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  1. Wesfire2828

    FOR SALE: DW 1500cc Injectors *BNIB*

    Brand new set of DeatschWerks DW 1500cc Bosch ev14 dv2 fuel injectors for Shelby GT500 fitment (also compatible with numerous other models including LS and Hemi fitment). Manufacturer part number: #16m-21-1500-8 Purchased for my boss 302 to replace my current ID1000’s, but the car needs other...
  2. Wesfire2828

    FOR SALE: *BNIB* DW 1500cc Injectors & DW X2 Return Fuel System

    For sale: • DeatschWerks Bosch ev14 dv2 1500cc injectors - mpn: #16M-21-1500-8 • DeatschWerks X2 Module Dual Pump Return Style Fuel System (willing to sell with or without the twin DW400 pumps) mpn: #9-000-7030 • DeatschWerks X2 PTFE Plumbing Kit (-8an feed line sizing) mpn: #6-604 Was...
  3. Wesfire2828

    FOR SALE: 13 Red Boss VMP Gen2

    I’ve decided to sell my 13 Boss 302, if I find anyone interested. Located in central Oklahoma in OKC area. The car has an extensive modification list, and I’m happy to share this list, dyno sheets, etc with anyone who is truly interested in buying the car. Feel free to PM me for more...
  4. Wesfire2828

    WTT Kooks axleback for Borla/Corsa

    Currently using Kooks axlebacks on my Boss 302. For me, they are a bit too quiet with the catted mid pipe. Looking to trade for a set of Borla S-types or Corsa Sports. Am willing to put some money on top of the Kooks axlebacks for a trade, as long as yours are in similar or better condition...
  5. Wesfire2828

    Boss 302 H-pipe

    For Sale: Factory boss 302 H-pipe for sale. No side pipes or cats included. The side pipes can be purchased for $330 per side online or possibly cheaper through another FS post on Facebook or forums. Can also send block off plates with the H-pipe if desired. Buyer will need to buy hardware to...
  6. Wesfire2828

    Shelby GT350 Owners Kit 2016

    Selling the owners kit/supplement from the 2016 GT350 I used to own. Everything included, from chassis #G2465. Located in central Oklahoma and am willing to ship (buyer pays shipping). Asking $200 obo. Sorry for low quality photos. Can send better ones for anyone interested.
  7. Wesfire2828

    FS: OEM Boss 302 Intake Manifold/Throttle Body/Cold Air

    *Pricing listed below* Hey guys, I’m posting my OEM intake manifold for sale along with the throttle body and cold air intake. Trying to sell as a package all together, but am willing to split it up if necessary. I don’t need the parts anymore, and it’s just taking up space at this point...
  8. Wesfire2828

    Various Boss 302 parts for sale or trade

    [ Making a post for some of the parts I have for sale from my Boss 302. Some are OEM and others are aftermarket. All info and pricing is listed below. PM me for more info, pics, questions, etc. I don’t need to sell of any of these parts, but if anyone is needing any of them, they are sitting...
  9. Wesfire2828

    Kooks Boss 302 Side-pipes FS

    Hey guys, I’m looking to sell my Kooks side pipes for a set of OEM side pipes and $500. The Kooks are still in like-new condition and have only been installed for about 1500 miles. I’m lowering the car soon and I’d rather let someone else enjoy them than end up tearing them off or smashing them...
  10. Wesfire2828

    FS: boss h-pipe

    Selling my stock boss h pipe which can have the side pipes added. I do not have the sidepipes. Willing to ship $200 plus shipping
  11. Wesfire2828

    FS: factory boss 302 dash and radio

    I sold my boss 302 awhile back with a Metra dash kit installed. Still have the factory head unit and dash all in perfect condition. Fits all 2010-14 models I believe. Asking $150 buyer pays shipping. Pm me for more pics. File is too large to upload to the post.
  12. Wesfire2828

    WTB 2013 boss 302

    Looking for a 2013 boss with twin turbo system or supercharged with a whipple, Kenny bell, or VMP setup. Would maybe consider a 2012 model. Tremec transmission equipped car or nice calimer built MT82 would be great also, even if still n/a. Also interested in 2013 Laguna seca models with or...