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  1. FourSixPony

    Shake 'n Bake in Turkey

  2. FourSixPony

    O2 delete with O/R H Pipe

    Either make up some MIL eliminators or drill out spark plug non foulers and use it as a spacer.. I've done it both ways to pass emissions.
  3. FourSixPony

    Sick blacked out 2nd Gen Lightning build

    I love Lightnings, on my short list of vehicles I'd like to have someday.. that black one is smooth.
  4. FourSixPony

    2020 GT500 > $50k

    I agree.. they will never drop under $50k. Not clean examples anyways… maybe a wrecked pos.
  5. FourSixPony

    New Rear Brake Pads Stiff and Upgrade Showcase

    It's old... mine failed on my TBSS and it was only few years old.. hopefully you figure it out.
  6. FourSixPony

    2023 Corvette Z06 vs 2022 Ford GT

    If it's a FGT, yea.
  7. FourSixPony

    Rebuilding The Terminated Cobra1FAFP48Y43F309694

    From what I've gathered, he is trying to build this car to showcase his skills for future projects, no?.. A project bike won't hold much weight when trying to convince people to let him work on their cars. Plus if he buys the bike, he will be dead.
  8. FourSixPony

    2023 Corvette Z06 vs 2022 Ford GT

    If I could buy a FGT I would, I have no desire to own a C8.. rather have a C7/C6.
  9. FourSixPony

    Recommend me a car

    VB WRX.. tuning just became available for them and they are already seeing 390WHP+ w/ minor stuff and E30... 330 or so w/ JUST 93. Probably won't get that 30+MPG tho, lol. Gonna give it some time and see how they hold up and probably pick one up for a daily.
  10. FourSixPony

    Christmas for the Deranged List

    8-bit Christmas made it into my rotation.. brings back memories.
  11. FourSixPony

    How To Stop A Suspect From ESCAPING.....

    That dude was def gonna run, until his car got hit..
  12. FourSixPony

    H2 Unleashed

    I hope you're trolling.
  13. FourSixPony


    Looks like the one in my old neighborhood, out in McHenry.. I seen it a few times a few years ago.
  14. FourSixPony

    H2 Unleashed

    Gixxer Brah is insane for sure.. I've been subbed to his videos for awhile... surprised he is still around.
  15. FourSixPony

    Oil Pressure In a 2022 400a GT 5.0??

    Maybe because it is "normal" for that temp.. buy a real gauge then.
  16. FourSixPony

    Added a new horse to the stable

    I want a fastback one day.. how much is something like that going for now? Looks sweet.
  17. FourSixPony

    Prey (Predator 5)

    Predator is chicken shit. Always hiding with that invisible shit, then setting off shit while he runs away. Man up and take your ass whooping if that’s what happens. His “prey” don’t have the ability to go invisible and fancy ass gadgets and weapons. That Grizzly had him on the ropes and let...
  18. FourSixPony

    FOR SALE: '03 TR 10th Anniversary Cobra

    Badass car and clean. Perfect, imo.
  19. FourSixPony

    Buying suspension parts, advice wanted.

    Yes the bump stops that came with them are installed.. I will go over everything again on my day off and hopefully take my time and try to figure it out, I ordered the socket for the strut nut, just to double check that again.
  20. FourSixPony

    Buying suspension parts, advice wanted.

    I did not have the special socket for that so I used a 21mm deep well socket, a 1/4 ratchet, a 1/4 ratchet extension and a 1/4 10mm socket to tighten them.. I checked them once before when this started happening... I guess maybe I should order the socket made for it and try again.
  21. FourSixPony

    Buying suspension parts, advice wanted.

    Yea the isolators are in there and look to be fine, and springs look to be clocked correct. Bump stops should be good as well. I guess on my next day off I will get the car up in the air again and triple check everything, go over every step, after that I dunno what else to do besides try to...