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  1. biminiLX

    Pro-Dyno to the Rescue | Broken 2014 5.0 F-150

    Now that is a step by step pictorial. Nice job! -J
  2. biminiLX

    Post most recent pics of your '13-14 GT500

    Time of year, interest rate hikes, dealers not sticking to ADM and used options with owners ready to increase liquidity during unstable economy? But really winter is always the time to buy and dealers are loosening on the ADMs. I still would have to have a serious reflection before giving up a...
  3. biminiLX

    Post most recent pics of your '13-14 GT500

    Hard to let that one go but nows the time to buy. I know you mentioned CFTP but unless you track it, I prefer the base and bought CFTP wheels. Looking forward to your new ride -J
  4. biminiLX

    Current New Vehicle Market

    Looking forward to daily driving this car. HP Tremec and build date 2/22. If you enjoy driving a manual, this is the sweetest factory setup I’ve driven. -J
  5. biminiLX

    615HP - 7.3L MEGAZILLA Crate Engine is Here!!! | PRI 2022

    Exactly correct. It’s basically a 9.5 deck SBF but only comes in a CGI iron block. Centrifugal blower should be a lighter power adder if not going NA. This was a negative for the SOHC 6.2 iron block as well but once you get the rear suspension working at the track the nose weight isn’t as bad as...
  6. biminiLX

    2022 Mach 1 Handling Pack

    @Dadz500 did you get it yet? My build date is 2/22. -J
  7. biminiLX

    2022 Mach 1 Handling Pack

    It’s the power and potential. You’re starting with 662hp and a blower with potential to make 750rwhp with around $1000. Add some 4.10s and drag radials and that Tremec trans and no NA Boss/Mach will hold a candle to the fun. The Boss was great but once you’re used to Tremec that MT82 is awful. -J
  8. biminiLX

    Post most recent pics of your '13-14 GT500

    Winter hibernation. -J
  9. biminiLX

    2022 Mach 1 Handling Pack

    The Mach is much better than the Boss but not as good as the GT500. I’ve driven all three and turned down my dads BossLS to order a Mach. They’re the best daily car for sure and I should start that in March. -J
  10. biminiLX

    2016 Ford Shelby Hertz GT-H Coupe Executive Car

    Here’s a ‘66 version hiding in a white/blue resorts but a legit ‘66 GT350H. Awaiting a return to glory. -J
  11. biminiLX

    Current New Vehicle Market

    Would the rebate and miles apply to your Y? My wife would drive one if price was right. -J
  12. biminiLX

    Built engine time.

    Or just run drag radials and try it first. Good time actually. -J
  13. biminiLX

    New VMP blower lid

    True. I spoke with the Eaton guys at PRI and saw the 3100 rotor pack. If that becomes a bolt on upgrade then yes it’ll be a hard decision vs Whipple 3.8 bolt on. The x3100 pack flows 30% more than 2650 so the question is what does that translate to on the 5.2 Predator and what case and...
  14. biminiLX

    New VMP blower lid

    I’m 90% sure just doing a 3.8 Whipple and using the stock blower on my ‘93 Cobra gen2 Coyote swap. Win win. :) I can understand all these mods to keep the stock blower but more value in the Whipple upgrade and selling stock parts. -J
  15. biminiLX

    Yes it was built by Lasala to the same specs as his 6R when he went 7s in his first Snot Rocket...

    Yes it was built by Lasala to the same specs as his 6R when he went 7s in his first Snot Rocket. I actually still have the matching Lasala spec Circle D converter if You’re interested. Building blower or turbo? 4193569963 -J
  16. biminiLX

    SRA to IRS swap parts list?

    Correct. Thanks for the info @Blkkbgt I’m swapping it into a ‘93 Cobra. -J
  17. biminiLX

    Nitto Tires

    My guy got me 4 305/35/20 last week. They were ordered back in Sept Inventory hopefully is back? -J
  18. biminiLX

    SRA to IRS swap parts list?

    No but subscribing. I have an IRS sitting on the shop floor. -J
  19. biminiLX

    Need some option on heads

    Head flow is probably the biggest determination of power production so if the heads need work, that’s the time to port. My built 5.8 was starting with a set of fresh/new heads direct from ford, but next engine refresh they’ll get full port work. -J
  20. biminiLX

    Current New Vehicle Market

    Seems like they’ll take all they can get. Same with my orders, if you don’t want it we’ll easily sell it. But if I’m buying a special ordered new ride I would pissed not to have the heated wheel after seeing how nice they are. So it took about 12wks? -J
  21. biminiLX

    Viper OD 5th and 6th pros and cons?

    Sorry not Cobra related but ‘13-14 GT500s also come with this OD combo and I personally liked to cruise in 6th at 80mph with 4.10s. You shouldn’t use 6th to accelerate anyway really so around town I MUCH prefer the 4.10s as the car responds so much better off boost with that gear. Cobras aren’t...
  22. biminiLX

    2022 Eruption Green arrival!

    Thanks guys. I usually go subtle with my rides. This combo not so much :) -J
  23. biminiLX

    Christmas present came early

    Haha. I plan on pinning the wastegate shut. Whatever it makes it makes. :) But it’s close to 12:1 and in reality I don’t think I’ll have to make that much boost for the current goals. -J
  24. biminiLX

    Main bearing and rod bearing

    It’s called ford Modular for a reason. And JDM has been one of the most stellar aftermarket companies I’ve worked with so if you’re having difficulties with them look in the mirror. -J