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  1. DSG2003SVT

    What exhaust is on this GT350?

    As far as I can tell from the video, this is the best sounding GT350 to my ear that I’ve ever heard. It’s the closest to having a typical FPC sound, which I like a lot. Anyone have a clue what his setup is? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. DSG2003SVT

    Where's Lethal's road racing review?

    I'm having a little trouble finding the thread, but wasn't Lethal Performance supposed to have an article on their experiences with the shop GT350 on the track with turny bits? Some lap comparisons with other cars and such?
  3. DSG2003SVT

    GT350 vs. 5.0 vs. gen 2 CTSV roll races

  4. DSG2003SVT

    Motor Trend H2H: Z/28 vs. GT350R

    Let's see how many people start complaining about the GT350R now. I know it's going to happen. Great job, Ford Performance!
  5. DSG2003SVT

    Evo ran [email protected] on DRs and suspension

    So that this doesn't get lost in the bickering in the other thread, I figured I'd start a new one. Congratulations guys! Evo's New Best in the 2016 Shelby GT350 - [email protected] No changes that I know of from last time. DRs and BMR lockout kit are all that's done. The car weighed 4,025lbs with...
  6. DSG2003SVT

    First Lund tuned GT350! E85 and 93 octane tunes

    And on the eighth day, God created E85. If the stock rating was accurate, that's a 16% loss. Means it's making 572bhp with a tune and E85 only! On K&N's DJ, it would probably be sitting between 500-505whp. This thing is a beast. Voltwings, looks like that dynamic compression was being seriously...
  7. DSG2003SVT

    Is it possible for a dealer to trade allocations?

    Can a dealership try to trade a regular GT350 allocation for an R allocation?
  8. DSG2003SVT

    Will the track pack 350 have aux gauges?

    I'd love an R with electronics pack, but I'm not realistically going to be able to make that happen. I have found a good deal on a non-R though, so I'm going with the track pack. The only thing I'm not clear on equipment wise is whether or not the track pack comes with the oil pressure and oil...
  9. DSG2003SVT

    Stock sound tube

    $10 plus shipping.
  10. DSG2003SVT

    Stock Parts! springs, pan hard, cat pipes, & h pipe

    Stock springs - $100 shipped Stock pan hard bar - $20 plus shipping Stock cat pipes and h pipe - $135 shipped Cat pipes separately - $100 shipped H pipe separately - $15 plus shipping
  11. DSG2003SVT

    Used LU47s $190 shipped

  12. DSG2003SVT

    SCT X4 unmarried $260 shipped

    $230 picked up or $240 shipped.
  13. DSG2003SVT

    Airaid CAI $250 plus shipping

    Price drop to $225. I have Boss IM couplers for both stock and Accufab TBs.
  14. DSG2003SVT

    Used Accufab TB $350 shipped

    Price dropped. Will do $300 picked up or $325 shipped.
  15. DSG2003SVT

    Parting out for trade

    Stock springs - $100 shipped Stock pan hard rod - $20 plus shipping Stock cat pipes and h pipe - $135 shipped
  16. DSG2003SVT

    13-14 GT500 quad tip mufflers

    Never mind. Not selling now.
  17. DSG2003SVT

    Red painted accent on rear valance

    I just finished this for a customer's 2010 V6 Mustang. I'd never seen it before, so I thought I'd share. It's a 2012 Boss rear valance with the center diffuser section painted Colorado Red to match the car. It's a little different. I think it may look pretty nice on a 2012 Laguna Seca with...
  18. DSG2003SVT

    Stock left muffler

    Someone with an older V6 with single exhaust bought the right one. Does anyone need just the left?
  19. DSG2003SVT

    Sound symposer tube

    Make an offer.
  20. DSG2003SVT

    Stock base GT springs

    These are off of a non-Brembo car. Make an offer.
  21. DSG2003SVT

    Stock cats and h pipe

    Make an offer. If shipping is needed, just remember that it's going to be high.
  22. DSG2003SVT

    WTT sterling gray hood vents for gloss black

    As the title says. For anyone that has gloss black vents that's wanting to paint them, please trade with me instead. It would save me some time painting my own. I will compensate you for the inconvenience. Thanks!
  23. DSG2003SVT

    WTB OEM 5W-50 oil filler cap

    Came on the track pack GT and Boss 302. Anyone have one?
  24. DSG2003SVT

    TPS sensor schizoed out on my Accufab

    I made a pull in third gear today and I touched the limiter. Immediately afterward, the car started making a lot of noise, the wrench icon came up on the dash, and I started decelerating. My first thought was immediately the worst one. I fought to drive the car a little further so that I could...
  25. DSG2003SVT

    Stock Coyote IM

    Make offer. It's just taking up space.