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    Want to move, how to pick the best location

    If you’re in Orange you definitely have been worked over bad the last decade or so. Obviously we get hurricanes but it seems like Florida gets 2 for every 1 of ours. Move west and inland a little maybe?
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    Want to move, how to pick the best location

    Come to Texas. It’s like Florida but trade beaches for rivers and lakes. We get storms but the hell with Florida and their hurricanes.
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    Want to move, how to pick the best location

    What’s the plan for work?
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    Ford Explorer (or other mid size SUV's) ?

    We just got a Volvo xc40 t5 “r design”and it’s bitchin. We don’t have or want kids so no need for the xc60/90. Good tech, awd, good motor/drivability, and my tweed coats look great in it with this cold weather.
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    Mattress Opinions

    I tried purple for 2 months and had to take advantage of their return policy. Hated how I could feel all the little square pockets as they collapsed. Like you had to break through a crust.
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    Buying a Volvo-Houston area

    The fit and finish of their SUV’s I’ve been in seems to be better then Ford explorers or other comparable vehicles. Not a tweed sport coat but I do love some corduroy.
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    Buying a Volvo-Houston area

    Looking for feedback about buying an owning a new Volvo suv. Because of svtp I’ve always known what my Ford purchases were actually being sold for so it makes it a no pressure situation. Does Volvo have a comparable “invoice +” type pricing that we typically shoot for or is there a percent...
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    People with highly variable incomes, what's your style?

    Next thing you know you’re in the fancy people furniture store and the sales people are trying to normalize spending 25k to furnish a living room. They try to sell the female hard and it’s so obvious, agreeing with all of her input lol. I pace awkwardly about 30 feet away doing the math on how...
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    People with highly variable incomes, what's your style?

    100% commission. I’m 32 and the only thing I really care to buy at this point is retirement so I spend as if all I’ll ever make is my worst month and pretend like that’s all there is. To accomplish this I do prioritize paying off my house far more aggressively the. I would assume the average...
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    Freshly Built CR250 Motocross Bike (Mooch Pics/Vid inside)

    Awesome bike. Keep it forever now. The graphics install makes my palms sweaty lol. Nothing like agonizing over every detail of your new graphics look only to swear they aren’t cut correctly to fit the plastics even though they are. I think applying dry with a little heat is the way. Wet the...
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    Anyone negotiate a general contractors bid?

    All you’re doing is confirming my job security and continued success. You must have been rolled hard a few times by some terrible contractors. And that’s all I got to say about that. OP I agree with the post above about the guy possibly not wanting to even win the bid the way he’s priced...
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    Anyone negotiate a general contractors bid?

    Believe it or not some of us “contractors” are actually professionals. Sorry about your bad experiences though. Not in 10 years have I asked for a dime more then what was agreed upon. If I’m short on my estimate I’m eating the additional costs no questions asked. It’s my job to be accurate.
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    Anyone negotiate a general contractors bid?

    Even if the product is the same there is a great deal of value in a good supervisor and management team. I’m not sure about 12k higher at that price point though. We have been extremely busy during the virus so I’m guessing the salesmen you really liked was also really liked by other customers...
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    SVTP stock pick thread.

    Were you a little early or Right on time?
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    Let’s see those Bikes!

    Rode the 250 last weekend after a few months on the 125. Thing is so much fun on a loamy, sandy track. I don’t know why the picture came out garbage
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    Let’s see those Bikes!

    Y’all are gonna make me go road racing
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    'Black' national anthem to be played before Star Spangled Banner in NFL.....

    The NFL is also reportedly considering other measures for the season to recognize victims of police brutality. That could reportedly include listing names of victims on uniforms through helmet decals or jersey patches, as well as educational programs." This is the 'death knell' for that shit...
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    Because we can't have nice things | What fuel cans are you using now???

    Get my VP cans from bucees. Enjoy a chopped brisket sandwich while I’m there, maybe buy some costas... or a lawn mower
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    The 2021 Mach 1 Mustang is Here!!! - Full Details Inside

    I know time doesn’t wait for anyone or anything but this car checks soooo many boxes that people would have drooled over only a few years ago. Massaged mustang GT’s aren’t for me anymore but that’s a sweet ride
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    Gran Turismo 7

    heck yes. Is it a bad time to say I hope nascar is represented in the game in some Capacity?
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    The Minneapolis Police Choke an Unarmed Handcuffed Black Man to Death

    Yesterday I listed to the entire breakfast club show the immediately the latest Ben Shapiro episode back to back. Amazing how closely both groups describe the world just through a deferent lens. Just a slightly different choice of words makes the same issue, that is being agreed upon, turn...
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    NASCAR Bans Confederate Flag

    Dang. That one hit close to home.
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    Dirt Bike folks

    Nothing replaces seat time. Most new guys sweat the jumps for the first year or so because you won’t be carrying much momentum through the corners so you have to be so hard on the throttle to “make” the jump and that makes the bike react less predictably then it would if you already had your...
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    Dirt Bike folks

    Buddy let me Take a spin on his 2020 crf250 recently. Not quite the motor that my yz250f had but it has great over rev, very little engine braking compared to the Yamaha 4 strokes and it definitely corners better then the Yamaha. Front brake is also miles better.
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    What’s your monthly car payment?

    Y’all know there has to be so many lurkers in these threads just searching for an ounce of reassurance that it is “ok” or normal for them to make a vehicle purchase they are looking at with a payment they are not comfortable with. svtp ballers in here have some kid sweating somewhere in his...