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    Cleaning out

    If you still have the exhaust manifolds I’m very interested
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    WAP built shortblock

    What part of SC are you located in?
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    FS: 1999-01 Cobra lower intake manifold $200

    For sale 1999/01 Cobra lower intake manifold for sale. Message me your email for pics. Looking for $200 shipped
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    2001 Mustang Bullitt front seats

    I have a pair of Bullitt front seats I'm looking to sell. I have them on Ebay right now for $400.00 plus shipping via freight.
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    98 Cobra stock springs

    I have 98 Cobra Stock Springs for sale. . . $50.00 shipped OBO
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    Asst Cobra Parts

    I have some parts left over from my build I'm looking to clean out shop: -B head valve covers $200.00 shipped -99 Cobra lower intake manifold and gasket(powder coated candy apple red)$275.00shipped -96-98 Cobra Ford Racing Ignition/Spark Plug Wires Red new in box SOLD -96-98 Cobra Ford...
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    1998 Mustang Cobra project FS/Trade

    Looking to see if there is any interest in my 98 Yellow Cobra project. It has about 70,000 miles on it. I've sort of lost interest in it amd just seeing what's out there. It is currently not running and will need the fuel system run before it can start up. Here is a list of mods/new unused parts...
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    FS B head valve covers

    Looking to sell a set b-head valve covers for $75 shipped. Pics available via email. PM me your email and I'll send pics.
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    FS: 99-01 Cobra Lower intake manifold and valve covers

    Like the title says I have a set of valve covers and a lower intake manifold for a 99-01 Cobra for sale. Looking for $75 shipped on the valve covers and $230 shipped. Pics available upon request via email. Edit: Also have a Cobra crank shaft available $170 shipped
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    Aeromotive sumped fuel tank

    I have an aeromotive sumped fuel tank that is brand new never been used sitting in my garage straight out of the box. My plans have changed and I no longer need this unit. I know shipping will be nuts so local pick-up would be great, but if not shipping would be on the buyer. Im looking to get...
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    98 cobra fuel rails

    I have a set of 98 Cobra fuel rails with about 55k on them. Looking for $50.00 obo for them. Pics available through email. Also have a set of B head valve covers if interested. -Thanks
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    FS: 98 Cobra fuel rails and forged cobra crank

    I have a set of 98 Cobra fuel rails for $75 obo and a forged cobra crank for $125 obo not including shipping on each item. I can send pics via email. Thanks for looking
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    99-01 Cobra lower intake manifold

    For sale is a 99-01 Cobra lower intake manifold. I was going to use this on my turbo Cobra project, but ended up getting a ported Mach 1 intake manifold. This lower intake is powdercoated candy apple red. Looking to get $175 obo plus shipping for the lower intake. -pm me for pics via email...
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    2003 Mustang GT

    For sale in Charleston, SC this 2003 Mustang GT 5 speed manual with almost 77,000 miles(daily driver) and cloth interior. It has Mac long tube headers and off-road mid-pipe, Z-force catback exhaust, Steeda front springs, new headlights, mach 1 chin spoiler, mach 1 grille delete, sequential tail...
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    1998-99 Cobra and 03 GT parts F/S

    I have accumulated quite a few parts for/from my 1998/99 motored Mustang Cobra and 2003 Mustang GT. I have the following parts for sale: -Stock 03 GT exhaust manifolds $50 -Stock 03 GT mid pipe $50 -Stock 98 and 03 k-members $50ea -Stock 99 forged Cobra crank $100 -Mahle .20...
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    Bunch of modular parts. . .

    Pictures are available upon request. Some prices are negociable and are b4 shipping if it's available! I accept paypal. Thanks for lookin! -98 b-head valve covers stock $80.00 -98 b-head valve covers powder coated "Candy Red" $150.00 -03 GT catted x-pipe $100.00 (will not ship!) -99...
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    FS NIB: 85-95 Aeromotive Sumped Fuel Tank

    Never been used. Looking for $350.00 plus shipping.
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    FS:1998 Cobra Upper & Lower Intake Manifold

    1998 Mustang Cobra upper and lower intake manifold for sale. Asking $350.00 shipped to continental US. Pics available upon request. Paypal accepted. Thanks for looking.
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    NIB Walbro 255lph 85-97 Mustangs

    New in box never used Walbro 255lph fuel pump for Mustangs years 85-97. Pics avaiable upon request just pm me your email address. Looking for $75.00 plus shipping. Thanks for looking.
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    Steeda Tri-ax short throw shifter

    As the title says Steeda Tri-ax short throw shifter. About 1500 miles before I switched to an MGW. How's $100.00 plus shipping sound? Can get pics tomorrow. Thanks in advance. :pepper:
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    98 cobra front brake calipers

    As the title says, painted red. Would like to get $175.00 plus shipping . Pics available upon request.:pepper:
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    D&D tubular K-member and A-Arms

    D&D tubular K-member and A-arms for 96-04 4.6 modular mustangs: $150.00 plus shipping. Stock k-member and a-arms also available. Thanks for looking. ****SOLD****
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    98 and 99 cobra parts

    Parts for sale, pics available upon request, prices set, but open to offers, buyer pays shipping: 98 stock flywheel: $50.00 96-04 7qt Canton Racing oil pan(tapped for oil return): $200.00 86-98 NEW UNUSED Aeromotive sumped fuel tank: $400.00 98 fuel tank: $150.00 98 stock...
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    Oil in exhaust manifold?

    What does it mean if you get oil in the passenger side exhaust manifold on an engine that has been out of the vehicle for a month and I just installed the manifolds and flipped the motor to install the oil pan? Is it bad rings or seals? Please let me know if this is serious. Thanks.
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    Anyone running a Canton Windage Tray?

    If so, how did you guys modify/cut off the crank scraper from the oil pick-up? Just curious, because I'm thinking about a hack saw. Lemme know what you guys think.