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  1. Shifty Powers

    Two more excellent reasons to hate Treynor

    Now that is a message worth being envious over haha @treynor , is the MKII that much faster then the 458? I presume since it isnt meant for a class and has no regulations. Or was the wife just being nice?
  2. Shifty Powers

    Wife blew up the Speed6--got a replacement

    Thats actually a good looking car! Sorry to hear about the old mazda6 but congrats on the new one!
  3. Shifty Powers

    New Whip

    Ha! thats pretty awesome. I feel like you will find more excuses then the pool to use it
  4. Shifty Powers

    I hate thieves

    Glad the guy was caught, dealt with, and you were paid for the stolen parts. All in all could have been worse. Good to hear man!
  5. Shifty Powers

    FOR SALE: New 18” Chicanes

    Now that is sexy as hell
  6. Shifty Powers

    1,914 HP NEVERA vs PLAID * The Quickest Production Cars in the World DRAG RACE

    Yea it is crazy! The times certainly are interesting. And to have the cars be so close yet one is down by 900hp is even crazier.
  7. Shifty Powers


    Congratulations man! I guess if you are ever struggling for places to keep toys in the garage, I think you have a few spots at your disposal lol
  8. Shifty Powers

    1,914 HP NEVERA vs PLAID * The Quickest Production Cars in the World DRAG RACE

    Tesla is still a better deal at that point. Down 900HP give or take and at a 10th of the price. Still a great race and the Rimac is a hell of a car!!! Plus it just looks great and is built well. Will be interesting to see the Rimac vs the Lotus Evija as it is almost identical in power/cost
  9. Shifty Powers

    My New TrackHawk!

    Looks sexy. I dig the CF hood too Glad you are loving it so far!
  10. Shifty Powers

    Fabian's Feature | The Lethal Spotlight!

    Ah that is how I thought. He goes by (FA-bee-an) Appreciate the responses just on your name haha
  11. Shifty Powers

    If you cant beat them, join them

    NOICE!!!! Which wheels are you going with? And what 1400 isnt good enough? haha
  12. Shifty Powers

    Fabian's Feature | The Lethal Spotlight!

    I hear you. I called my friend Fabian with a strong A for a while and then found out I was wrong and he never said anything lol Was curious since it is not a name you hear very often and quite French
  13. Shifty Powers

    Fabian's Feature | The Lethal Spotlight!

    I know a Fabian.. Does this guy pronounce his name FAbian(with a strong A)? or Fabian(soft a)?
  14. Shifty Powers

    Which condenser to use?

    AC delete?
  15. Shifty Powers

    Tire Selection Guide from Grassroots Motorsports 2021

    They dont have the Federal RSRR - in which I havnt got yet but will be the tire i run as it is the best(also cheapest) way to get a good auto-x tire without breaking the bank. Otherwise the Falkens and Rivals are great. Not sure of anyone who runs goodyears lol
  16. Shifty Powers

    My new 2021 F-150 quality issues...

    HAHA You called it Bidens Ford, then he Called Chevy/Dodge names and you get upset then explain how you buy whatever you feel/want.. Nicely done..
  17. Shifty Powers

    Jesko Absolut

    I think they are actually working with a large car manufacturer to use freevalve. Just the Gamera is the 1st car that will be in the hands of the public with the technology.
  18. Shifty Powers

    Jesko Absolut

    I love Koenigsegg! The Gemera is insane too. So happy they were finally able to put FreeValve into an engine, and a bonkers engine too
  19. Shifty Powers

    Herniated Disc….

    Annnd that pic is gross haha But glad to hear the surgery went well and you are on the road to recovery! Please don't be as stubborn as before and use the road to recovery as recommended. I have never experienced that. But I have pulled my back out multiple times(working on the car, vacuuming...
  20. Shifty Powers

    Full ****ing Send!

    haha holy shit!
  21. Shifty Powers

    Rest in Peace SVT-VNM

    Sorry I am just seeing this. RIP man! May you drive your car wherever and whenever you damn please now! I miss the MACA family.
  22. Shifty Powers

    New project - 1988 Thunderbird Turbo Coupe

    Sooo that is pretty cool!