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    I did a thing…..

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    Wrangler Diesel on order!

    It’s the Wench’s vehicle, but I’m a bit excited to learn about off-road and camping…..
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    Anyone with a Hellion setup on their GT350?

    My neighbor has a 2019 with a Hellion twin snail setup which makes 1000 WHP at 10.5PSI. I'm a little leary of that much boost on a relatively high strung engine..... Thoughts?
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    New daily.

    ‘22 Toyota GR86.
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    SOLD: 2018 Fiesta ST w/59K miles for Sale

    I'm not the original owner, but it was stock when I purchased it in June 2020 after hail totaled my second Fiesta ST (long sad story). Car is in overall great shape, and I've added the following performance modifications: - Whoosh shifter shims - silicone hot/cold pipe connectors - K&N...
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    Food/groceries you’ll NEVER buy.

    I wandered through the grocery store with my stroller-bound granddaughter while my wife grabbed some items for tonight’s chow. I ran across a few items which I know I’ll never eat. I’m certain there’s a lot more that this forum’s crew can add:
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    Black Friday purchases - what’re you getting and where?

    Yay, bought another robot vacuum....
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    Doesn’t look like they’ll give away the car.... Only at $85K now - they need to have $200k.
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    Anyone else stock up on oil?

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    May the 4th.........

    Google Image Result for
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    Happy Easter everyone!

    Carry on.
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    Loss of a great one - The Nurburgring Queen has died.

    I’m hoping the link works..... Here’s a great short vid of her in action
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    1966 Corvette restoration commences

    This car originally belonged to my in-laws, but was gifted to me when my wife’s Mom passed. The car was last registered in Hawaii in ‘78, and will be fully restored with some creature comforts which did not come as stock on the car. As it’s a non-numbers matching car, I’ll add AC, PS, PB, and...
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    Hello, testing!

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    Special edition GT500. Not sure if this has been posted elsewhere....

    2020 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500SE Has 800+ HP, Only 100 Will Be Built
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    Insurance buy back of a totaled car. Anyone have input?

    Last Wednesday, we had a pretty destructive hail storm, and fortunately, I took my Fiesta ST to work vice the GT350R. Long story short is that I just got word that the Fiesta’s damage is too extensive to cost effectively repair. Does anyone have experience with buy back of a totaled car from...
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    GT350R weight reduction. Thoughts welcome.

    All, Coming from a GT500, the GT350R is a much better riding car, and I’m certain it handles way better too. I’m reluctant to change many things about the car and just enjoy it stock. However, I’m at nearly 7500ft elevation and do think I could do something to increase performance without...
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    Anyone use 72” Race Ramps for their GT350R?

    Title says it all. Thanks, Jeff
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    Top 3 things your wife is never likely to say (NWS)

    Ok, my post, so I'll go first. 1.) Gosh, I wish you'd let me blow you more often. 2.) Wow, she's pretty cute. Do you think she'd entertain a threesome with us? 3.) Have you decided on that new twin turbo setup? I guess I'll have to get another job to support your awesomely expensive car part...
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    Picking up a GT350R in early June. I have questions..

    All, I’ll be e picking the car up and putting about 2K miles on it for the return trip to Colorado. Dealer called and asked if I wanted the lower spoiler installed, and I think the answer is yes. In its packaging, it won’t fit in the car, but I’m only a little concerned about scrapping...
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    2013 PW/Blue GT500 for sale

    SOLD! Selling to make room for a GT350R. I'm the original owner of this 12K mile car. It has Recaros, Performance Package and car cover. Mods include: Revan Racing's 13-6 with ARH LTH and offroad H. Lund tuned for 91 (thanks Colorado) with ATI 10% lower pulley colder plugs. Basic brake...
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    Ford Manager stated that MY2020 is last for GT350.

    All, Not sure what to believe, he stated that all remaining GT350s would be Heritage edition models. Seems like Ford would do one more year with a common engine block with the GT500.
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    Thoughts on selling a house w/o a realtor?

    All, As the Flu-Manchu continues to develop, conditions in my area prevent a real estate agent from showing a home unless it is under contract. As I see it, the owner of the home (me) is not a licensed agent, and not under the same restriction as a realtor. We've never sold a home without an...