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    Cure to 2500 rpm lean spike

    I've gained so much knowledge from this forum and never really had much to give, that hasn't already been mentioned. I came across something this summer that really helped the problems I was having so I thought I'd share and maybe save someone else a headache. This spring I dumped quite a bit...
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    Need help with SCT x3 user adjustable options

    For one reason or another in user adjustable options my x3 shows dashed lines Instead of a description of each setting. For example if I go into the saved user adjustable options i can see: Global spark Spark 0-2000 Spark 2000-4000 Spark 4000-8000 Etc..... Now if I go into each one of these...
  3. TP03

    FIC 1000cc BNIB

    SOLD! Fuel injector clinic 1000cc injectors for 03-04 cobra. Brand new, unopened. $700 new from lethal. E-85 compatible. $600 shipped
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    WTB VMP 2.3 tvs

    Hoping there’s still some 2.3’s out there that need a good home. Looking for new. Thanks
  5. TP03

    Billetflow diff brace

    SOLD! Brace is in good shape and comes with the correct hardware for install. Only reason for selling is I replaced my diff cap the ford racing one and the brace is no longer needed. $100 shipped to lower 48. SOLD!
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    Come visit beautiful central WI

    Woke up to this crap. 9 inches with 20 mph winds. Another 8 - 15" with 45 mph winds forecasted tonight.
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    Just another cobra whine video

    One of the first things that drew me to the 03-04 cobras was the whine videos on you tube. So I decided to make my own, although not very original I hope you enjoy it anyway. Also I wanted something that I could watch in the dead of winter to keep me motivated when saving for parts Thanks Guys
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    video test

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    Finally installed wideband. Is 10.8 too rich?

    So I've had my car for close to a year now and drove around AFR blind. In February i purchased a PLX Dm-6 wideband and finally got around to installing it. The idle/crusing numbers seem good from what research I've done, at 14.5 - 14.7. The WOT numbers are 10.8 - 11.2 which seem a bit rich. Car...
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    WTB: Billet flow 2.76 black upper pulley

    Looking for this size pulley in close to new condition. Just need the ring. Willing to spend up to $75 shipped. Thanks
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    What happened to the terminator "build #s post em up" thread?

    So my wife got me one of the best gifts for Christmas, she bought a reprint of the build certificate for my 03. I was pumped to finally see what my build # was and post it up on here. Then I started looking and couldn't find the list??? Even when I found a link from "Jimmysidecar", it came...
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    Any Deer Hunters on here? Post a pic of your trophy.

    Not sure how many hunters are on here, but come fall in central WI deer hunting is a way of life. In fact the opener of gun deer season is a paid holiday where I work. The youth mentored hunt was last weekend for ages 10-16 and my son bagged a pretty nice buck. My 11 year boy with an 8...
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    Lego Kidsfest in Milwaukee

    Our family went to lego kidsfest last weekend and had a blast. If anyone has kids that are into legos and lives near a kidfest stop, I highly recommend it. Can you guess which artwork is mine? LOL The kiddos with Emmet My wife getting in on the fun, (hitting on the creepy park bench guy).
  14. TP03

    Is this from the factory?

    Since I purchased my car and noticed these paint marker doodles I've wondered about them. Anyone else have anything similar on their cobra? Just kinda weird, usually if I write something in paint marker it would have meaning in case I need to reference it later but everything seems like rubbish...
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    pic test
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    Testing video link
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    Surprised how much the weather (temperature) affects my terminator.

    So I'm new to the 03 cobra world. I just finally got mine in August, (always had mustang GT's). I thought I knew quite a bit from hours of research and youtube videos but was a little disappointed in the power on my first test drive to be honest. I had a five hour ride to see and purchase my...