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  1. Saleen498

    2004 shelby up for sale

    Which one of you SVT ballers are gunna pick this up?? Buy It! Soon to cross the auction block is Ford’s 2004 Shelby Cobra concept 02 Saleen #498 03 Cobra #5467 15 GT PP #wgaf
  2. Saleen498

    Castle in the clouds show oct 2021

    Putting this out there for anyone in the northeast who may be interested. Castle in the clouds, just south of the white mountain national forest in NewHampshire, hosts an annual vintage car show. I noticed this year they also have late model listed on their site. Personally I have never been...
  3. Saleen498

    2015 Air conditioning issues

    I'm approaching 60k on my 2015 gt. No problems at all with it except for the clutch sticking at 12k miles. Last weekend my ac started blowing warm. I checked the pressure on the low side and it was much higher that it should have been therefore shutting the compressor clutch off. I let some...
  4. Saleen498

    Tow vehicle. Buy or build?

    I'm posting here to see what all of you supremely knowledgeable svtp'ers would recommend or like to see. I'm in the market for a tow vehicle. The trailer is a intech 28' with a full weigh mustang in it obviously. The 15 would be the heaviest but the 03 and 02 would be the most pulled. Cost vs...
  5. Saleen498

    2015-19 pp wheels and tires OEM with continental dws06

    Going with a gt350 brake setup this year so my winter tires and wheels are up for sale. 1300 or Reasonable offers accepted. Treadwear is at 5mm front, 1.71mm rear and Jeffrey Epstein didn't kill himself.