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    Mustang based EV debuts in November

    I can’t wait to see this. Been waiting on electric car from Ford. Hope this will be the one.
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    Reality check needed building a 347 stroker for 94 Mustang

    Thanks everyone for input. I just want a garage project where I'd assemble it not as a cost saver but for the experience. And I was thinking of using a shop for the grinding and milling as needed. Wonder who is best shop closest to western KY.
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    Reality check needed building a 347 stroker for 94 Mustang

    I just want to get a reality check here. I fancy the idea of buying engine parts separately and building my own pushrod 347 in my garage while enjoying my current engine in the car till done. Most I've done with cars is replace all fluids, change spark plugs. Am I getting over my head in...
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    Saleen paint

    Thx guys
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    Saleen paint

    I searche here and googled with no avail. My question is when Saleen receives a Ford factory colored car such as Crome yellow or laser red. Does Saleen enhance the color? Wet sand it, add more clear coat etc? I ask this because the colors seam to pop more on the Saleen. Google 1998 Saleen...
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    Just bought a 2014 Ford Edge Sport

    Not sure if this is the appropriate section as I haven't logged in since forever. So we took home a 2014 Edge Sport with pretty much every option but awd and tow hitch. This thing has it all. Comes with 3.7 V6 from Mustang. Six speed auto and little paddle shifters. It's silver exterior...
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    Removing car doors against the law?

    Just wondering if anyone knew if it was against the law to take your car doors off. Jeeps do it. No issues with them.
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    Automotive laws in KY on my personal property

    I was wondering if anyone new the general laws on what a person in KY can do with there own car in KY when it comes to being on your own personal property. I know city limits and noise ordinances matter but in general what is the rules? I know I can't poor the gas or oil from my car into the...
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    2010 Microsoft Excel "Cell has me held prisoner" "You cannot change part of an array

    So I was casually copy pasting staff from one excel workbook to another. Decided to delete one of them and all the sudden I am held hostage and can not leave this cell. WTF! What do I do?
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    Chalk sets for clear coat paint?

    Are there any washable paints we can use on our cars? For writing and drawing. And multiple colors?
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    Best places for deals on GT500's?

    I know this is a stupid ol question but I had to ask. Is there a go to site for getting good deals on GT500's? I normally search, Lowest price I've seen regardless of mileage has been $27,000.
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    Name change & mobile site comment

    Can I get my username changed to..... AresSonofZeus Ever since the update the mobile version of this site blows chunks. It doesn't look like svt. It looks like a plain site a fifth grader made in class.
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    IT Privacy at work help (CEO wants all admin staff user passes) Security issue

    My CEO, which no one trusts, just put out an email that said this to the admin staff (5 members): "We never know when we might be hit by a bus… meaning, who and how would RHCA pick up where you left off should you suddenly no longer be available? So, we all need to write down our log ins...
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    Octane levels result in different levels of performance on a stock

    I searched the forums here with no direct answer but all seam in favor that the higher the octane you use the cars computer will recognize and change parameters resulting in a little bit more power. Apparently this is true for 03/04 Cobra's and 5.0 Mustangs. Is this true for all cars? Even...
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    Porsche Cayman for sale Deal of the week? Price seams to low.
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    Coolest LS swap? BRZ/FS-R Has got to be the coolest LS swap out there. Thought I'd share.
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    Is this 93 cobra for sale a rip off?

    118,000 miles (not Ideal). Will go as low as $10,000 so far by email. I offered $8,000. Link
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    Hover board is here - McFly! They don't work on water

    Check this out. Looks pretty cool. We should put this in cars. HUVr - The Future has arrived.
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    Need for Speed movie

    First off I op opolgize if there is already a thread. I just wanted to share what I just heard from the main actor. "No cgi no green screen." That's pretty cool if true.
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    Svt feels toward 2001 Cobra 03/04 Mach?

    Never see much attention on the 03/04 Mach and 01 Cobra. Where they cool for a minute and then the 03/04 Cobra owned all love? I can get an 01 Cobra for $10,000 if I look hard enough with 70,000 miles. I'm sure their great cars. Why no love for Mach's? Cobra overshadow it? Crappy to work on...
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    E hormony 4 things men want

    4 Things Every Man Wants In A Woman - eHarmony Advice Male translation. 1 likes to F and su*% 2 isn't digging into his wallet 3 she isn't a psycho 4 she ain't fat and her top doesn't hang to her belly
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    Best engine bay to work in? (American cars)

    What in your what is the easiest sports car engine bay to work in? When I say easiest I mean access to all engine parts and how many other parts to you have to dissemble to get to deeper parts that our outside of the engine block it's self. How hard it is to replace the belt, alternator...
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    V day approaches

    Anyone tired of V day? I guess I'll order the usual flowers for my wife and now six your old girl. All while expecting nothing in return. Want to get my daughter matching Speedo goggles like mine but my wife says that's not very V like. I'm thinking she loves mine and it's practical...
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    Bmw maintenance cost question

    Are all BMW's expensive to maintain or is it really the M models? Wonder how much this would cost to maintain vs owning a Ford or Chevy 2014 BMW 335i xDrive Gran Turismo Test – Review – Car and Driver
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    After effect of Japan nuclear issue

    HOLY FUKUSHIMA Who's worried and who isn't?