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  1. Mentos

    Best Buy appliance warranty issues

    Wanted to see if some of you fine folks had a similar experiences. The wife and I purchased a ‘fancy’ washer and dryer from Best Buy online about 2 years ago. We also purchased a 5 year Best Buy/Geek Squad warranty. The washer has been very problematic and has had several warranty repairs...
  2. Mentos

    Financial Decisions...selling a car

    Happy Monday everyone. I will try to keep this short: my pregnant wife was laid off due to the virus. My wife made significantly more than I do, so even with her collecting unemployment, our budget has changed a lot. Her plan was to take maternity leave plus extra time off when we have our...
  3. Mentos

    Last minute trip to Nashville, TN

    Wife is going on a work trip to Nashville. I decided to go last minute. I want to see the sights (and eat some good food). Where should I go? I’ll be there tomorrow through Wednesday.
  4. Mentos

    American Taliban - released from prison

    'American Taliban' John Walker Lindh released from prison after 17 years I remember this story. I’m sure the government will keep an eye on him for a long while. He was let out early for “good behavior”....
  5. Mentos

    Employer relocated...longer commute

    The background: 3 years ago I left an Company A to seek more money and advancement, which did not pan out. I did this 2 more times within those 3 years. I was decently paid, however I was very unhappy with the positions. I ultimately wished to be back with Company A. After some time, my old...
  6. Mentos

    Trading/Selling Focus ST

    Long story short, I’m looking to possibly trade/sell my 2017 Focus ST DD. It’s a base car with no frills. I need something with an auto and something with a bit more room (wife has never been comfortable driving a we the “let’s have babies soon” talk weekly. Is there anything out...
  7. Mentos

    What would SVTP do?

    I will try to keep this short: my wife got a great job offer last month and we will likely move one state over. She is in traveling sales, so it will be better for her overall. We have thought of moving before, so now is the time. We would be moving at the end of March. I also work in sales...
  8. Mentos

    Regretting taking new job

    Been with my new employer 7 weeks now. The new job excitement quickly wore off. The job description was spot on, but the inefficiency of operations and having to fix others mistakes is wearing on me already. I'm honestly filled with regret. I'm pushing forward, because the pay is decent and...
  9. Mentos

    Might by an ST

    Figured I'd trying posting here. Talked a dealer in Columbia, SC down to 23,200 out the door price on a brand new ST1. That price includes the general incentives. He won't haggle anymore. I told him I'd take a day and think about it. Good price?
  10. Mentos

    Anyone dealing with anger issues?

    I've always had a short temper, but luckily I never had it like my dad. He always had a very short fuse (never abusive or anything, just hot headed in a split second). Otherwise, he was a kind hearted joke maker. Every other day, I find myself getting frustrated over small issues here and...
  11. Mentos

    Possibly moving to California

    Hello SVTPers! I will try to keep this as short as possible. My girlfriend and I may be moving to San Francisco, CA. Her company has offered her a promotion which will take her from Columbia, SC all the way to San Francisco, CA. We have discussed our relationship and don't want to do the...
  12. Mentos

    2 point ticket - first offense

    I bumped into someone in the company truck. I had a heavy load in the back and didn't account for it increasing my stopping distance. I braked hard but had just momentum left to bump the guy in front of me. Luckily he was ok. The trooper was very polite, but did find me at fault. He issued me...
  13. Mentos

    How did you know she was the one?

    As the title states, how did you know she was the one you wanted to marry? Any specific things that made you go out to get a ring and pop the big question? Question also applies to the ladies on the board. ;)
  14. Mentos


    Found this local CL ad... For only $25G, Deathstang can be yours.
  15. Mentos

    Removing spray paint from wheels?

    Hey guys and gals, I picked up some factory alloys for my Cherokee. Got a good deal on them, however the lips of the wheels were spray painted black. I'd like to remove this spray paint as the rest of the wheel is in good condition. So far I've tried acetone (in a test area) which works...
  16. Mentos

    Saw female coworker in the unisex restroom

    I say unisex because I'm no peeping Tom, lol. It was out in the warehouse at work. I just opened the door and there she was. No one ever knocks since its a noisy environment. She obviously didn't lock the door. Girl is a temp that just started a couple days ago. I only saw a leg before she...
  17. Mentos

    Misfire at idle and under codes

    Another misfire thread! I've searched and found some helpful info, but I wanted to throw a question out there. My daily driven 140K mile '97 Cobra (stock minus an O/R x-pipe and mufflers), just started with a misfire today. I drove it all day yesterday without issue. I started it this...
  18. Mentos

    St. Simons Island, GA

    Hi guys and gals, My girlfriend and I are looking to take a trip here for our anniversary. Anyone ever been? Have any places to stay that you'd recommend? Thanks!
  19. Mentos

    Career Advice

    UPDATE: I put in for the position. They also been interviewing external candidates for the position. I'm hoping for an interview next week. Thanks for the honest opinions everyone. There is a supervisor position opening up at work. I was told by my direct lead that I should apply (she...
  20. Mentos

    Moog or Dorman front control arms?

    Hey guys and gals, I was browsing some parts websites and found some Dorman or Moog front control arms (can't remember the brand off the top of my head). They've got new ball joints and rubber bushings. Anyone ever use these arms?
  21. Mentos

    WTB: '96/97 Cobra wheels or '98 Cobra wheels

    ****EDIT: Found a set locally. Thanks all!
  22. Mentos

    Suit or slacks/shirt/tie

    Going to an afteroon (2:30) wedding this weekend. Going to a Catholic church in the middle of August South Carolina heat. Went to a July wedding last year in my suit, and roasted my behind off. Would you wear: A suit, or slacks/shirt/tie? Just wanted some opinions from SVTP. Thanks...
  23. Mentos

    What a great deal!

    I usually lurk around, but decided to post this local CL ad. Hopefully it'll bring you some amusement. It did for me! 1987 Cobra GT Mustang
  24. Mentos

    Fox body 4-banger...5.0 or 2.3T swap?

    Hope everyone is doing well. Haven't posted in a while, but I'd like some opinions. I've got a '93 4-banger coupe project car. I'm getting it all together, and I'm looking for a wrecked 5.0 Fox body to use for parts, but haven't had much luck locally. I did however find something local...
  25. Mentos

    Does your girlfriend....

    Does your girlfriend every get mad if you hang out with you friends too much? I'm sure most answers are yes, but I'm having an issue. My gf of 11 months thinks I choose my friends over her, and the argument is getting old. I typically see the guys on Friday after work, but the rest of the...