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  1. DSG2003Mach1

    Extremely COLD weather = oil leak?

    Windchill doesn’t factor on inanimate objects, if the actual temp was 0 that’s as cold as the car got. Windchill might drop the temp to 0 quicker than without it but it wouldn’t ever hit -25
  2. DSG2003Mach1

    Let's see those REAL dogs...

    Scary stuff, glad she’s doing better. I’d definitely be giving her something else just in case, wonder if there’s any way to get that food tested, I’d keep a sample somewhere for now at least
  3. DSG2003Mach1

    I just ordered a 2023 Genesis G70 3.3T. I'm psyched!

    I really like those seats, congrats
  4. DSG2003Mach1

    Interesting Paint | Original-Owner 2003 Ford Mustang SVT Cobra Coupe 6-Speed

    nobody tell 'em about an 8.8 w/ 9" ends, heads might explode
  5. DSG2003Mach1

    Sick blacked out 2nd Gen Lightning build

    very nice overall. Personally I'd lose the nitto stickers but no complains beyond that. Probably similar to how my DSG would look if it hadn't been all sensible and sold it
  6. DSG2003Mach1

    Monday Joke

    well if that's what we're doing might as well be the binoculars shaped flask
  7. DSG2003Mach1

    THE COVENANT Trailer (2023)

    same, definitely have to check it out
  8. DSG2003Mach1

    Coolant Question

    the crossover delete is for the radiator heat exchanger would be for the intercooler circuit just wanna make sure we're not mixing up terms here as it sounds like you have questions about two different systems
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    Ford 2022 Results

    the recall for programming and extended warranty was on 11-13 vehicles with 6r80 but looks like pretty much all years of the 6r80 could end up with the lead frame issue at some point. Not much you can do really. The new part has some kind of felt "filter" on it the trans cooler lines - again...
  10. DSG2003Mach1

    Ford 2022 Results

    Turns out putting an electrical controller inside the trans pan wasn’t a great idea. It’s of metal from normal wear get inside it and short it out. Before the programming recall it would lose the speed sensor, think you were stopped and throw it in first even though you were doing 80. Now it...
  11. DSG2003Mach1

    Random Picture Thread

    The longer you look at the “spring compressor “ the worse it gets
  12. DSG2003Mach1

    Ford 2022 Results

    You say that as if the lead frame and cooler lines aren’t a huge ****ing problem with the 6r80
  13. DSG2003Mach1

    Extremely COLD weather = oil leak?

    That thing is such a POS, put the new design piece on when the turbo was out and bitch lost like 2 gallons over a week when it was single digits. I knew I should just clamped some normal hose on there Really threw us for the loop first time it did it - was cold enough overnight to leak then...
  14. DSG2003Mach1

    Extremely COLD weather = oil leak?

  15. DSG2003Mach1

    New noise…..

    i have a magnum with the RXT dual disc and i think a ford racing steel flywheel. I have the MM single hook quadrant, I forget which firewall adjuster, the adjustable pivot ball and it would NOT work with a stock cable (too short). I ended up using a Steeda adjustable cable to get it all to work...
  16. DSG2003Mach1

    Got banned from modfords

    Still too easy to figure out on mod fords, not like people are still signing up in droves. Some of the old tech info is great but not much else to say in that one
  17. DSG2003Mach1

    Redbull.....and Ford? F1 Content.

    eh, I dunno, sounds to me like they found a way to get paid to figure out stuff that will inevitably trickle down
  18. DSG2003Mach1

    NWS Pics that make you :lol: every time you see them NWS

    based on his track record, it will in reality be just another old white guy
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    Redbull.....and Ford? F1 Content.

    Ford after spontaneous engine fires burn down all of red bulls car on race day
  20. DSG2003Mach1

    Redbull.....and Ford? F1 Content.

    cool, hope they dont **** it up lol
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    Interesting Paint | Original-Owner 2003 Ford Mustang SVT Cobra Coupe 6-Speed

    But at the same time the same boomer that would go for that paint job might throw a 9” under there just because it would be the thing to do and brag about at C&C bc they don’t know any better
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    Interesting Paint | Original-Owner 2003 Ford Mustang SVT Cobra Coupe 6-Speed

    and here I was, thinking if I had seen this about an hour ago I could saved $20 on lunch
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    Random Shit Thread

    kinda like how most jobs will expand to fit the time allotted, any size shop will eventually be filled up somehow. Hell, we've got a 60x80 at the cabin and it still gets crowded at times, ended up building a lean-to behind it to store some of the tractor implements...keeping that stuff spread so...
  24. DSG2003Mach1

    Low numbers after cam install

    If the cams weren’t checked base circle could be off like my comp cams were and now the straight up cams are retarded (I believe that’s what they said after checking my cans before install but I’m a camshaft idiot) I’d definitely be checking the blower to mid plate gasket along with...
  25. DSG2003Mach1

    Moving to Vegas