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  1. arboc89

    The 2022 Bronco Raptor is Here | Take My Money!!!

    Oh to win the lottery - I'd be the richest 'broke' man in the country!
  2. arboc89

    Ford's All-Electric Mach E | Drag Strip and Road Tested | How Good Is It?

    It's neat for what it is. Ford should have just left the name at Mach E. BTW - it's funny as hell using a gas powered truck to charge an EV.... :0)
  3. arboc89

    Ford Adds New GT500 Heritage Edition and Exclusive Code Orange Paint | Plus Coastal Edition Mustang

    I'd take one in any color I can get it in....if I could afford it.
  4. arboc89

    Ford Ranger Splash is Coming Back for 2022

    All cosmetics - no performance changes...
  5. arboc89

    Ford Shows-Off Aftermarket Outfitted 2021 Broncos

    I agree. I think most, if not all, pre-orders are sold!
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  7. arboc89

    Rare Mystic Cobra, low miles!

  8. arboc89

    2003 OW Mach 1 TX

    Still FS?
  9. arboc89

    19" Mustang Boss Laguna Seca Replicas

    As shown - new in box 2 each 19x9/ and 19x10 - black machined finish. 650.00 1 wheel removed for photo only. Offsets: +42mm for the 9" & +47mm for 10" Cash only. No scammers/spammers. Can meet locally to Abilene TX...
  10. arboc89

    Wabted To Buy...V6 AB

    In search of AxleBack for my 2014 V6...please PM info/details...
  11. arboc89

    Wanted - Taurus 19" SHO Wheels...

    Looking for a set of silver 19" from the 2012 (or so) SHO with caps...the 5 spoke Y shaped ones....
  12. arboc89

    Wanted - Shelby CS40 Black...

    If you have a set I'm in the market... PM with info.
  13. arboc89

    Looking for Fox in Texas....

    In the market at this time for a clean, stock as possible Fox. Prefer LX, (coupe or hatch). What I need, minimum, is working AC/heat (not leaking or temp charged) and CC. And a decent stereo. No projects, rust, or beaters. Clean inside, auto or manual is okay. Color not important, prefer white...
  14. arboc89

    295/305-35-18's and 255-35-18's

    What do you have available?
  15. arboc89

    WTB - 295/305-35-18's and 255-35-18's

    Rear/front set. Any good brand, best condition possible. LMK - PM info, pics etc... :rolling: :rolling:
  16. arboc89

    4V timing chain/tensionor kits?

    The chain set on my 4V is shot - is there a vendor/parts site that you guys can recommend that sells the entire kit - all chains/tensionors etc??? Does the year make a difference because it's a pulled motor from an unknown vehicle....all I know is it's a Teksid block.
  17. arboc89

    WTB - stock pass side axle

    Just looking for an OEM replacement 96 Cobra axle...the newer condition the better LMK what ya have...
  18. arboc89

    FS: Laser Red 98 Cobra/D1SC/6sp/bad motor

    I bought this car to have fun and it's been all up hill since! :shrug: I brought it back home, spent 4K on paint/body work...drove it a few months, spun a main. While the engine was out being rebuilt, we had a hailstorm and it beat the roof, front fenders and trunk pretty good. No paint...
  19. arboc89

    New On Board...want to buy

    Greetings SVT Peeps! New to the forum and in search of a nice, clean, stock (or as close as possible) 96-98 Cobra, preferably in Texas, for a DD. Must have working AC, CC, etc... White is first color choice, after that it depends on the car. No verts plz. I have around 7-8K in hand...
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    testes, testes

    humama humana