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    01 cobra

    I did not know where to post this at, but anyway. I am thinking about getting rid the cobra, and get a motorcycle.maybe a harley ,i seen a couple of used Bourget bikes or something of that type. if you guys were thinking about trading what bike would it be.the car sits in the garage more than i...
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    clutch cable & quadrant

    looking for a clutch cable & quadrant . what is the best brand to buy. the car has a ram clutch in it.i have found ford m-7553-d302 & steeda brand cable & quadrant. if anyone knows of anything better let me know .
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    has anyone used a fidanza clutch , v1 or v2 ? the spring hub on these look like they would be prety tough. could someone let me know how the v1 & v2 perform.will be buying a clutch soon. the car it will be going in is an 01 mustang cobra .it has a jlt cold air intake, aftermarket cops & cables...
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    Pypes M-80 Mufler

    I have a 01 cobra with m-80 muflers on sounds good ,but inside the car it is loud. looking for some in put on different muflers.cherry bomb vortex sounds good,i listned to borla on the computer, they say that these muflers do not have drone.i would like to keep the agressive sound but get...
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    zoom clutch ?

    i was wondering if zoom zvt variable torque clutches would be good for 01 cobra. part # is zzz-403081. if not, what would be good for it. the car has aftermarket coil on plugs, jlt cold air intake , aftermarket cats & pypes m-80 mufflers. just wondering before i spent money on something that...
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    cops or sparkplugs

    does anyone know about ohms resistance on 01 mustang cobra.i checked cops with multimeter in auto.left bank:cyl 1-.7-.9ohms, cyl2:.7-1.1ohms,cly3:.5-.7ohms,cyl4:.5-.6 ohms..... right bank cyl1:.8-.9ohms,cyl2:.6-.7 ohms,cyl3:.7-.9 ohms, cyl4:.9-1.0 ohms. plugs were different colors some darker...
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    new clutch or throwout bearing?

    I think the clutch is on its way out. if you ease out on the clutch then hit the gas it seems ok. if you ease out on the clutch,then pat the gas the car starts to jump.when you try 5th gear real fast it grinds. at 100m.p.h. going from 4th to 5th it grinds. i think the clutch & throwout...
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    pics of raceline gt & other wheels on 99-01 cobra.

    thinking about raceline 239 gt wheels on 01 cobra,car is zink yellow. maybe some pictures of diferent wheels that may look better. thanks
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    bbs rk

    where to buy bbs wheels for 01 cobra?