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  1. Ripper

    Help an old SVTPer out! :)

    Haven't been around much in the last few years, but if anyone wants to help an old timer out, I've been working with an organization and scene in the Over the Rhine area doing graphics and photos. They are trying to win a National Competition for 25,000 dollars. Have been helping these people...
  2. Ripper

    Stopping by and saying hey!

    :banana: Anyways, was bored at work and had to go back and read some classic threads. Still the best message board on the planet and have missed it. :) Figure, I would post a big Attention Whoring thread and wanted to say hello to everyone! :beer:
  3. Ripper

    Any cyclists in here?

    Have started riding in the past 6 months and think that it has become my favorite form of cardio. Averaging about 75 - 100 miles a week now, and ride a Specialized Allez Double. We, have some really nice trails around here in Cincy, so don't annoy, or stop traffic! :rockon:
  4. Ripper

    Help me pick a vacation...........(College Football Game)

    Well sort of... Wanting to see a major SEC college football game. Thinking either.... Would like to see a game at Neyland Stadium in Knoxville, but would also like to see the Swamp, or visit Athens. What's the best game to goto. Etc.. Any suggestions or what is the best place to get...
  5. Ripper

    Home DIY Projects

    Since it's April and pretty close to summer time. Wondering if anyone is tackling any DIY Home projects. Anything from making a firepit, new patio, sidewalk, deck, or like me trying to bring life back to the old ass deck on my back porch. Have a little extra money and wanting to fix up my...
  6. Ripper

    Garage Sale - Starting to part out Mustang

    Just bought a new house and selling a few parts. All parts have been installed but never used. I'm in the Cincy area. Barry Grant Speed Demon 650 CFM - 300 Edelbrock Vic Jr Intake - 175 Holley Air Cleaner - 125 (one of the filters was crushed and will need changed - Same as this one...
  7. Ripper

    What is this guy shooting?

    What kind of weapon is this guy shooting? Just an RPG or something else.
  8. Ripper

    PRIDE Fighting Tommorow ! Who is getting it.

    This has gotta be one of the best cards i've ever seen. I have to work so i'm probably going to have to buy it aroun 0800 in the am or something. Guarntee that you will not feel ripped off with this PPV. Wanderlei Silvia vs Cro Cop? Who do you think will win. I have a hard time...
  9. Ripper

    Drunk Driving Pieces of Fecal Matter......

    Anyways, i'm driving to work one night and cruising down I 75. I'm one exit from my work when they're is a piece of wood dropped in the middle of the road. I hit it and tear the front suspension on my car, crack the fron bumper and now it creaks and rattles like crazy. Well I pull off to the...
  10. Ripper

    Sad, Sad Story: Fahrenheit 9/11 Marine,13319,104719,00.html?ESRC=topstories.RSS Thid brought a tear to my eye. One part it's refreshing that their are still hard charging loving Americans left in this country. The other part is sad that the guy was portrayed and used by Michael Moore. The guy...
  11. Ripper

    What's a good care package for someone deployed.

    Have a two friends Deployed in Afghniland, and Quatar was going to send em a hold em set. Sounds like that's about all they do over there to kill time? Was wondering what is a good place to get a good deal on a chip set. Preferably at least an 11.5 clay. Also, what are some good ideas for care...
  12. Ripper

    Hydrogen Economy

    Can the USA get off of Oil, and Natural gas and move to say a hydrogen economy in the next 15 years or so? What do you think it would be like, and is there alot of potential in Fuel Cells. Wanna hear some opinions?
  13. Ripper

    Post up pics of your shotguns !

    Figured i'd try and keep a good thing going. Was visiting a friend in Illinois and got a great deal on a gun. It's a Browning BPS 12 gauge: Upland Special. This is the third Browning in the family and just planing on using it for a gun to mess around with at the Gun Club. Was really looking at...
  14. Ripper

    Pride FC in trouble?

    Was reading the (UFC)Google Newsgroup and they said that Pride was in serious trouble. Apparently there is a huge scandal with them ripping off SkyTV or something like that? It's on wiki but cannot find anyone else to confirm this? Is this true. With the...
  15. Ripper

    Saltwater Aquarium Guys ! Need Help

    Anyways, was checking to see if anyone else has a saltwater aquarium. My dad has one and recently his Sea Anemone died. The clown fish that came with the Sea anemone is still living though but has no shelter. Was wondering what are some alternatives to Anemones for Clownfish too live. Since this...
  16. Ripper

    Most Dangerous Places in the World...... The most Dangerous places in the world list. Seems like the only two countries that have any hope at all are Iraq and Afghanistan. All the others I think should be used for Nucular Bomb Testing IMHO.
  17. Ripper

    Svtperformance tourney brackets user- svtperformance pwd- cobra Let's pick em... :) :thumbsup: :beer:
  18. Ripper

    Brackets are made. Who are your upsets.

    Cannot believe UC is not in the tourney? Air Force is in over UC. WTF? Plus, how in the hell is Tennessee a 2 seed over Gonzaga? Gonzaga should have been closer to a 1 seed than a low 3 seed. Feel bad for Gonzaga too because they are going to get knocked out in the first round by Xavier. :)...
  19. Ripper

    Actually A Good Story Being Reported On From Iraq ? Thought this was a good article. Shows the man in charge of the Iraqi Army and that maybe there isa competent man up top.
  20. Ripper

    Bush's Port Deal ! New Perspective

    Bush Sells Port Security to Highest Bidder Bush’s insane decision to surrender our ports to Al Qaeda shatters once and for all the myth that RepubliKKKans are strong on national defense. Our military, economy, environmental policies, and even our criminal justice system would benefit greatly...
  21. Ripper

    Job Waiver? Is this legal.

    Today when I left for work there is a new waiver that we have to sign. The waiver is about dating people and hanging out with people from work outside of work. It states that we are no longer allowed to dateor hangoutsocially with other people. Couldn't believe it when I seen it? Can a company...
  22. Ripper

    Why We Fight:

    This new documentary that is coming out about of course 'American imperialism'. Seen it on a website and just dismissed it at first as just being another Michael Moore Conspiracy type of Documentary since that is the buzz or was the buzz around the out of touch liberals in Hollywood. Then I...
  23. Ripper

    If you had your car overhauled would you sell it.........

    Apparently that doushebag in the 05 mustang episode is......... For some reason this just seems wrong as hell to me. After seeing some of the episodes...
  24. Ripper

    Anyone know of any Donation sites for the Miners families !

    I will 100 % give money to these brave souls. Never had a story that made me this sad since 9/11. The Red Cross taking donations or are they just for the hurricane victims who really didn't appreciate anything that we gave to them or the Pensacola victims who got brand new yachts payed for by...
  25. Ripper

    Red Addicted to the Penguin Game ! ! ! :rockon: :rockon: :rockon: SOB ! Can't quit playing !