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  1. slow06

    Over a year cancer free. (Anthony)

    It's been a while since I have posted about Anthony. He has been cancer free for around 14 months. He is doing good, his hair came back and he has put some muscle and weight on. He talks non stop now, knows his colors and shapes. We were a little worried the chemotherapy would set him back a...
  2. slow06

    New Wheels, thanks [email protected]

    Ordered a set for F14's in gunmetal from [email protected] on Monday. I went with gunmetal this time, my other sets have been gloss black. Went with 20x9 and 20x11, 275/35 and 305/35. It's sitting on BMR sp080 springs. I also received this custom coyote coolant tank. I will try to get pics of...
  3. slow06

    Kids dieing wish

    One of the local fathers in the car community has a son who had a heart transplant done isn't doing to good. The heart is at 80% failure and the child has only a few months to live from what the Doctors are saying. The local community is going to be putting on a car show pretty soon for him, but...
  4. slow06

    Lost my mom, how to deal with it.

    I lost my mom to a 5 year battle with cancer, back in 2014 she was diagnosed with cancer in the kidney, they removed the kidney and tumor and we were told all of it was taken out. She went into remmision for 4 years. In September of 2018 4 days after my 2 year old went into remission, she was...
  5. slow06

    Back in another 5.0

    At the end of February I had picked up a base Race Red recaro 5.0, well the car had some issues with it, Valve cover had a leak, I tightened down the bolts to spec, and the leak had come back. Took it ford and it sat there for a week on 2 different occasions and 2 different dealers, I had the...
  6. slow06

    A year after Anthony was diagnosed

    As many of you know and have most likely seen Anthony's thread, he was diagnosed with Cancer at 11 months old 11-13-17. It's been a long year but a lot has gone on, he has been for the most part...
  7. slow06

    WTB Forgestar CF5 in piano black

    Looking for a set for CF5’s in piano black, with or without tires, looking for staggered 20’s but will consider 19’s. Sent from my iPhone using the mobile app
  8. slow06

    Child cancer or serioues illness.

    Was wondering if anyone here has dealt with their kid having Cancer or a serious medical illness. The reason I am asking is, my 10 month old might have Retinoblastoma, I was feeding him in mid October and the light had caught his eye a certain way, I was able to see a orange glow towards the...
  9. slow06

    Pro Dyno Cruise 10-28-17

    Was wondering if anyone is planning on going to it, a couple of years ago we had a decent group meet up off the 485 and cruise in together. Scheduled for 10-28-17, Would like to get a group together.
  10. slow06

    H&R super sports, wheels and tire questions.

    I lowered my 2013 base brembo mustang with H&R super sports and koni str.t shocks/struts, I am currently running a 285/35/19 in the rear, I am getting ready to purchase new wheels and tires, I was looking at going with a a staggered set up of 20x9 in front and either a 20x10 or 20x10.5 in the...
  11. slow06

    Driver side clunk

    I recently lowered the car, I used Koni.str.t struts along with Gt500 strut mounts. Everything was smooth until someone cut me off and had to come to a quick stop. After that the car has developed a small clunk, I can feel it through the floor boards going over small bumps at slower speeds and...
  12. slow06

    Fender height

    I have a 2013 5.0, the car came with some Roush springs, I don't know if the car was lowered 1 full inch or they used the Roush springs to drop it 1/2 inch. I am trying to see if anyone knows what the stock height was from the ground to the fender. My car is at 28 1/2 inches from ground to...
  13. slow06

    Wtb adjustable Panhard bar

    Looking for an adjustable Panhard bar, let me know what you got, thanks. Feel free to Text me @704-491-0280.
  14. slow06

    Suspension setup shocks/strut/springs question.

    What strut/shock combo and springs would eliminate the gap running with 19's. I am looking to upgrade the suspension system in my 2013 brembo mustang. I got the car last year, it's running a staggered setup of 19x9 and 19x10, has some sort of after market springs, I am thinking roush springs...
  15. slow06

    Svtp's Favorate Mascot

    Came home from work, and was walking into my house when something ran across my feet. I didn't know what to think at first, but was a little curious to find out what it was. Well after investigating a little more, I wish I hadn't. FML I worked all day and now I will not be getting any sleep...
  16. slow06

    Prayers for my in laws.

    Yesterday, 2/28/14 around 6:30am my wife busted in the room screaming that her mom's house was on fire and the grandfather did not make it out. My mother, father and brother in law made it out. My brother in law was awake when the fire started and was able to wake everyone up to try to get them...
  17. slow06

    WTB cobra

    I know it is a long shot, but I am looking to get another cobra. Wanting to spend around 8k. I am in Charlotte, NC but would not mind driving a decent distance to pick up the right car. You can text pics to 704-491-0280. Thanks.
  18. slow06

    WTB cobra NC area

    Looking to get another cobra 96-98. Coupe or vert, color doesn't matter. Looking to spend around 7,500 and willing to drive to pick one up. Let me know what you guys have. Thanks. You can text pics to 704-491-0280. I am Charlotte NC.
  19. slow06

    Ford GT at the dealership

    Was at the dealership today to get some stuff out of my car, while it is being serviced. They cranked it up and I must say, this thing sounds so sick in person. Owner of the car also owns Charlotte Motor Speedway and the ford dealership. He is up in the air about selling it. Sorry for the crappy...
  20. slow06

    Coyotes leaking water on floorboard????

    Anyone else having problems with the 5.0 leaking water into the car? Driver front and back floor seems to be getting damp. My car has been at the dealership twice in 2 months for this problem. In October my car was at the dealership for this problem. First time, a seal in the Firewall was...
  21. slow06

    Craigslist Find

    Poor stang. 96 SALEEN MUSTANG!! (price negotiable!!)
  22. slow06

    Need input on weed/grass killer

    I had an above ground pool put in last year. I am having a problem getting rid of the weeds and grass around it, also not far from the pool Ivy vines are starting to grow. I was wondering if anyone knew of a product that would destroy everything so it will not return as easy. I have used...
  23. slow06

    Finally back into the mustang world

    A little over a year ago I sold my 03 SB cobra. Thought I could go without a mustang but got the itch again. I picked up this 2012 base 5.0 (16k miles) the other day. Sorry for the crappy cell phone pic. I will post more pics once it is cleaned up a little more. Yes, I know I should have...
  24. slow06

    Craigslist Find

    Stumbled upon this tonight. :nonono: Ford mustang cobra 1994 Is that a 99-04 Saleen rear bumper?
  25. slow06

    Plz help need to find step father

    My wifes step father was really close to us, but started to get down in the slumps. He had joined some christian mingle site. The lady he had met moved down and they got married last year. She talked him into selling his house and after the house went up for sale, we have had no contact with...