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  1. BradN01

    MT82 upgrades

    The clutch spring is definitely worth it. Also, try swapping in BG Synchroshift II fluid. I’ve never felt such a difference with just a fluid swap, but I do have 85k miles on my 15. DD every day.
  2. BradN01

    2012 Factory Mufflers 17k miles

    Interested. PM sent
  3. BradN01

    P-51 Mustang On the Boil Flyby

    This thread took on a whole new level of winning! Keep the stories coming oldmachguy. I love stuff like this.
  4. BradN01

    Figure I will share some of the latest pics of my S550 today :-)

    Looking good Hissman! The itch for a new Mustang isn't going away when I see nice S550s like this pop up on here. Keep us updated.
  5. BradN01

    Long time Mustang owner bought a new car! (V10 inside)

    Holy ****! You're in Tupelo?? I'm only about an hour away. The wifey and I usually go to your neck of the woods when we're able to get a date night. Nice pickup of the R8, I love the lines of those cars. Congrats!
  6. BradN01

    New wheels on My 86 SVO

    Tease! Show us the whole car.
  7. BradN01

    If you thought your day was bad

    Today in Tampa.... That'll buff out :lol:
  8. BradN01

    Washed the DD

    I have started driving my Mustang daily these days. I almost bought another vehicle for my wife to drive but decided to just let her take over the Escape and actually get some use out of this project that sits around gathering dust in the carport. Before the hating starts, yes I know it's not a...
  9. BradN01

    03-04 Cobra spoiler w/ mint 3rd brake light

    SOLD I've held onto this long enough. I don't see me using it anytime soon. It has a little bit of rash on the passenger side corner and some scratches from storage, but nothing a fresh coat of paint wouldn't fix. It's currently Mystichrome. $300 + shipping. Will take Paypal as long as you pay...
  10. BradN01

    Now THIS is a wife

    Didn't see this anywhere in a thread so I decided to post it here. It says the video came out earlier this year. This got the ole tear ducts flowing. I'll shut up now and let the video speak for itself. If any of the AC Cobra owners are members, thank you. "We've had a lot of downs,"...
  11. BradN01

    Teaser pics of new paint (BAB inside)

    I was trying to wait until I get it back from the body shop but I knew you guys could appreciate a few sneak peeks at my car in its current state.
  12. BradN01

    I bought a 4 cylinder

    It's time to get rid of the motorcycle so I settled for the next best thing. I found a 2002 Honda S2000 with 86,000 miles on it. As soon as I took it for a test drive I fell in love. This is by far the best driving vehicle I've ever had. If you ever get a chance to drive one, you owe it to...
  13. BradN01

    2008 GSXR 1000 White/Silver

    The time has come to let the bike go and free up some space for a better DD. It has 8400 miles on it. I've installed an OEM tinted windscreen, Jardine fender eliminator and a K&N Air filter on it. A matching Suzuki helmet and jacket goes with the bike. Helmet is a XS and the jacket is a 44. Bike...
  14. BradN01

    Top 10 best minutes of the internet

    This is pretty good. You've probably seen most of these but it's nice to see them again anyway.
  15. BradN01

    Billetflow IRS Brace

    Used for about 12k miles. It's red powdercoated. It comes with all bolts to install. Only thing you'll need is the 5/16-18 bottoming tap to clean out the threads. First $100 and its shipped to ya!
  16. BradN01

    Lightning Bassani headers

    P/N 54150L New In Box Bassani headers with new gaskets. $600 Shipped
  17. BradN01

    Switching jobs

    Well, it's time for a change. I've been a Retail Sales Rep for a major wireless carrier for a little over 2 years now. I hate the way this company is ran right now and this year's commission plan is even worse than last! So, I'm putting in my two week today and I've accepted a job working at a...
  18. BradN01

    Never thought I would be posting this.....

    I've been kinda in the background lately. I've been happy with my car and it's current mods, and I also bought a daily driver to park the Cobra. Well, yesterday the moment that no Cobra owner ever wishes to see happened to me. My alternator in the beater went out so I was forced to drive the...
  19. BradN01

    NMRA Finals at Bowling Green

    Anyone making the trip to Bowling Green Sept. 28 - Oct. 1? Me and a few friends in our cars are leaving out from North Mississippi the 29th and are looking for a few cars to meet up and cruise together with....
  20. BradN01

    Important Decision!

    I'm facing the hardest decision I've had since I've owned my car. This past week I was rear-ended and it messed up my front and rear bumpers along with some chips on the side skirts. I've always liked Saleens and I have the chance to put the whole kit on my car. What's everyone's opinion on...
  21. BradN01

    Hunstville Dragway, April 6-9

    Anyone going to the $50,000 Outlaw 10.5 race this weekend? Should be pretty good. This is The Biggest, Baddest, Richest Outlaw Race in History. My crew is leaving out early Sat. morning and staying overnight. If anyone is riding up there let me know and maybe we can meet up and cruise in together.
  22. BradN01

    My car has a belt eating problem.

    HELP!! I have put 2 belts on my car since I added the lower pulley. I went with a Gatorback belt first and this one was a Gates. It threw the belt when I downshifted and went WOT. I called LFP and they said my Reichard Racing upper was too aggresive for a Gatorback so I tried a Gates. The car...
  23. BradN01

    New dyno #s - after port

    Finally made a few runs after I got everything together. It was lean so I tuned with the Predator and got the A/F to look a little better. Let me know what you guys think about it, I'm pretty happy.
  24. BradN01

    BAP noise?

    I just got finished wiring up my BAP with the wiring upgrade and the fuel pumps seem louder when you turn the key on before you start the motor. Is this normal? I haven't ever seen anyone talk about it before..
  25. BradN01

    Wtb: Bap

    Needing one kinda quick, anyone have one around?