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    B&W vs. Bulletproof - Hitch Question

    I just bought a standard B&W hitch, I didn't want to spend the money on the stow and tow but also if someone forgets how close they are, they'll hit the hitch first. I haven't got it yet though.
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    Random Picture Thread

    Damn that sucks, but as you said, could have been worse!
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    Invisible sculpture sells for over $18,000

    Buyer of this sculpture also probably pays ADM at the dealership on cars.
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    1st Track Record

    Don't fix that Nick, people will think you're going easy on everyone at only 3/4 throttle lol! Sucks to hear about the front of the car but hopefully it isn't terrible bad. Enjoy the June vacation/family time!
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    Foam Cannons worth it?

    Thanks everyone especially @CobraBob for the tips! I’ll probably just go ahead and skip it for the time being.
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    Foam Cannons worth it?

    I was also seeing it as an extra step that might be nice at first but get tiring after a while, already had the power washer though. Thanks for the heads up that sadie! Are Adam's products over priced for what they are? I've seen NastyGT500 use a few Adam's but more McKee's stuff, but I also...
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    Foam Cannons worth it?

    Are foam cannons worth the price/hassle? I'm waiting on my 22 F250 to someday make it in lol, I wanted to take a little better care of the vehicle, I won't horrify my old washing ways but have a few things from Adam's but was curious if I should buy one of these or not.
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    Lets see those trucks!

    Man I like your truck and can't wait for mine to come in! Though I'll wait for a while to change the wheels and tires out.
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    Musclecarresort & The BYEPOLR Notch Get Moody

    Oh I knew the car wasn't going anywhere, just the backstory of this car alone I knew you were joking.
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    Musclecarresort & The BYEPOLR Notch Get Moody

    I lurk more than anything but I've followed each of your builds and they are all beyond amazing. You have a damn great crew and attention for detail. I hope the new build is even better LOL ;-)
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    New Vehicle Prices...

    I still think Nick's prices are the best, I'm going to use my trade in money he gave me to put down on my new ordered truck from him. So in theory I'll only be in about half the cost of the new truck. It's also my first time ordering a truck to my spec's and once I get the build info I'll...
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    Chuck Anderson Ford ( 13COBRA)

    I understand that Bob, but the scenery was worth the drive for me. But you're also correct, I've never heard of a "not good" experience with Nick either which is why I had no problems making the trip.
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    Chuck Anderson Ford ( 13COBRA)

    It was a pleasure meeting you as well, yeah I feel bad about that one, didn't want the girlfriend getting hangry on us though lol.
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    Chuck Anderson Ford ( 13COBRA)

    What's up guys, I'm not a big poster here, but I have to give another shout out to Nick @13COBRA. With all the emissions BS talk especially in the diesel community I reached out to Nick about selling my truck ( 13 F250) After endless questions he gave me a deal I couldn't pass up. Drove down...
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    Would you debadge your Tremor

    Simply put, would you take off the Tremor sticker on the back for a more stealthy mode or would you keep it to show it off proudly?
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    Q & A Session... - Ask a Ford Dealer

    Is it better to get the order in sooner than later? Or because of the chip shortage it won't matter because the trucks will still be partially assembled?
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    2022 Super Duty

    I'm hoping to be doing business ( trading in and buying) from Nick! Stupid question here though- Are there any risks buying a Job 1 2022 truck? Or because most of the truck has been out ( not a new design) there shouldn't be any issues.
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    2015 Grand Cherokee Help ACC/FCW Unavailable

    It doesn't matter, can be a clear day or a rainy day it still comes on, I haven't done that but I'll give that a shot even though I can't see anything blocking it since it turns off relatively quick.
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    2015 Grand Cherokee Help ACC/FCW Unavailable

    Hey guys, maybe you guys have ran into this issue, I've done some research and it seem across quite a few vehicles in the Jeep lineup. It comes on shortly after driving but turns off just as quickly, I've read it is the sensor that isn't aligned properly or it's super expensive to replace the...
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    Some Shelby material!

    They should have had you detail those cars ;-) at least the engine bays, they need to shine not be water spotted.
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    Build thread: Project "Exterminator". Twin turbo 2018 F150 RCSB 5.0 A10 4x4.

    Nice work @olympic thank you for not doing the Youtube video version, I know this way is a little more time consuming but these are straight to the point and very helpful!
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    2020 Porsche C4S Cabrio (992)

    Okay, excuse my ignorance but where are the wheel studs at and how is the rotor/brakes being held on lol. @NastyGT500 your work is impeccable and I truly wish I could afford/ send you my F250 to work your magic on. Phenomenal job as always.
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    Any youtubers on here? PC specs and software?

    I don't have anything really to add other then I would say scan the pics and vids section to see who is using Youtube, I just saw a thread from @Ryan2KRedL. Also @Intervention302 and maybe @BoostedVette. I can't remember the guys name but what about that guy that had the neighbors bouncing...
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    Lets see those trucks!

    I can’t get on board with the new body style for some reason. just giving you a hard time with the meme
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    Does anyone still use a clock radio or traditional alarm clock

    Good to know I'm not alone on this one, I guess I've just gotten used to looking over at the time on the clock and I don't feel like picking up my phone in the middle of the night.