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  1. mysticsvt

    Bunch of Men and a Cup

    Ya'll just nasty. Saw the title and still came in here......just nasty. Most of us have seen it....going with #3 for what I'd say is obvious reasons. What say you?
  2. mysticsvt

    My 2020 Moonroof *Crunch*

    I rarely use my moonroof and I wish I didn't have it...but here I am. As if they don't have enough issues themselves alone, I'm around a more than average wattage stereo system. Full tilt my vision gets blurry. It's a love hate relationship. I love it but my truck hates it. I knew it was only a...
  3. mysticsvt

    Largest Stolen Valor Fraud in History

    NSFW Love This Guys Passion! POS!! *Skip to 2:20 to avoid advertisement
  4. mysticsvt

    FYI Body to Frame Ground

    This applies to all vehicles but upgrading my grounds for my stereo and came across this video and thought it was good info to put out there. I'd say remove this wire once a year and clean it as well as the frame and body contact points. We clean out battery connections but fail to think about...
  5. mysticsvt

    Upgraded the Stereo (F150 Content)

    So after pulling the stereo in my 18 XLT F150 about 2 months ago I finally got a new one installed in my 20 Raptor Saturday. I've got more work to do but it's already amazing. I never knew you could get so much bass out of four 8" subwoofers. I drove 1.5 hours to a friend's house and we tackled...
  6. mysticsvt

    RPG 2.25 leveling

    Just done..... Looks perfect to me ;)
  7. mysticsvt


    SVTP...why can't other forums be as GREAT as you? Saturday morning mindset.... 1. Is SVTP your go-to forum? 2. Pros? 2. Cons? I am constantly reminded how terrible countless other forums are. One of best aspects of this place the diversity of topics. On any given day I'll talk crypto, car...
  8. mysticsvt

    What did you do to your Ford today?

    Changed out the Cabin Air Filter in the new to me F Juan 50. :)
  9. mysticsvt

    Bye Bye 2018 Ford F150 XLT

    Picked up a 2020 LFG Raptor with all the bells and whistles today. Didn't care to have the moon roof but it's slim pickings on these trucks so it has one. It's 99.9% MINT. Found one little rock chip on the front and one little scratch on the right front fender. Even has a remote control powered...
  10. mysticsvt

    Time For a New Truck

    This morning my Mustang rolled out of the garage never to return. I never drove it to be honest. Think for a spell at least I'm done with cars altogether. So now I'm going to do something I've never afforded myself the opportunity to do which is to build and order a new vehicle, just as I want...
  11. mysticsvt

    New Sound System in my F150

    Said yes to the Eventually I will replace the mids with better quality, add better alternator and sound deadening to the entire truck. But this should POUND. I got tired of trying to get bass out of the under seat boxes. Two 10"s, four 8's or six 6.5's just aint gonna cut it. This sub...
  12. mysticsvt

    Feel Good Movies...Wutcha Got?

    People Suck, World's Crazy....what are you feel goods? Pure Country Goonies Dazed and Confused Debbie Does Dallas Rudy Good Will Hunting Grease Remember the Titans The Blind Side Hidden Figures A League of Their Own Here's one that is just an ok but def a feel good packed with...
  13. mysticsvt

    Ever run into a sleeper?

    Went trolling in South Texas once when I was stationed there. At the time I had a Twin Screw 04 Cobra with about 600 at the wheel. This Gold 4 door Nissan Maxima with 3 people pulls up and wants to go. I blew him off but he insisted. Time to blow his doors off...didn't happen. We hit it at 40...
  14. mysticsvt

    Who's done a rear brake rebuild?

    I'm having an issue with the next step of this disassembly. It would appear the top plate for the E brake would need to come off but it won't budge. Is there a trick or is more force needed? There are a million videos about changing break pads/rotors but few on rebuilds. Thanks in advance for...
  15. mysticsvt

    Little VHT-Nightshade Action

    Little Monday Covid Non-Essential action. Been wanting to do this for a while now. Here is what I started with. Stock 2015 tail lights with tint and then AM plastic covers. Red and Orange clash terrible so I wanted them tinted. Looks cheesy and cheap with the plastic covers IMO. Most of the...
  16. mysticsvt

    Wish I was a bit smarter at times

    Title says it all, I take full responsibility. But here's a chuckle at my expense in a time we need them. So a few months back I had some stereo work done. JL Audio C2 comps installed up from, JL Audio C2 coaxials in the back to a JL Audio amp in the spare tire well. Audio Control LC7i...
  17. mysticsvt

    Steeda Spring Spacer Install

    I wanted to raise the rear up a half inch. No one likes a saggy ass, plus it was lower than the front. Having owned older Mustangs I initially looked for MM Iso's but no luck on an S550. I did come across Steeda's Spring Spacers. So I ordered the 1/4" spacers which is said to give me 1/2" lift...
  18. mysticsvt

    Adjusting to Civilian Life

    I realize this pertains to like a fifth of the board if not much less. Perspective however from either side of the fence is welcomed. The one thing I do love about this forum is the brutal honesty. Last night at work with a splitting headache I sorta digressed in a few mental/emotional...
  19. mysticsvt

    Standard to Brembo Brake Upgrade ?'s

    So my friend has a 2015 PP that is upgrading his brakes so I am taking his 6 piston Brembos to upgrade my 2015 non PP 4 piston brakes. It looks like a direct fit. It seems the dust cover is different, rotors, brake pads but that's it. I'll be getting SS brake lines as now is the time to do that...
  20. mysticsvt

    Need Help With Wife's Jeep Wrangler

    "Anything under the sun"...we shall test that statement. Before I have to go join a Jeep Forum I'll ask my fellow Ford enthusiasts. So any help is greatly appreciated here. So she has a damn near mint 2016 Jeep Wrangler, no mods, babied and 36,880 miles. The only thing I have done to it is...
  21. mysticsvt

    S550 Stereo Build

    Sorting out my S550 stereo build and wanted to share for any input. I'm running a better system in my Truck and don't want to throw as much money into the Mustang, it isn't a daily being the biggest reason. Currently... Stock Head Unit 9 Speaker Shaker System Already Installed One 12" Sundown...
  22. mysticsvt

    House Crawl Space Question

    So we've been in our "forever" home for about 3 years now. I think I need to address the 3' crawl space this house has. The insulation is sagging and pretty much destroyed. Would installing a 10+ mil plastic sheeting on the dirt and re-insulating the flooring be the correct path to take? Live...
  23. mysticsvt

    Sad trip home for the 4th

    My wife and I were headed to our hometown from Charleston, SC to FT. Walton Beach, Fl. on the 3rd. On 1-10 around Tallahassee a car hydroplaned off into a ditch and struck a tree. We didn't see it but came up on it first. I told my wife to call 911 and to stay put. About the time I got out and...
  24. mysticsvt

    Looking for the current owner of my old 2004 Competition Orange Cobra

    Looking for the current owner.... here is the VIN.