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    7 Reasons We Age - Richard Heart

    In that case, I'm screwed.
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    Can anyone i.d. this?

    Even if your dead ass wrong, that sounds too right to argue with. conduit support theory
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    NWS Pics that make you :lol: every time you see them NWS

    You cant really transition from a boy to a man until you have destroyed the roof of your mouth with captian crunch goodness.
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    Tips? Anyone Log/Harvest Timber on Their Property?

    I hired a forrester to survey my 6 acres and reccomend a solid purchaser. What I got was a check fot 10K and 15K mess to clean up. The stuff they took down but left for one reason or an other was a nightmare. What if he drops 30 trees and leaves them because they werent so pretty on the inside?
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    Old School Manual Mustang Friend Experiences DCT Equipped 2020 GT500 CFTP for 1st time! (video)

    So I have a 2013 Focus Titanium, with said transmission, and I like the concept alot. Execution was a different story. The box itself isnt bad, but everything attached to it has troubles. Mine does now have over 100K, but I still wish it were stick. I bet Ford learned from their mistakes...
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    Old School Manual Mustang Friend Experiences DCT Equipped 2020 GT500 CFTP for 1st time! (video)

    Well, is that better or worse than a slush box? one thing for sure, to work the manual, you have to grab the stick and pull.
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    Obviously I'm a jerk

    Craigslist/facebook is like an on line garage sale, where I expect to haggle as well. I just sold my 65 F100 on craigslist and I knew we would have a small price dance, but I'm not a dealer and the truck was a toy, not everyday transportation in a hot market. I got what I wanted out of it...
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    End of an era for me boys...

    Wow, I sold my 65 F100 yesterday as well, kind of sad watching it drive away but the new owner had a fresh excitement about him that I had lost. Got up this morning and right back to the garage to finish a few details on the cobra R, with some of that newfound excitement. Go piddle with the...
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    RIP Dusty from ZZ Top

    Just saw them in concert. Dusty was out with a bruised hip I think they said. Wonder if he had a clot issue?
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    2020 Shelby GT500 CFTP broken suspension! (video)

    Earnhart seating position was the most reclined I ever saw in a nascar. It was so pronounced on one of his display cars back in the day i made a comment to one of the handlers at the show, and was told thats how he likes it. He also had modified belts, proved in the lawsuit after his death, so...
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    Bill Cosbys sex assault conviction overturned

    I didnt realize that Hunter and Cuomo took the stance that black youth needed to take more responsibility for their actions. I stand corrected.
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    Bill Cosbys sex assault conviction overturned

    I would argue that the only real reason Cosby was tried in the first place is that he took a stance that blacks needed to be more responsible for their actions, and so the left made him more responsible for his actions. Careful what you ask for.
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    Got it back together!

    I couldn't help but think about your car and Miss Nevada, and the damage one doesn't see on the surface, you know getting pulled down and behind and all.
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    2000 Cobra R - where are the builds

    By now there are probably at least 325 still remaining.
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    C5AF-9510-BC and BD carbs

    Since this is still here, sorry, but the carbs are long gone. good luck with the hunt.
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    Term life

    I was glad to have minedone as I surely didnt need any more kids, and still there is no conclusive evidence that getting snipped and prostate cancer run together. Studies have shown both results. I'm just saying in my family that my small study of 5 people shows direct corrolation.
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    Term life

    I'd actually like to have a few side medical polls going. Public studies are inconclusive as to corralation between vasectomy and prostate cancer later in life. Wonder what is is in our group. The other thing bugging me is weather guys that got covid with nasty results had any immediate...
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    Term life

    First response dissapeared so if this reposts, sorry. Vasectomy 16 years ago. Of 5 family males, all 3 that got vasectomies later got prostate cancer. 2 that didnt get snipped are still cancer free.
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    Term life

    To clarify, I got a quote for a new term policy that had a $10 per 1000 front end first year fee. I had successful prostate removal surgery 1 year ago, and that is why there is a supposed extra one time fee. Seemed more like a load you might get charged in equities by a salesman looking to...
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    57 and beat prostate cancer a year ago. Term policy is expiring and they want a $10 per 1000...

    57 and beat prostate cancer a year ago. Term policy is expiring and they want a $10 per 1000 premium for the first year to write because of the history. Caught early, no symptoms other than slightly elevated PSA. Had radical prostectomy, complete success, 0 psa now.
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    Term life

    Anyone in here know their way around term life? I thought I did, but getting a curveball on a new policy.
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    This is who to blame for HIGH vehicle prices and LOW inventory

    Some people just have the look where you can almost bet that regardless of what you ask, the answer is no. If I was looking for yes, I'd be talking to the one in the back. If I knew my entire business was at the mercy of one manufacturer in Taiwan who could give two shits about my business...
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    Lowest Interest Rates In 5,000 years

    Interest is the expense that covers transaction costs, default risk, and opportunity costs. Negative interest rates is a tax on savings in currency form.
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    2000 Cobra R motor on BAT

    I think it will sell well. I've considered selling my 68 shelby on BAT, so I'm watching this with interest. Have many on here sold anything on the platform?
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    Recent UFO info and human psychology

    I think at the minimum religion was given to humans to guide us with a set of rules and a reason to follow them. I challenge anyone to come up with a more reasonable set of governance than the ten commandments. Or 15 if you count the tablet Moses dropped.