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  1. FKing1

    Bossy has New Shoes

    Michelin Pilot Sport PS2 295/30/19 rr 265/35/19 frt wear 220
  2. FKing1

    Drags Today

    Went to Milan Michigan Drag Strip today. Best day ever there with the Boss, a 13.2 @ 111 mph. No shift problems & good reaction time. Usual prob with Pirelli's not hooking up. Car is stock except for suspension mods.
  3. FKing1

    TSB for Crank Position O Ring

    My CEL turned out to be a cracked O-Ring in the Crankshaft Position Sensor for which there is a TSB. Chased it for months thinking it was aftermarket CAI leaking air causing code P0300.
  4. FKing1

    Oil Pressure Gage Install

    Installed Autometer Oil Pressure Gage. pics A bit hard to see , but, used a galvanized tee with nipple to keep original connection. Tight squeeze changing the fitting.
  5. FKing1

    Barton Shifter

    Blowfish Bracket Barton Shifter with 2 post bracket. Fits 2011 - 2014 V6, GT & Boss. Used 5000 miles on my Boss. Perfect Condition. $250 + $13.50 shipping. Prefer Pay Pal. BARTON SOLD Blowfish available for $150 + shipping.
  6. FKing1

    C & L CAI Problem coming loose

    The C & L intake comes out of the plastic tube end about every 500 miles triggering a CEL. Put it back in all the way, tighten the clamp much as possible and it will come out again. After a few miles the CEL goes out. Anyone else have this problem? If the blue connector tube was longer it...
  7. FKing1

    Boss fingernails 17 year old Grandaughter loves my Boss. Check out her nails. Link has a bigger pic
  8. FKing1

    2012 Dream Cruise

    Took my 97 Pacific Green 8000 mile Cobra Vert to Mustang Alley Snake Pit on Sat Aug 18. One of 365 made in this color for 97.About 800 Stangs of every kind imaginable. 1.3 million spectators and around 40,000 cruisers. Pic of my car.
  9. FKing1

    Adding satelite radio

    Anyone added satelite radio to their Boss? Manual says the radio is satelite capable and Ford Dealer wants $550 to install a kit to recieve Sirius. Mickey Shorr $350 and Best Buy only has an add on tuner that looks like a Smart Phone.
  10. FKing1

    #370 sby

    I know this is a 12 Forum, but, posting my 2013 SBY #370 that I picked up today. Many more features than my 12 Boss.
  11. FKing1

    Track key Ripoff

    Took the Boss to the Dealer today for Track Key install. First they wanted a code that was supposed to have been sent to me. Never got one. OK, they can still install for $150. Next the Service write up guy says they need a kit from Ford that costs $300. Why don't the Dealers know this or tell...
  12. FKing1

    2013 Boss Prices

    Several web-sites are showing supposedly Ford released prices for the 2013 Boss. In case you have not seen this: Base Boss is $42,995, about 2G's over the 2012. LS is $49,990 Recaro/Torsen option is $1995.
  13. FKing1

    Camero ZL1 vs Boss LS

    March Motor Trend has a Camero ZL1 (580 HP) vs a Boss LS (444 HP). They gush over how great the Camero is. They should have tested the Camero against a Fiesta then they could really talk up the Chevy. Why not a 12 GT500? Probably because it would have shown up the C. Just MO.
  14. FKing1

    2013 Boss Order Guide

    Picked up a 2013 Boss Order Guide from my dealer today. Little change from 2012, Recaro Seats and car cover the only options. No Nav. Syst. and Syc. is std. Still has black wheels except LS. Gotta Have it Green Metallic is extra cost. Grabber Blue replaces Kona. Dealer has ordered 2 cars and...
  15. FKing1

    2013 Bosses at Detrot Auto Show

    There is a School Bus Yellow LS on a pedestal that you can't get close to and a Lime Green Regular one open to get in. The Interior is identical to the 12's except that a Nav Sys and Sync. are available. No satelite radio standard. Am sure most of U know of the exterior changes. I'll have a...
  16. FKing1

    C&l cai

    Anyone have a C&L CAI on their Boss? Their web-site shows only kits with a tuner and no stand alone CAI for the Boss.
  17. FKing1

    HID's for 2012 Boss 302

    Anyone put HID headlights on their 2012 Boss 302?
  18. FKing1

    Shelby GT squeak & drone

    My 08 Shelby GT Vert has a squeak when hitting a bump that comes from the rear, perhaps the urethane sway bar bushings. WD40 stops it for a while. Any SGT owners with similar prob? Also, a vibration in 5th gear under load, mostly around 40 mph. Could be exhaust system.???
  19. FKing1

    2004 Shop Manual

    04 Mystichrome is gone, have 2004 Mustang Shop Manual (includes Cobra) for sale. Like new, paid around $180; sell for $70 + shipping. Pay Pal OK. [email protected]
  20. FKing1

    Fix for peeling chrome rims

    Got tired of corroding & peeling bead seats and leaking tires, cheap China made chrome rims. Had chrome stripped (powder coat won't stick to chrome) rims powder and clear coated. No more leaks. Not as pretty as chrome, but, as a daily driver in Michigan salted winter roads, better than before.
  21. FKing1

    Mustang Alley 2007

    Snake Pit at Dream Cruise Mustang Alley. What a blast. So many beautiful Snakes in one place. Over 500 Stangs in the Alley.
  22. FKing1

    Corsa's for Bassani's

    Anyone swap out their Bassani mufflers for Corsa's. Have a complete Bassani system, which I like, but, the drone at 60 t0 70 mph is very , very, loud.
  23. FKing1

    Chrome Rims Peeling

    Sorry to vent my frustation, but, my 2 year old 18" 04 repro rims are not only peeling in the bolt holes working to the surface, but are also peeling and corroding on the bead seats causing the tire to lose pressure. $20 bucks a wheel to dismount and grind the beads to stop the leaks...
  24. FKing1

    $10 - $15,000 over MSRP

    According to an article in today's (May 15) "Automotive News," Dealers are going to ask $10 to $15 G's over sticker for the GT 500's. Talking to my Dealer rep today who said Ford will not allow selling on "A" plan either. I will wait a couple years to buy! Fred :cryying...
  25. FKing1

    Plastic Trim on Carpet Edges (removing)

    I want to install sound deadener under my carpet. How to remove the plastic trim at the door openings that holds the carpet down? Also plastic trim in front & behind the long sill piece. Thanx, Fred K.