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  1. Venom351R

    Vmp 2.65 3r with GT500 elbow/throttle body

    No issues with mine
  2. Venom351R

    Upgrading my clutch, am I missing anything?

    I've surpassed the limits of my stock clutch so in the off season that is being upgraded and I want to replace many of the other components that go with it. Just want to know if there is anything else I should get or if I am missing anything? McLeod RXT Clutch ( With Flywheel ) Ford Throw Out...
  3. Venom351R

    What did you do for your Terminator today?

    Thanks Bob!!
  4. Venom351R

    VMP Gen3R Dyno Results

    Yes its still the stock fuel rails, there is no need to upgrade those in the upper 600 to lower 700 range. There is a fuel pressure gauge on the rail now.
  5. Venom351R

    What did you do for your Terminator today?

    After being gone all summer I was finally able to bring it home, its a really long story just take my word for it lol. Tomorrow is new tires day for the front. Had a bunch of powder coating done while it was gone ( still more to do ) and someone upgraded my eaton....
  6. Venom351R

    VMP Gen3R Dyno Results

    I might just to get a MPH, no way am I remotely cutting a good ET with this suspension. Not going to be a strip car anyway, just building it to drive on the street and take to shows
  7. Venom351R

    VMP Gen3R Dyno Results

    I did the fuel system just because its my personal belief that once you go with a bigger blower you really should do a return system with the age of the lines / hat / wires in the stock system. Others will disagree and just upgrade pumps exc exc....that's fine but with my car I'm doing it this...
  8. Venom351R

    VMP Gen3R Dyno Results

    I do not
  9. Venom351R

    VMP Gen3R Dyno Results

    I just bought some to get me by for a little while, don't have a lot of time left with it before its up for the winter
  10. Venom351R

    VMP Gen3R Dyno Results

    Long process this summer but after a very long time I finally got the Cobra back yesterday. The dyno was done on labor day. Mod list is Borla stingers, Bassani Catted X pipe, Fore return system, 80# injectors, VMP Gen3R with the VMP 5" intake and single blade throttle body. 3.3 upper, stock...
  11. Venom351R

    Iron Fist, Lead Foot (SVT Community Book)

    The chances of a noob stumbling on this thread and waiting months to get the book just for the purpose of keeping it is about as low as a house fire. The book was kept before and that's unfortunate but my point is that an arbitrary post count is not going to increase or lesson the chances of...
  12. Venom351R

    Boost levels & times on a VMP 2.65

    Mine is getting finished up on the dyno by tomorrow ( Labor Day ) I might go to the track before its up for the winter but I'm not 100% sure at this point. Its not a drag car and if I go I only want a MPH to back up the dyno results. My ET / 60' will be trash, the bushings in the IRS are beat...
  13. Venom351R

    Iron Fist, Lead Foot (SVT Community Book)

    As I said in the PM you can have as many safeguards put into place on this book but the reality is the more hands it touch's and the more its sent in faith through the US mail system the greater the chances are something is going to happen to it again. There needs to be a set date that is a cut...
  14. Venom351R

    The present owner of my 2003 Cobra connected with me today! What a surprise!

    I know Josh, I'm friends with him on FB. So cool that he found the original owner and was able to find you. I'm only know the person that had my Cobra before me because I knew her for a long time before buying it. I'll have to see if I can track down the other owners of the car as well before...
  15. Venom351R

    How much money have you "invested" in your Terminator?

    I started doing this with a binder as well. I counted any money leaving my bank account due to the car so the first month included the sales tax and shipping. Beyond that its been mods and from last august When I got it ) to December I was at 10K. For 2021 I added a Fore return fuel system and a...
  16. Venom351R

    Supercharger Belt and pulleys

    They look great polished up as well
  17. Venom351R

    Harpell auto fab

    I have his radiator cover and plan on adding more of his stuff at some point. Really quality stuff. I'm in Maine and hes in western Canada and I still got my radiator cover faster than waiting for something to ship from FL via fed ex.
  18. Venom351R

    Terminator Video's

    Double Post
  19. Venom351R

    Terminator Video's

    Was able to get a little footage on my friends rare 1of 3 04 Saleen Cobra coupes ( black ) Most of the video is of his 2000R but if you only want to see the Saleen Cobra it starts at the 14:15 mark.
  20. Venom351R

    New Cobra Owner need some advice.

    Congrats I picked up my 04 last summer. I always knew I wanted to make more power and if the stock eaton ever came off it was not going to be going back on. I'll be getting mine back very soon with a VMP Gen3R upgrade with a 3.3 pulley making 18psi. I've seen videos of it screaming just as much...
  21. Venom351R

    2.76 pulley with 4lb lower

    Decide if you want the eaton long term or not. If you do then go ahead and get it ported. If you are thinking of going with a bigger blower at some point don't waste the money on a port and put that towards a bigger blower. I did the 2.76 on mine with exhaust / intake and made 483/517 but I got...
  22. Venom351R

    Got hit by a deer..

    That picture probably came from up here.
  23. Venom351R

    Single Turbo time!

    Where did you get the forward facing part of the upper intake from? Was it from the same place as where you got the turbo kit? That's an awesome looking kit.
  24. Venom351R

    886-Mile 2000 Ford Mustang SVT Cobra R on BaT

    That was nuts! There's also one currently for sale on Ebay. It ends today