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  1. Mpoitrast87

    FICO Credit Scores

    Closest I got was 832. Then I paid off my truck loan of 32k and it dropped to 770. A year later I’m at 797
  2. Mpoitrast87

    Next fun car suggestions

    I don’t think anyone could give an answer because who knows what car prices will be in a year. They could go up or could go down.
  3. Mpoitrast87

    96' Cobra Procharged - Engine cutting out around 3k rpm (Video)

    Id also do a pull above 4k rpm and see what it does.
  4. Mpoitrast87

    FOR SALE: 03 BLK Cobra SVT coupe 11k Miles 33k Firm (Chicago)

    that cog set up is sick. love how they sound.
  5. Mpoitrast87

    WANTED: WTB 03-04 Cobra

    Also interested if still available [email protected]
  6. Mpoitrast87

    Shop for gears install

    Johnny's performance. He has a facebook and instagram. Specializes in mustangs.
  7. Mpoitrast87

    96' Cobra Procharged - Engine cutting out around 3k rpm (Video)

    My old terminator did the exact same thing and it was bad wiring going to my wot box. This may not be the best idea but to check if it has a wot box you could push the clutch in and smash the pedal to the floor and see it goes to redline or not lol.
  8. Mpoitrast87

    Mountain Bikers

    recently picked up this 2020 Kona process 153 carbon. Ignore the messy ass garage. Just unpacked the bike in this pic.
  9. Mpoitrast87

    First Mustang Forum

    StangNet was my go to. it was extremely active 15 years ago. idk about now.
  10. Mpoitrast87

    What would you do if your wife told you to retire?

    Unless you can do something to occupy alot of your time then i wouldnt quit/retire. You will get very bored. My father retired at 61 from the police force after 31 years. 2 months later he picked up a part time gig at a golf course cause he was so damn bored all the time. I also believe when you...
  11. Mpoitrast87

    2022 Ford Maverick Pickup | 40MPG, Can Haul 1,500 Pounds, All For Under $20,000

    I honestly think Ford is crushing it with the new truck line up
  12. Mpoitrast87

    Porsche GT2RS

    Gorgeous cars
  13. Mpoitrast87

    There's no firm timeline, but Ford is 'working toward' selling only EVs in the U.S.

    you guys act like Ford is the only one doing this. Every single manufacturer is going 100% electric at some point. Inlcuding Dodge.
  14. Mpoitrast87

    Cashier's check

    i bought a car sight unseen and paid with a cashiers check. I also sold my truck to someone who paid with a cashiers check. not a big deal.
  15. Mpoitrast87

    Dogecoin anyone lol?!

    I had 4000 coins at .06 and i sold it all 3 weeks ago.....**** me EDIT: Small potatos compared to some of you svt ballers
  16. Mpoitrast87

    Who’s given up motorcycle riding?

    Always wanted to get into it but, saw way to many deaths. I cant imagine riding being to fun when you constantly have to be in defense mode.
  17. Mpoitrast87

    Spotted Thread..

    From what i read on facebook its not happening in april. it doesn't qualify under phase 1 re-opening or something
  18. Mpoitrast87

    Large companies you have worked for and your opinions

    I worked for FedEx as a package handler years ago. Everyone seemed to love their job until they took away peoples pensions. Then people started leaving left and right.
  19. Mpoitrast87

    Post Something Positive In Your Life

    1) side business is starting to make money 2) Just got the call yesterday that I got the job ive been applying to for 6 years. 3) Now that the weather is getting better, every fri-sun I go mountain biking with a great group of friends and always have a blast
  20. Mpoitrast87

    Mountain Bikers

    Trail riding 29r is better for rolling diameter to get over obstacles. 27.5 for bike parks.
  21. Mpoitrast87

    Mountain Bikers

    Hanging them is really the only way to save space.