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  1. Zemedici

    What to do when you aren't close to e85

    call the fuel mfrs direct - they'll have a network of dealers / distributors that are local to you, or they will have a way to get it to you, rest assured ignite racing or VP Racing
  2. Zemedici

    Who’s given up motorcycle riding?

    same plan for me actually. Tanya wants my ZX10, and I want to upgrade to a H2. only 1 listed online right now in the right black chrome finish, and it appears to be a 'used' 80 mile 2018 unit @ $30,000 lol
  3. Zemedici

    What to do when you aren't close to e85

    that's the pump to have @biminiLX definitely a summit item
  4. Zemedici

    Who’s given up motorcycle riding?

  5. Zemedici

    Who’s given up motorcycle riding?

    yessss man, let us know how you like it Had 2015 R1, girl had a 2016. ****ing things ran HOT! borderline uncomfortable in traffic Ridden for almost a decade now, dont intend to stop. 2013 Zx1000 2015 R1 Currently riding a 2017 ZX10R, filter, pipe, tune, probably makes around 200whp. I...
  6. Zemedici

    Heart Warming Story!

    holy shit i lol'd
  7. Zemedici

    What to do when you aren't close to e85

    Your solution is not a 'good alternative for E85' its just not. I assure you, your car would pick up power on E85. Your fuel would be cheaper, etc. And 40 miles is nothing to drive for fuel, just a heads up. Who's missing what here, exactly? Honest question Strike, how old are you?
  8. Zemedici

    What to do when you aren't close to e85

    man you're missing it Your 'solution' is having the car retuned for Pump Gas (sketch at this boost / power level) OR Pump Gas + Torco, which a lot of tuners wont do due to liability. I get guys calling me every day on doing aggressive setups on Hellcats, on Torco. Not worth the liability to me...
  9. Zemedici

    Hesitation at low rpm 2010 GT500

    is it only when cold? or all the time?
  10. Zemedici

    What to do when you aren't close to e85

    and REGARDLESS The E85 would be MUCH cheaper? i'm also confused on this argument. E85 by me is <$2 gallon, always tests 75% or better @OP call VP racing or Ignite and see what they could ship you a 55 gallon drum of the good stuff for.
  11. Zemedici

    Sold our home!

    man....congrats 100 times over man. I'm TRYING To convince the wife to do the same, we can put 6 figures in the bank and get a fresh start somewhere at the same time. Im not winning currently....hahahha
  12. Zemedici

    Help me pick some wheels

    what size / tire?
  13. Zemedici

    Help me pick some wheels

    +1 for pics
  14. Zemedici

    Precisely Why RWD Supercars Have No Chance On The Street!

    was hoping someone would post this video watched that vid last night @GNBRETT - that guy cant drive that car worth a shit. RWD can be made to work on the street. smh. but we all know you wont post again in this thread to discuss, eh?
  15. Zemedici

    Check out this assembly line of Lethal Performance clutch kits getting ready to ship out!

    Website loaded perfectly fine for me dude, less than a second - its on your end. Clutches look sick!
  16. Zemedici

    Lambo in the rain

    Car looks good Details?
  17. Zemedici

    Best Tuner near Indiana for 03-04 cobra?

    Lidio @ Alternative Auto
  18. Zemedici

    2k-Mile 2004 Ford Mustang Mach 1 on BaT

    shweet car - needs twins.
  19. Zemedici

    Vegas Trip

    why did everyone think I died?! hahahaha just gettin married and gettin fat :D
  20. Zemedici

    Vegas Trip

    My boss is there right now @ the Bellagio, said definitely rent....
  21. Zemedici

    NWS Pics that make you :lol: every time you see them NWS

    who the **** you talkin to @apex svt i appreciate the fact you associate me and plague doctors. Respect
  22. Zemedici

    Is it worth dealing with insurance company?

    Eh entirely depends. Get a quote by a reputable shop for repair, cash price. Bring him estimate and ask for check for that amount to avoid going through insurance. Damage seems minimal, i would want to avoid a claim as well as value for vehicle will take a hit and everyone will pull the...
  23. Zemedici

    AMP ZR1 8.57 @ 160!

    LOL No. Custom cam and worked heads. Come on bro.