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  1. conceptmachine

    2020 GT500 - Official Curb Weight!!

    4225 lbs.
  2. conceptmachine

    Wanted: 06/07 GT

    Wanted: 05/06 Ford GT Looking to take the plunge into a 05/06 GT. Looking for a no damage report, clean original with 20,000 or less miles (will entertain higher as i plan to drive) White/blue stripes are my first choice Blue/ white second and then after that its a toss up. I'm looking to...
  3. conceptmachine

    another pay it forward!! msrp - order the way you want 2016 gt350.

    another pay it forward!! BUYER FOUND, CONGRATS Order it for yourself. First to post here that is ready to buy the 350 as you order it!!! I will PM you the information, Name and Number. Buyer found for car! I'll be on the lookout for more
  4. conceptmachine

    Ox white 350 TP at MSRP

    Pay it forward: Talked to the gal, Peggy and she says it is for sale at msrp. Oxford white, tech pack, looks like a stripe delete. 58900. I'm sure your gonna have to get it hauled in, or fly close and drive home. I'd rather give the hauling company 2k than the dealer 2k. JMO...