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  1. DMassey

    Who's going to Foxtoberfest?

    I'm registered! I've been restoring dad's old 89 vert for 2 years now, but I'm coming down the home stretch.
  2. DMassey

    7.2kw Generator Equipped 2021 Ford PowerBoost F-150 Packs a Punch

    you said "Let's get the SHIFTER to pop UP" with such angst and disgust :D:D
  3. DMassey

    (Costco) Kirkland Small Batch Bourbon - It's Quite Good

    I'm a fan of that stuff too
  4. DMassey

    Getting Lost, West Virginia Peeps

    Terribly accurate :D Davis, Blackwater Falls, Seneca Rocks, Smoke Hole Caverns, Spruce Knob.... that whole drive is beautiful God's Country for sure. If you come down the the southern coalfields part of the State... there are alot of poor towns surrounded by some of the best mountainous roads...
  5. DMassey

    What are your winter car plans?

    I won't be doing much of anything to the 2018 this winter. Maybe at most, I'll get a Clutch Tamer. I'm focused on restoring the 89 convertible right now. I just picked up a Spintech 9000 catback to finish the exhaust. Next up is redoing some vacuum lines, new O2 sensors, MGW shifter, and...
  6. DMassey

    Bronco Announcement....

    we are almost in the same situation. The wife currently drives a 2012 Edge Limited AWD that has proven to be bulletproof. She's been eyeballing an Area 51 2-door Bronco as our next purchase to replace the Edge. She does in-home social work in the medical field, so she goes up some pretty...
  7. DMassey

    Ford Bronco Overload | 2021 Ford Bronco Sport: This Is It

    I can't wait to see the 2 door with the top off
  8. DMassey

    2020 Ford Explorer ST | Finally, a Real Performance SUV from Ford

    They must be selling relatively well, we saw 5 of them on the road a couple weeks ago during our trip from WV to Cincinnati.
  9. DMassey

    How much horsepower is in your garage?

    totally ricer math'ing just for sake of discussion haha... ~490 rwhp 2018 Mustang 5.0L ~350 rwhp 2013 F150 5.0L ~240 rwhp 1989 Mustang 5.0L So i guess around 1180 rwhp between the three combined
  10. DMassey

    How much did you spend on aftermarket parts in 2019?

    not nowhere near as bad as I thought it was gonna be when I actually saw the tally... 2018 Mustang - $1600 (headers, mid muffler, lower grille, shock mounts, MGW) 1989 Mustang - $850 (springs, h-pipe, bunch of restoration shit) 2013 FX4 - $1250 (wheels)
  11. DMassey

    Did Ford Ruin Their Manual Transmission? (Mustang)

    I would ask: 1. would it be a direct swap 2. will my current MGW shifter work with it lol
  12. DMassey

    Did Ford Ruin Their Manual Transmission? (Mustang)

    As an owner of an N/A 2018 M6 car, i absolutely wish that we still had the "old" MT82 gear ratios. I figure I'll be getting some 4.09's at some point if I don't bite the bullet and add boost. I do agree with Sid's assessment that the new trans gear ratios are boost friendly.
  13. DMassey

    Mustang Week 2019

    know where I can find any? :)
  14. DMassey

    Jet Hot Headers By Kooks No Scavenger Spikes

    That's some great info to have out there. Back when I was header shopping, I was heavily leaning toward the Jet Hot headers. I was willing to take a step down in stainless steel material to gain the super nice coating they have. But I also did not know they were missing the collector spike...
  15. DMassey

    My new 2018 Mustang GT

    welcome back aboard
  16. DMassey

    Mustang Week 2019

    we're heading down Saturday Aug 31 and heading home after checking out the car show that Friday.
  17. DMassey

    What will be your next car?

    we are really keeping an eye out for the new Bronco or "baby" Bronco to replace the wife's 2012 Edge Limited AWD
  18. DMassey

    Coyote Woes

    I wonder if Ford just got a bad batch of parts from a supplier... like the rings or something. Between all the Ford dealerships in my tri-county area, there's only been one F-150 engine replaced due to oil consumption; and there have been zero Mustang engine issues reported. The 5.0L's in my...
  19. DMassey

    Help please

    ouch man. sorry to hear that.
  20. DMassey

    Help please

    check all your vacuum lines. If one has popped off, alot of oil can spray out under boost.
  21. DMassey

    Planning to buy a 2019 GT.

    I still say it's a case of a loud vocal minority being on the internet, and these fb groups make it a small world. My 2018 has been flawless. I know Ford techs at dealerships in all my surrounding counties; my brother in law is actually the lead Ford tech at my nearest dealer... I can tell you...
  22. DMassey

    Who makes a good set of 1.6 rocker rollers

    Scorpion and Ford Racing have always been my go to's