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  1. Brutal Metal

    First spark plug change, how many miles?

    I just turned 57K in my 5.0, when did you guys change your plugs and what did you use for N/A. It's either Iridium or Platinum right? I always use copper core.
  2. Brutal Metal

    2011 5.0 AC is broken what..

    should I check for when I go to the shop Monday besides hooking up the gauges? The compressor will kick on once every 3-4 times I hit the AC switch then shortly after it disengages. Vents blow warm air out? I'm praying it isn't the Evap nightmare but a few days before the AC died I'd get a loud...
  3. Brutal Metal

    Dodge Nutswingers your Hero wrecked his Demon AT the dragstrip!

    Your Master (SRTMUSH) that you'all bragged about proving he was and still is a CLOWN! I guess you still have the Hennessey Demon haha...
  4. Brutal Metal

    Removed bad tint on the 5.0 with a steamer, anybody done this?

    My friend has used this method on 3 of his cars and let me borrow his steamer with some pointers. Turned out being Very Easy, I had the rear window done in less than 15 minutes. There was some minor glue residue in some spots like the corners but running the steamer nozzle over the bare glass...
  5. Brutal Metal

    More bad luck with the Pro-Mod, engine fire.

    Second qualifying pass at the US Nationals at Bradenton Friday night. Rob thrashed all week rebuilding the motor and heads to attend the race. The car has been sitting over a year with a hurt block from the last race. First pass off the trailer was promising then 2nd qualifier it LIT UP! Feel...
  6. Brutal Metal

    Haven't seen Evan's 2018 GT bone stock A10 pass posted yet?

    Curious to see what he can do with the manual.. Note the 7.7/95 1/8th with a sub 1.9 60 on factory rubber AND a 119.5 trap. He gets out of the hole nice and clean.
  7. Brutal Metal

    Bad Shaking Vibration when I hit the brake pedal?

    This has been going on for a couple months now, I'm not getting an ABS light on the dash. It's weird cause If I hold my foot on the pedal for a few seconds it'll go away. It's initially pretty bad you can feel it in the steering wheel. Could something be binding up/sticking? Any brake system...
  8. Brutal Metal

    Let's do an updated car insurance rate thread!

    I get frustrated every time the renewal comes in the mail, Yet again another rate increase with perfect driving record as well as my homeowners and the Cobra bundled into the policy. 2011 GT 6 months was $430 on 9/2016 (this is when I bought it), it shot up to $536 on the renewal just 6 months...
  9. Brutal Metal

    Can I get some opinions?

    My cobra sees under 1000 miles of driving a year. The oil currently in the crankcase has sat through 2 hot Florida summers in the garage but only has 1500 miles of driving. Should I put fresh in?
  10. Brutal Metal

    Motorweek just uploaded a retro review of a car we know!

    Sorry didn't see Sid's thread.... feel free to delete Mods!
  11. Brutal Metal

    What spark plugs for an N/A Coyote?

    What did everyone use when you did your first plug change? Does the NGK TR55's fit these heads?
  12. Brutal Metal

    EKanoo Racing's Pro Boost Lexus RCF 5.54/272, Yeah you read it Right!

    Only using Twin 94's Not dinner plate size 102's and weighing 2550, Mindblowing Door Car performance, .04 of being the fastest ever clocked.
  13. Brutal Metal

    Those who removed that in cabin sound tube from the oem intake??

    Where did you find a 1.5" rubber cap for the plastic elbow? I've looked everywhere and the biggest vacuum caps I see are 3/4"... I have duct tape on it now...
  14. Brutal Metal

    Stevie Fast Jackson Insane crash in the "Shadow" at No Mercy 7 SGMP Oct 9/16!

    One of the most feared Grudge cars in the world is no more! S J made it out OK:rockon: He should have aborted the run BUT when the winners share for Radial Versus the World was $60K an animal like Stevie is gonna go balls out! The interview at the end of the vid is right after it happened...
  15. Brutal Metal

    Yellow Bullet Nationals Outlaw 10.5 Vs. Pro Drag Radial Final!

    Great race from this past weekends Big Event (Pro-Mod debuted this year). Jerry Mitrovic in Team 68's Sinister Outlaw 10.5 Camaro versus Joe Albrecht in the Screw Blown GTO on the new 315 Mickey Pro Radial. Side by side 3 second passes:bowdown: v2Ivnm84u1Y
  16. Brutal Metal

    Non-Brembo: Hawk HPS or Duralast Gold pads?

    Just got a set of the coated Centric rotors front and rear for my new 5.0, what pads should I mate to them?:read:
  17. Brutal Metal

    OK do yo use the Motorcraft FL820S or the 500S oil filter?

    So many different answers and opinions on this, gonna do an oil change on the 2011 5.0 coupe I just bought. Specs on both: FL 500S: By-Pass Valve Setting-PSI: 8 Anti-Drain Back Valve: Yes Max Flow Rate: 10-12 GPM FL 820S: By-Pass Valve Setting-PSI: 16 Anti-Drain Back Valve...
  18. Brutal Metal

    Picked up a new Daily D, BACK in a Ford!

    It's my first time owning a Coyote 5.0 after having Fox Bodies and New Edge's. Don't worry the Cobra is still staying put in the garage. A little info on the newest edition, 2011GT Premium, Auto, 44K miles,Grey with Black leather, dual heated seats,factory HID's,backup camera. Unmolested...
  19. Brutal Metal

    Fresh off the Cargo Ship EKanooRacing is here! Sets the USA Import World Record!

    The team decided to come stateside to compete in PDRA Pro Boost series at various tracks across the country. This pass was at OSW (Orlando Speed World) during a day of record heat and insane high track temps this past week. The GT86 has gone .70's at home and it'll run that in Maryland and...
  20. Brutal Metal

    Shawn (Murder Nova) and Chief (Crow-Mod) run personals bests this past weekend!

    Outlaw Street Car Reunion #3 in Memphis! Shawn went an impressive 4.28/178 on 275's in the Limited Drag Radial class:coolman: QTOrl0m-FRY Chief went 4.03/186 in his Butler Performance Pontiac powered Crow-Mod in Radial versus the World:coolman: e8l7cXmN0MU
  21. Brutal Metal

    A couple 3 second test hits in the New Pro-Mod Mustang!

    3.99/195-3.96/196 Friday test and tune for the First Huge race of the season, the US Street Nationals in Bradenton Florida.There are 58 Pro-Mods cars in attendance for 3 different classes 1.Outlaw Pro-Mod 2. Pro Nitrous Pro-Mod 3. X-Treme Pro- Mod Some Really Heavy Hitters are on the...
  22. Brutal Metal

    X-Files 2016 Episode #1 was......

    Fricken AWESOME!!:rockon: Looking forward to part #2 tonight at 8 pm.. True longtime fans if you haven't watched get with it!!
  23. Brutal Metal

    E.KANOO crushes it's own Import World Record with a 5.77/248

    5.77 at 247+ 3.81 at 196 1/8th .953 60' 60 ft. Stock head and block Toyota 2JZ :bowdown: TPfoAenAZpg
  24. Brutal Metal

    Router and Modem experts Why is this happening??

    When I do a speed test connecting the modem right to my laptop I get close to 40 Mbps, wireless through the router it drops to 16Mbps? The router is about a 10 year old Netgear but I did update it's firmware online. Maybe this particular router wasn't made to handle current speeds? Any...
  25. Brutal Metal

    Stevie Fast Jackson grudge racing a Big tire Pro-Mod in the "Shadow" Notch!

    When will these guys in the tube chassis featherweight Pro-Mods learn NOT to mess with Stevie, He's just gonna take your money:-D Oh yeah he was running the small 315 ET Pro radial with no wheelie bars to boot.. haha S-h6br2ZCgg