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  1. Jibber

    Baer 6p front fitment issues? - 17" Wheels

    Did a search and found nothing on this. Looking at brake options. I currently have OEM 17" rims.... not looking to change them. I like the look of the 13" Baer PRO kit especially for the fact that it states it will work with Most 17" wheels. That said, does anyone have any knowledge of fitment...
  2. Jibber

    WTB NOS Grey SVT Hat

    Hello, As title states.. Looking for NOS or almost new Grey SVT base ball hat. Please PM if anyone has anything they are willing to sell. Seems like this is a unicorn of sorts to find... Thanks, Kevin
  3. Jibber

    NHMC Fall Dyno day

    Hey guys. Just as title states.....this Saturday 10/17. Starts at 9 am Performance Dyno. Usually goes until around 5 pm for those late risers.
  4. Jibber

    NHMC car show this Sunday

    Hey guys, I haven't seen a post here yet..... New Hampshire Mustang Clubs Mustang Mania car show is happening this Sunday at the Bud plant in Merrimack, NH. ChecK in time starts at 9
  5. Jibber

    NHMC Spring dyno day

    Just wanted to post up about the NHMC Spring Dyno day on Saturday 4/18 at Performance dyno in Loudon NH. Hopefully, the weather is cooperative for us on this day. It's always a good time.
  6. Jibber

    Will this winter ever end?

    I don't know about you guys....but this winter is taking it's toll on me. Can't we catch a break? :cryying:
  7. Jibber

    Carlisle 2014?

    Who's heading down to Carlisle this weekend for the Mustangs 50th Birthday Bash? There is a small group from the NHMC leaving Thursday Morning at 9:30 from Nashua area. Always more room to add some cars.
  8. Jibber

    Car show at Imperial Cars-Mendon MA

    I just saw this on a different forum.... Has anyone ever gone to this show at Imperial Cars in Mendon MA? Imperial Cars in Mendon | Worcester Chevrolet Chrysler Dodge Ford Jeep Ram Dealer Its next Friday night 8/16 from 5-10pm. Definitely a different twist to the whole daytime car show...
  9. Jibber

    Terminator to GT500 owners please speak up.

    Hello, I'm looking for some insight from anyone who went from a Terminator to a GT500. Did you like the switch? Any regrets? Biggest differences that you can share between the two cars.... etc. etc. I am thinking about making a move to an 08 GT500. The car is very reasonably priced. It...
  10. Jibber

    Any Kentucky Derby Fans??? Tiple crown.

    First part of the Triple crown coming up this weekend. Kentucky Derby starting it all off. Anyone going? Betting? Watching? I wish I could go to one of these events. Looks like alot of fun.
  11. Jibber

    TB and Tune question

    I did a search and nothing came up specific to this question. Is there any harm in changing out your throttle body and not getting the car retuned? I want to upgrade to the BBK 65mm TB from a stock TB. Currently have a whipple 2.3 with the plenum for the stock TB. I don't want to port the...
  12. Jibber

    Used Tires?

    Looking to pick up some spent/bald tires to mount on some spare rims I have for winter storage. Just need to be able to hold air. Looking to mount on AFS reps 17 x 10.5. So need a tire to be around 295,305 or 315. I'm posting in NE section as I will drive to get them. (of course a reasonable...
  13. Jibber

    NHMC Cruise Night

    Starting Saturday May 5th at 5:00pm the New Hampshire Mustang Club will be holding a cruise night at Advanced Auto Parts Plaza 1292 Hooksett Rd in Hooksett NH. Naturally, this is open to all makes and models and there are plenty of food places for you to sit back and relax and enjoy the...
  14. Jibber

    Has anyone on SVTP ever met John Coletti?

    Just curious if John Coletti does personal appearances? I see alot of guys with various signatures on their cars. Shelby mustangs have Carroll Shelby's sig and I know of someone with a Mach 1 that has Scott Hoags sig as he was the original developer of that car in the 70's. Does anyone...
  15. Jibber

    World of Wheels-Boston

    World of Wheels- Boston edition is going on this weekend. Should be alot of fun.
  16. Jibber

    Picture of Trunk mat install.

    [/IMG] Finally got around to installing Trunk Lid Mat.
  17. Jibber

    Post up-Fire ext. installed pics

    Looking to install a Fire Extinguisher in my trunk. Looking for best ideas for location. Please post up pics of your install and how you did it. Thanks.
  18. Jibber

    Wheel spacer?? Do I need??

    When I got my car it had a setup of AFS 17" x 10.5" rims in the rear with Nittos NT555's. It had a 1/4" spacer as well. In recent discussions with some guys in my area I am now getting information that I really do not need the spacer as these rims/tires will not rub on the car. Only time it...
  19. Jibber

    Music in the closet?

    What tunes are you listening to that you hide from your friends because you would be embarrassed if they were to find out?
  20. Jibber

    Driveshaft Safety Loop??

  21. Jibber

    Fair price for used Accufab TB

    What's a good price for a used Accufab TB with about 5k miles on it? Best price I could find new so far is $449 from Accufab directly. Thanks for any help.
  22. Jibber

    IRS- Big Decision

    I have read the information/threads on IRS upgrades to the 03/04 Mustang Cobras. There is a ton of information on this subject. To be honest with you I am having trouble choosing which way to go. It seems like this is a polarizing subject with FTBR and MM going head to head. I guess we have...
  23. Jibber

    Summer drivers-post your miles.

    I know alot of folks on here are "summer" drivers of their cars and there are some posts cropping up on how to winterize your car. Post up how many miles you logged this summer driving season. I've logged 1200 miles this summeer. My odometer sits at 27,300. I might get one more weekend...
  24. Jibber

    Pro Wrestlers-All time greats

    Just wondering where you all weigh in on the best Pro Wrestler of all time. Gotta include the whole package. Ring performance, interview capabilities and physical appearance.
  25. Jibber

    Newbie from NH

    Hi, Finally hit the "register here" button. I have heard alot about this forum and have used it in the past doing research on parts and upgrades for the car for over a year now. Everyone on here has great information and have learned alot through trial and error. It's a great time to look at...