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  1. Sloppy Jones

    2011 GT mystery "magnaflow" mufflers - TAMPA

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  2. Sloppy Jones

    2011 white OEM spoiler..TAMPA

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  3. Sloppy Jones

    Curb rash repair

    Hey guys..just curbed my forgestar f14 front passenger side wheel :fm: its not too bad, considering bondo/paint but I rather have it filled with metal and powder coated. Does anyone know someone that can repair it and what method they use?
  4. Sloppy Jones

    Looking for pro/dyno tune for 2011 auto GT TAMPA BAY AREA

    I live in the Tampa Bay Area, Seminole specifically, I am done with power mods for the time being and looking to have a pro tune. Can anyone suggest a good place to go with? Also, how much were you charged? 2011 GT auto: O/R H-pipe, lethal gen II OTA, outlaws, JLT intake. Currently running a...
  5. Sloppy Jones

    315/35/20 Forgestar 20x11 not fitting, rubbing

    315/35R/20 255/35/20 20x11 20x9 stock ride height. Yesterday I tried to mount these up and the rear tires were hitting a bulge in the inner fender when I had it in the air. It only hits that piece when the shocks are decompressed, it drives fine but I can see rubber on that piece of metal...