance speech brought a tear to my eye. the kid in the wheelchair made it even worse. 5 Moments That Prove Mr. Rogers Was the Greatest American | also, i know its a bit silly, but...
  14. 03_SVT_Freak

    sig help please kind sirs.

    not looking for anything to fancy(well manybe a little fancy. haha). just something nice to look at. effects are always nice as well. lol. thanks in advance.
  15. 03_SVT_Freak

    perfect weather+new camera. 03 Cobra inside

    today was a great day so i washed and waxed the Cobra, and after 3 years in a garage she needed it badly!! then thought i would try out the new camera(canon Rebel). here are the pics i liked the best. edit.. ****ing photobucket sucks ass....
  16. 03_SVT_Freak

    New pics of Cobra and GT500

    it was cold and windy, so I felt rushed and these pics are kinda crappy, but here's a few of what I did get.
  17. 03_SVT_Freak

    New Cobra dyno numbers

    Cobra has been at HPP racing in Dallas getting an E85 swap, and a retune. here are the numbers, with and without the 50 shot on E85. plus a few pics of the car over the years. unfortunately there is no dyno video as i do not live in Dallas and could not be there. also the Kirkys are gone...
  18. 03_SVT_Freak

    Computer gurus.... HELP!!

    i need some advice. My internet speed is around 7-8 mbps and it should be 17. my roommate is running 17 on both ethernet and wireless. he even took the cord from my computer and still ran 17. i have tried connecting using both a ethernet and wireless setup, both only running 7-8 mbps. what...
  19. 03_SVT_Freak

    new sig help please!!!

    can someone please make a simple yet good looking sig with these 2 pictures please. doesn't have to be fancy, maybe some nice graphics with the Cobra or SVT logo. the main thing is I dont want the mismatching backgrounds. i would be much appreciated.
  20. 03_SVT_Freak

    Coming out of LONG hibernation.

    Bringing her to start with some small upgrades. Little more boost and a new tune along with new racing seats and cage modifications.
  21. 03_SVT_Freak

    R.I.P Darrell Royal.

    Died at the age of 88. One of the best coaches ever. NCAAF Darrell Royal dies at age 88 - ESPN
  22. 03_SVT_Freak


    Took the gt500 to Mexico and drive along side an R8 and a nice vette. My GT500 has an upper and tune from HPP. R8 was stock with exhaust, not sure exactly what was done to Vette, but it was on spray.
  23. 03_SVT_Freak

    Best costumes!

    Ok so I'm unable to do anything this year, so I am planning and saving for next year. I still do hallowen with friends, not to mention the family. So here's the question. post up the costume you would have, the more realistic the better. Money no option!!! Looking for real purchasable...
  24. 03_SVT_Freak

    What's up the site?

    Is something going on, or is it just me? Have a big gap between the top and the forums. And I just realized I screwed the title up. Lol. Up WITH the site. Haha
  25. 03_SVT_Freak

    Diesel truck accessories

    Just picked up a 2011 F250. Just wondering whats a good trustworthy site to pick up some accessories for it.