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  1. robertlyons

    Championship 95 R for sale

    That car has been up for sale in Mustang Times for a least a year at the $1.2M price.
  2. robertlyons

    Standard to Brembo Brake Upgrade ?'s

    No, you are not. I upgraded my Ecoboost to the Brembos, and it is a simple bolt on.
  3. robertlyons

    2015-Up Ecoboost/V6 Rear Calipers & Rotors

    FYI, with careful packing I can get the entire setup in a flat rate USPS Priority box. So, I can ship the entire setup for $20 in the US.
  4. robertlyons

    Saleen Alcon Calipers

    Calipers are sold. Pads aren't a problem, Hawk makes 'em and I would assume others would too. Now the rotors can be a bit of a pain to track down but I've been able to find them when needed....
  5. robertlyons

    2015-Up Ecoboost/V6 Rear Calipers & Rotors

    I have for sale a set of Ford stock rear calipers and rotors for the Ecoboost/V6 Mustang. Calipers come with lines and pads. Purchase for spares for less than the price of a replacement rotor! Asking $50 for the set. For local pickup, I am just north of Rutgers football stadium in Piscataway NJ...
  6. robertlyons

    Mustang Ecoboost Intercooler & Pipes

    I have a 2015-Up Ecoboost (2.3L) Mustang intercooler plus pipes for sale. Unit was removed with less than 1K miles and is in perfect shape. Included are the cold side and hot side piping. Asking $75 for all, or OBO. I am right by Rutgers football stadium in Piscataway NJ, or rmessage me to...
  7. robertlyons

    Saleen Alcon Calipers

    I have a set of 4-piston, Saleen branded Alcon calipers for sale. These bolt up to the SN-95 Mustang spindles and use a 13" diameter rotor. I believe these were the calipers that came on the Saleen 351 Extreme Mustangs. Asking $500 OBO. I am 5 minutes from Rutgers football stadium in...
  8. robertlyons

    2015-Up 4-Piston Calipers & Rotors

    For sale is a set of 4-piston front brake calipers for the 2015-Up Mustang. I purchased these as take-offs to put on my Ecoboost convertible. I purchased the matching rotors from Rock Auto. I used these for less than 300 miles before I fell into a deal for the 6-piston Brembos. They are ready to...
  9. robertlyons

    93 cobra factory chrome rims (looking)

    I thought there were only two sets of the 93 Cobra rims drilled to a 5 lug pattern. I had one set for several years and ended up selling them to a person on this forum. Once I upgraded to Brembos from the CObra R PBR's they wouldn't fit, so I moved to 98 CObra rims. Anyway, what are you...
  10. robertlyons

    Motor Ground Cable Help

    Tommy, I'm with Railroad on this one. Yes, in stock form there was a grounding strap from some bolt on the back of the engine to a screw of some sort on the firewall. But what I have done on other cars I've owned with a lot of electronics is to run a big, honkin' cable (BHC) from the battery...
  11. robertlyons

    Motor Ground Cable Help

    Tom, It's a race car. Put a decent sized cable from the block to the chassis in the most convenient spot for you, out of the way of everything else but easy enough to install. You can also go crazy and run one from the tranny to the chassis as well. And, I assume you already have a big...
  12. robertlyons

    Help with Cobra Brakes and Wheels

    That's the setup I have on my Cobra right now. Works great!
  13. robertlyons

    Help with Cobra Brakes and Wheels

    Get the Brembo 2000R calipers. They are 4 piston, use the stock 94-04 Cobra rotors and bolt right to the 94-04 spindles. Your master cylinder is perfect for the setup. And best yet, they'll fit the rims you have.
  14. robertlyons

    Help with Cobra Brakes and Wheels

    I originally converted my 93 street model to a 93 R model setup (functionally the same as the 94-04 CObra setup) and ran the 94 GT 17x8 rims. Those brakes, with the proper pads, handled every track I ran. Later, I used the 4-piston Brembo calipers from a 2000 R model and 1998 Cobra 17x8 rims...
  15. robertlyons

    Need Custom Ground Effect Pieces

    Hi All, Post with more details in the 93 Cobra section. I'm looking for someone to manufacture custom, 93 Cobra like, front wheel spats that will fit a set of fenders with a forward offset wheel opening. Please help, as I want to use the fenders. Thank you.
  16. robertlyons

    Custom Ground Effects Manufacturer???

    Hi Guys, I just installed a Griggs Racing k-member that alters the wheelbase of my 93 SVT Cobra. I don't particularly want to perform the Griggs fender modification. I do have a set of carbon fiber fenders from Tiger Racing (Paul Brown's company before he died) that have offset wheel...
  17. robertlyons

    At Step 50 of 50 and front bumper hung up on passenger side.

    You are absolutely, positively sure you have removed the God damed 7mm bolt that's about twice as long as it has a right to be that does nothing but make sure the edge between the fender and the bumper cover stays straight, correct? The one most videos show coming out in 10 seconds, but in...
  18. robertlyons

    93 Cobra Hard Starting and....

    Just to fill everyone in, it was the fuel pump. New one installed, car running like a champ.
  19. robertlyons

    Is this 1993 SVT Ford Apparel?

    That cap is more associated with the 1994, but as long as it doesn’t have the open road logo (that’s pure 93), you’re OK to associate the early 94 merchandise with the 93.
  20. robertlyons

    CARB Certified Downpipe

    Guys, Been talking with people who have actually done this. As I've been told, the 2.3 Ecoboost is a pretty clean engine to begin with. While no company has gone through the trouble and expense of getting CARB certification, cPE's downpipe, when properly tuned, easily passes the sniffer test...
  21. robertlyons

    CARB Certified Downpipe for 2017 ST

    Good Morning, Does anyone know of a CARB certified downpipe that will fit a 2017 Focus ST? If not, in your opinion, what catted downpipe out there stands the best chance of passing an emissions test?
  22. robertlyons

    CARB Certified Downpipe

    Good Morning, Does anyone know if their is a CARB certified downpipe out there for our cars? And, if not, whose catted downpipe, in your opinion, would have the best chance of passing emissions testing?
  23. robertlyons

    93 Cobra Hard Starting and....

    No change after the parts swap. Starter motor turning just fine, car is hard to fire. Once started, runs very lean (over 18 as per the wideband) and fuel pressure gauge is low (24 PSI), and that's with the FPR turned all the way up. If I let it run enough to warm, the wideband will get in the...
  24. robertlyons

    93 Cobra Hard Starting and....

    Well, swapped in a new fuel filter, O2 sensors and adjustable fuel pressure regulator. Also turned down timing 4 degrees. Turned pressure regulator all the way up, car is still lean and pressure is no higher than 26 PSI. At this point, I am figuring the fuel pump is either clogged or dying...