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  1. bosscj

    Land speed racing

    Not sure where this would go, but here goes. I'm curious if anyone on here has either been to the Bonneville salt flats as a spectator or as a driver. Planning on building a car to run out there. Got a rule book for out there and MAN is it a lot if rules and regs!! I kno the car needs to be safe...
  2. bosscj

    New continental tires 4 sale

    New continental extreme contact dw tires for sale...size 305/30/19. Tires only have a 100 mile round trip on them. Asking $550 Will be posting pics shortly Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G935A using Tapatalk
  3. bosscj

    Dropping the k member

    Ok so I've finally pulled the trigger on a set of kooks 1 3/4 long tubes and catted h pipe....I've read just about every scenario about installing these things. The ignorant obvious question I have is after reinstalling the k member does the car need an alignment? Everything I've read about...